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  1. No you plug your cable into the back of the xbox.
  2. Is such a terrible map... still can't get over how bad it is. I instaquit if it comes up now.
  3. 360 version is supposed to have dedicated servers also just don't know when.
  4. I like how she was completely wrong about the perk point system while they show it.
  5. Anyone know when dedicated servers for this game will be up? Is it not until xbone drops? Read this game was supposed to have servers for all gens not just next gen. Also, why is it that when host leaves in this game it will change host and start up again within a minute and with Halo you're blackscreened until the next Halo releases?
  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND more people use Android.
  7. Well I could see them doing it IF THE GAME WORKED. This still a TON of glitches and they're more worried about people being able to find an easy way to make money without buying it from their store. Besides I never cheated. I didn't ruin the game for someone else by getting money. Maybe they should go after all those people that hide in walls when they have bounties so no one can kill them and they can kill everyone.
  8. Agree completely. And yeah $40K is a turd amount of money. Am I the only one who doesn't consider Ninja a pro?
  9. Where's the option for who cares? 343 is not going to do anything to Halo 3. However they might gain some respect in the community if they *tried* to make it better but knowing 343 they'll add AA.
  10. So do they regulate tobacco companies? If not, then they should STFU.
  11. Was having the worst luck ever. Lost 1 maniac and 4 support packages all because they fell out of bounds or landed on the roof of a bus or some shit.
  12. The castle map and whiteout or whatever that crap snow map is is the worst. It's super hard to see people.
  13. GT: msnjah can add to play whatever. I don't have my regular job any more so I'm basically playing all the time.
  14. So they finally started the stimulus. Got $250K today. Gay part is they started going after cheaters/glitchers too. Read about a lot of people who had all their money and cars taken away. R* asshole took all my money. I had $600K but today when I jumped on they took all but $60K so after the Stimulus I had $310K. Got to keep all my cars and my house though. Fuck R*.
  15. I played one map in S&R last night that was absolute freaking rubbish. Haven't played it before or since so I forget what it was called but OMG was it terrible. No sense to the map at all. It was like they had an open area, randomly threw in a bunch of objects and said errrrrr let's make this A and this B and we are done.
  16. Love rocking my mk14 with the holographic. I'm enjoying the game just for the pub stomping. Don't have any intentions of playing competitively. Cranked is fun but mostly because people aren't camping all over the place. I don't like most of the maps though.
  17. I'm on add msnjah. Got a to5 right now playing cranked
  18. It's usually a one burst kill. Pretty OP. I used a sight because I can't stand the iron sights on it.
  19. Looks like no beautiful CoD: Ghosts video. Dogs are stronger than humans.. #y
  20. That castle map... reminds me of team snipes on ragnarock Don't know WTF is up with it being harder to find a game today when more people are on as opposed to late last night with less people. Last night I could find games like nothing. Today, can't find any games
  21. Dayuuuuum 7-23 in my first game this morning. Should've got more than 2 hours of sleep. If anyone wants to jam add me. msnjah
  22. It's exactly what I expected out of a CoD game.
  23. LMAO. Got shot twice in the knee and died. Guess I should get used to this crap. Anyone notice the sound in this game is absolute garbage?
  24. Bought it and will probably pick it up tonight. Most people complaining haven't played it/haven't had it long. Was watching col aches play. Asked in stream if it was worth buying and they just said it was a personal preference. If I don't like I can just sell it in a few days and take the $10 hit. Ninja said he loves the game. Buuuuuuuut he might kissing some IW arse.
  25. Watching some streams. Theres people that are prestige 17 already.. wtf..
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