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  1. So it is the 6th spot and it has only been 2 weeks,soon as tomb raider is up there and when battle front comes out there won't be more than 20k. we will be in the same situation as halo 4 stuck on a game that isn't enjoyable, waiting holding out hope for halo 6.


    This is the last Halo I will buy.  Unless Halo 6 is some kind of glorious miracle and has a great mechanics and a following after a few weeks.  But let's face it, with 343 in charge there will not be another good Halo.  I'm at the point where I refuse to give 343 any more money.

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  2. Its just a sprint thrust fest at higher level play. idc if I'm the best or not or if that makes my opinion less valid because welcome to the Halo community. But the shits dumb. I just want to play Halo in pure form. 


    You were going on and on in snipedowns twitch about Halo 5 being so "legit"

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  3. Wish there was an option to choose your region for servers.  Like if you can't give me a game on a west coast server then I would rather not play.  My latency is gonna be trash even on a west coast server but it's better than being connected with canadian, australian, or european servers.  Why is this not an option?

  4. So they're adding maps which should have been there in the first place.  And just take breakout out of team arena.  That shit is rubbish.  Gambol was garbage with invis and altitude is just a giant turd as much as orion is.


    BTW we added 4 maps but here's rig 4 times in a row.  #just343things

  5. Why does this happen to us? Why is OUR game content delayed? Why couldnt they release forge, more maps, more playlists, ranked and social? 343 messed up. AGAIN. And i feel like the population will drop AGAIN because of it.


    I'm not sure what goes on at 343 but maybe they're sadistic and bash each other in the heads constantly which leads to the absurd decisions they make.  After months they went back to nerf the AR in H4.  In H5 they buffed it back but even more powerful.  Wut?!!??!  The population will plummet for sure but they've already made a ton of money.  Wish people would just stop buying Halo and let 343 die off.

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  6. Yes, but not anywhere close to as often as social.


    almost every game so yeah. . .


    unless I dont play solo, then they're on the other team so yeah. . .



    But on another note.  This game just isn't fun.  I used to be able to play Halo for hours, losing or not.  This Halo after an hour I'd rather go do something else.

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  7. Downies, quitters, AFKers will be matching each other in the bronze and silver divisions, so I'll never see them. Believe me, I never want to have to play social again, but if they make BTB social, then I will be forced to as my love for BTB trumps my hatred for social playlists. If Warzone isn't social, then what do you call it? It's the most casual/social thing I've ever seen outside of the 4.


    still see them in diamond and onyx so yeah...

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  8. Here are some examples of what I have had to deal with.








    Notice that when the timer freezes, you are able to go anywhere on or outside the map.



    IC, I haven't had any of those issues.  TWC has been acting squirrly in my area with Netflix.  At around 9PM every night the stream quality goes to shit.  If I go on my computer and connect through VPN it works fine.















    dude.  me, me, me, me, me. 


    Anyway,  when in onyx does your rating go up the same amount for a win or the better you do the more it goes up?

  10. That's an idiom mate... And what the flying fuck is a "netflix degree"? I have never heard that phrase. Now scamper off and pester your parents for a copy of their W2, as I highly doubt an ignoramus like yourself has anything remotely resembling a decent paying job. Then again, I suppose that's why you said bank statement rather than income. Are you a trust fund baby?


    errr idioms and metaphors are similar.  Besides, it was a simile anyway.


    Aaaaaaand I don't have a "job" per se but I do work on occasion.  We could compare realized gain/loss statements from your FI if that's what you want.  And actually I started from the bottom now I'm here.



  11. If we really want to get into finance oriented metaphors, then we would say Halo was a solid stock with good fundamentals priced at its intrinsic value back in CE, but when the company produced subpar results in H2 and H3, the markets acted irrationally and grossly inflated the value of the stock well past its intrinsic value. Come Halo Reach, the bull market reached its peak and the bubble popped, and we were left with a poor company with poor fundamentals, priced below its intrinsic value.


    Now I'm not going to goad over you that I have an education far surpassing your own, as that is irrelevant, but if your going to make sensationalist metaphors (ie; hyperbole) that are flat out wrong, expect someone to spot check you on that shit.


    Enron didn't just nosedive, Enron was worthless. It was an overvalued company that had no real intrinsic value, and when the world found out, its top executives had already made off with their fortunes. There are plenty of better finance or business metaphors out there that are much more fitting.


    LOL ur dumb.  Honestly.  So for example a saying like "flying like a bat out of hell" makes no sense because bats aren't in hell and hell doesn't/might not exist.  I couldn't care less about your netflix degree.  He was making a matephor about a sharp, rapid decline, not a finance metaphor.  Take that to your netflix professor.


    And LOL at your education.  We can compare bank statements and see who wins.

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  12. To be fair, Halo didn't nosedive. It fell into a decline, sure, but I'd say Halo 5 halted said decline and is pushing it back up. Saying it nosedived is quite an exaggeration. I'd think if it did, we wouldn't even HAVE a Halo 5


    nosedive is subjective.  h4 having an average population of 30k months after release while other games years old had more... IMO that's a nosedive.  Look at MCC.  Bungie never had a release that terrible.  Aaaaand this game.  Pay $60 for half of what older Halos were.  We have H5 because H4 sold extremely well and then everyone realized it was garbage.  MCC sold well because 343 lied.  They didn't even release a working product.

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  13. Finance 101, that's funny. Try Graduate Degree with an emphasis on Monetary Policy. But I digress, come back when you can make relevant comparisons. There are plenty of better comparisons out there for you to use from business or finance history than Enron.


    He compared to enron's stock when falling.  Perfectly legit.  It nosedived like Halo.  ur dumb.  watching the enron documentary on netflix doesn't give you a graduate degree.

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