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  1. The remington is a beast. Was watching a video where optic nadeshot was using it as a 3 round burst so I decided to try it out. If you land all 3 shots from the burst it's a kill. Pretty consistent. Probably my new favorite gun. The Chain SAW is still more fun to run around with with rapid fire on. As far as dogs go I like killing them. I get mad when someone kills my dog too. Buuuuuut I don't use the dog killstreak anymore so... I do think the dogs are irritating though. They just have to get close to you to kill you. Pretty gay IMO. Hate running around corners straight into a dog and there's nothing you can do about it. Absolutely nothing. There's no real warning that there's a dog there. They should have made a system like the sword clash in halo when you melee at the right time you both take damage but don't die so you at least have a chance of getting out of there.
  2. 343 isn't going to do anything. This just lends more credit to their whole "in game ranks promote cheating."
  3. Hands down Skyrim or the entire elder scrolls series. Skyrim is still the best game I have ever played.
  4. I thought all the seasons were going to be released over time. Was wondering why a year after release there's still only one season. Pretty dump if they wait for halo 5.
  5. msnjah

    Building a PC

    Seriously? Well it's extremely easy now with the K series chips. I'd suggest at least a Corsair H50 though if you're going to do it.
  6. Not related but I did glitches and haven't been banned. At one point I had $600K and when they started punishing people they left me with $60K plus the stimulus. Not sure what happened, but I didn't sign on for a few days and when I did, somehow I had $3.5M. Not sure where all that money came from but I'm not complaining. I've found grinding races the only way to make money fast. As for Destiny, I think anyone expecting a competitive shooter out of it is going to be let down. I don't think it's their aim. I guess we'll find out in a few months.
  7. Was looking at that site and they had some ferraris for a little more than $150K. Hmmmm Halo4 truck or Ferrari... hard decision.
  8. This. Guarantee he's selling it because the tax on it is ridiculous. Virgin valued it at something like $75-80K so I'm sure he's gonna have a fat tax bill this year. And yeah it's a joke at $200K no one is going to buy it. MAYBE some Halo fan with ridiculously rich parents. The only "gamers" who could afford something like this don't play Halo. Sux. Then again, Nathan Fillion is a HUGE Halo fan and a millionaire so possibly....
  9. Anyone else use the chain gun? Thing is a beast. Don't even need to ADS with it. Been rampaging with it the last few days.
  10. So the game literally spawned someone right behind me today. Watched the killcam and he spawns with me crouching in front of him. Was wondering where the hell he came from because I didn't even hear him. The spawns in this game are unbelievably bad. You think being on CoD 47 they would've figured that out. Anyway since the spawns are so terrible I was trolling by putting IED's right next to spawns. Sucks for all those people today.
  11. The best part of this game is when you watch someone's kill cam and it starts before you even spawned. :Halo:
  12. #arcadia mind blown. didn't see that coming.
  13. Since when? Still getting a host migration when host leaves which means no dedicated servers.
  14. After a few days of pub stomping this game is already boring me. Probably because I don't know anyone that plays CoD. Probably go back to GTA. dammit.
  15. Not sure if serious but that dude is one giant douche.
  16. Can't stand that map either. The layout is trash as well. So what do I press to go 3p? Heard Parasite bitching about being able to 3p all the corners which I agree is dumb.
  17. Definitely. My moms bought food insurance a while back so we have enough food for 10 people for a year at 3 meals a day, longer if we conserve. It doesn't go bad it's basically MRE's. Our business is run out of what is basically a bunker which use to be a military area so there are also watch towers all over that could be maned. Because of what we do we have an RO system so we could get water from anywhere and filter it. We also have several generators and a HUGE gas tank that holds hundreds of gallons of diesel. We would be set.
  18. What jungle map? Prison break? I actually like that map.
  19. Agree. Spawned literally right in front of 3 enemies today. There were several times where I spawned almost right next to where I had just died.
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