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  1. Played again to get to the lighthouse.  Got nothing great really.  The scout rifle I got wasn't the greatest.  Pretty sure I already had it.  With the difficulty of going 9-0, especially when playing with people from LFG, you should be guaranteed an exotic.  I didn't get one.

  2. So they posted videos online of the area that opens up if you go 9-0. It's a social space on Mercury. The video I saw of the guy opening the chest, he got a primary, light beyond nemesis, 9 passage coins, and 4 motes of light. Pretty beast.

  3. Completed trials of osiris this morning. Got etheric light off both the silver and gold packages.  But you only need 8 for gold package.  9 wins you don't get anything unless you go 9-0 then apparently a space opens up and you can loot a chest.  That's what people are saying online anyway.  I had a loss.

  4. HoW has been pretty good but the treasure key system is broken.  I'm at about 70-80 chests with only 2 keys found.  The boss fight for level 34 poe is dumb too.  Who at bungie was like hey guys i think it would be cool if we make it so they have to keep jumping around because the floor is lava.  WTF?  Haven't tried 35 yet since I need one more etheric.

  5. Im amazed at the amount of bad kids that play this game.  I'll park a mobile command post or syndicate vehicle in a sweet spot and a teammate and I will be putting in work killing everything and some asshole bad kid will jump in and park it in b and it'll get blown up.  If you park it in a good spot at A it can shut down E, B, and D but bad kids ruin it.  The range on the guns in it is dumb but funif you're in it slaughtering.

  6. Glad to know CSR is still rubbish.  Just played two games with onyx players the first one my teammate went 1-22 and the next game a different teammate went 3-15.  Looks like 343 just randomly chooses levels for players.




    Just played another game where the onyx's on my team went 9-19 and 4-15. LOL at 343 ranks.

  7. Anyone else getting a ton of hit reg issues?  I have a clip of unloading a whole clip of the AR into someone close range and they don't die.  I have one of 7 BR shots just dropping their shield and another of it taking 6 BR shots to drop shields.  343 desperately needs to work on their hit reg.  It's terrible in MCC as well.

  8. It's not JIP. 


    Basically the game recognizes 6 or 8 players in the lobby, but not everyone gets loaded in on time. That person that doesn't for whatever reason will load in when their game allows however long it might take and it will appear someone joined in progress when it was really the game taking forever to get them in because they got hung up in the lobby somewhere. 


    How sure of this are you?  Had a H2C game where two of my teammates quit out almost immediately but then a minute or two later we got two more teammates.

  9. Finally watched the dreamhack finals with nip vs ldlc.  That inferno games was bonkers.  Nip's CT is beast when they're on.  I think maikalele was an awesome addition to nip. They didn't really have a dedicated awper but now they have a beast.

  10. Is H2A on dedicated servers yet?  I have 100mb down/ 5mb up and it lags.  My friend saved a clip from last night where we were both shooting a guy and it took 8 shots to kill him.  He was eating the whole match.


    It is better than before though where I would black screen every 30 seconds

  11. Have you always been able to hear the other team? Not proximity voice but anywhere like they were on your team, because that happened to me. They couldn't hear me though.


    And they did nothing but whine the whole game about use using "modded controllers" because they got BXR'd and BXB'd and saying they were going to report all of us.


    Yep that was from day one.  I remember my first game of H2C there were two guys calling out until they realized they were on opposite teams.

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