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  1. They may be halo God's but they were getting absolutely stomped by formal, lifestyle, lethul, and snakebite. Snakebite alone was ripping them to shreds.
  2. Damn he got on Unite. Definitely a step up. Hope they do good.
  3. One of the reasons I bought ghosts was so I know what's going on when I watch a tournament. Watching blops2 I was lost since I had maybe an hour of game play. I can say now that watching ghosts still sucks a fat dong. H4 or any halo tournament is much more fun to watch than cod.
  4. Optic. Seriously when is the last time they won a tournament? Sponsorship is more about popularity as their product will be seen by more people.
  5. Game prices on XBL are ridiculous. I would buy a lot more games if they had sales but they don't. There's been many times where buying a game at Gamestop or Walmart was cheaper than on XBL which is weird because via XBL there is no physical product so it should be cheaper.
  6. I don't have a team of people I play with but I've been wanting to get into clan wars. Was Cal-M for CS. Msg me GT: Slaughterrmelon (two r's). Or how I can message you.
  7. Controller looks like trash. Look at that terrible button layout. The whole sliding your thumbs on a pad doesn't seem awesome. I think it's funny how everyone likes Steam now. When it first came out everyone hated it.
  8. He did it to try and get hired at Bethesda. It was basically his application. Too bad they acknowledged him but didn't hire him. Looks like he will do some good things with Destiny but the release within a few months how much can he really do?
  9. GTA 3 has been on the Android market for a while. It has tons of terrible reviews. I honestly don't see how these games could be decent on mobile. There's a TON of problems like freezing, graphics, and the game just plain not working right which after GTA V I can totally see happening.
  10. As much as I would like to see a team of all Halo players I think they should try and pick up some high-level CoD guys. Not sure any would want to team with Halo pros but I see that as their best chance at doing well. From what I've seen 2gre hasn't placed well at any CoD tourney.
  11. Same here. The finals are the only match I'm watching the full series but I'm also watching top gear on the TV at the same time.
  12. Is it just me or wouldn't the mic they wear around their neck pick up the loudspeaker of the casting and they could still hear it?
  13. Gald Primal showed up for the Halo pros. Wish more Halo teams did better but a top 24 for Primal who haven't been playing CoD as long as others is pretty damn good. Can't wait to see how they perform in the future. Wanted to see Maven, Gandhi, or FS coach in the finals but maybe next time. Also from reading the chat, seems like optic fans act and get treated a lot like Ninja fans.. lolololololololol
  14. Group of 1 or more? Is it possible to have a smaller group?
  15. They're supposed to. We'll see. Does avoided players mean nothing in this game? I have one dude avoided because since I've been playing every time I get matched with him he just jumps in one spot. If he gets killed he just jumps where he spawns. Dude literally does nothing every game and he's been doing this since the game came out. Pretty irritating and it seems after I avoided him the game matches me with him even more.
  16. Anyone got a link to the MLG Stream? Does it start today or tomorrow?
  17. Was kind of hoping the Governor would stay with that family and be happy but I guess not. Was also wondering if he would take the family to the prison but nope.
  18. It's only 3 hours Mon,Wed, Fri. Tues,Thurs it's only bjj and boxing so it's only 2 hours. Saturday is about 2 hours. Times don't include cardio afterwards. A lot of weeks I skip Wednesdays though to give myself a break and Sunday I don't do jack but play video games. Lucky to have a UFC gym here. Instructors are all top notch. BJ Penn's brother does some of the no-gi. Scott Junk does the MMA. The BJJ instructor is a 4th degree black belt in Fadda JJ not Gracie. There's debates but supposedly the top bjj academy trains in Fadda. I've had a lot of 1 on 1 sessions with him and he's a beast for being a small guy. I'm probably at least 100lbs heavier than him and when he let's me start on top he tosses me off like a ragdoll. The boxing coach won a silver or bronze medal in boxing in her weight class at the last olympics. Definitely worth the $90/month I pay I'd suggest going into bjj before you go to mma plus it's hella fun. If you skip bjj and get put on your back you might not be comfortable. The bjj instructor asked why I always wanted to train off my back and I told him I want to be completely comfortable off my back. During class the last 10 minutes is always sparring which doesn't seem long but it's extremely tiring. I almost always let people get on top as I'm now very comfortable on my back and there's a lot more ways to submit someone from the bottom. Also, if you're prone to cauliflower ear get some headgear cuz that shit is disgusting. Some people are different but I'm super prone to it. After only a few months it was starting so I bought head gear and there's only 3 of us that wear it in class but I like my ears the way they are. One of my friends has been doing bjj for 5 years and barely has any swelling so everyone is different. I don't know what kind of mma class you're going to take but when I jumped in mines there was a lot of people who were already good at bjj and sparring them is no fun when they can play with you and you don't know what to do.
  19. I go Jiu-jitsu from 6AM- 6:55AM, boxing from 7AM-7:55AM, if there's muay thai I hang around the gym till 9AM and do that till 9:55. Saturdays I do a straight MMA class with no-gi for an hour afterwards. Do I think I'm going to be a fighter? No. Is it a good workout and fun? Yes.
  20. I for one can't believe they put sovereign in the map rotation. That map is HUGE for 4v4 and terrible. Hate that map as much as whiteout.
  21. Anything under 4.5 LOL! Just means the dude sits in corners.
  22. The simple fact is that people are going to cheat. It doesn't matter what game it is, if someone sucks at it, they're going to look for ways to cheat. There's no way around it. People modded Halo 4 even though it was the easiest Halo and didn't have in game ranks soooooo.... yeah 343 good job avoiding that.
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