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  1. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/cnsc99


    Here you go buddy


    Should be around $670-710 depending on where you purchase each piece.

    Didn't pick a case because that's all personal preference.

    You can save money by downgrading the GPU and CPU, however, if you plan on gaming, I'd stick with at least an i5 and the 960 is the best bang for your buck.


    Solid build.  You could switch the cpu to the g3258.  Yes you lose two cores but games don't use four cores.  The G3258 anniversary can overclock like a boss though.  Could use the saving for a better cooler or use it with a mild overclock and upgrade your cooling later.  I've seen benchmarks with the g3258 hanging with i5's, and i7's in GAMING.  Anything else like rendering it gets demolished.  But a damn good CPU for $70.  IMO I'd stick with the 970 though because in SLI (if you upgrade later) it would beat a 980 and even give a Titan X a run for it's money in gaming.


    Buuuuuuut Nvidia will be releasing their HBM cards next year so kind of an odd time to build/buy a PC with such a huge leap around the corner.

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  2. It doesn't? I thought it came with windows 10...and my max would probably be 800.


    It doesn't come with one.  But you can get windows 7 free online if you know where to look and upgrade to 10.  I'd stick with 7 though.


    My issues with that system are the power supply since you might have to upgrade if you want to SLI and no ssd.  Both would be cheap to change yourself.  It is a good price for that system though.

  3. This might be the only thing I side with /r/Halo on.


    The reason BtB is ranked is not because it should be, but because 343 literally does not have the capability to make unranked playlists at the moment. Until then, the playlist really should've been considered as the "social" playlist in the time being. If you seriously cared about your rank in that playlist with no party restrictions, then let me be the first to say that you're pathetic. But in the interest of avoiding triggering 6 people, let me say that in my opinion you are pathetic. There's so many quitters in BtB that no JiP really makes it a hassle to get through.



    There were people on r/halo bashing people who were saying btb should be social and not ranked.  They were saying it's even starts like other gametypes so it should be ranked.  I almost died from the lulz.  r/halo can get almost as bad as waypoint.

  4. Can't understand why they took JIP out of big team.  Now if your team starts losing in the 1st minute the quitters start rolling and now almost every game turns to crap.  I've been on both ends of it.  Playing big team slayer 8v3 on a huge map where the other team is just hiding make me put the controller down and jump on the computer and tap my stick once in a while so I don't get kicked for being AFK. . .


    So now my one game mode where I can jump in and screw around is ruined. . .

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  5. What, you think friendly fire is on some some of switch? Where they can turn it off and on at will? It's actually a very intense process that could take a team of 5, weeks to accomplish. Just be glad 343 is giving us this FREE DLC and count your blessings and check your privileges. 


    Can't tell if you're being sarcastic.

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  6. So I was playing with some friends last night and a friend of a friend jumps in and we end up getting slayer.  He bitches the whole time and at the end says "warzone is the only game mode that takes any skill fuck this arena crap" and I was dumbfounded, literally speechless, he ranted a bit more and left.  It's not only 343 that's the problem it's gamers like that.



    Hope that doesn't count as developer bashing don't ban me moa.



    edit** these gamercards like the one in my sig, do they get updated?  The old ones used to.  If I make a new one it shows updated stats but this one is old.  And if I try to link an updated one it still shows this one.  Weird.









    Now that I look in closer detail... it's more like a tribal design.


    MY B.


    Must be it then. If the recruit charred helmet has the skull on top I'm assuming the armor has the skulls on the side.  I have 50 or so of both helmets and armor but none the one I want.  Dammit.

  8. Halo 5 didn't sell 6.6 million copies. What "reputable" site is claiming that? That math is just dividing 400 million by $60. But there's limited editions, console bundles and controllers in the mix as well.



    Truth be told it likely sold between 2 and 3 million. Likely on the low end of that scale. Confirmed leaked retail numbers from NeoGaf sales thread show 1.5 million copies in US and 150 thousand in UK. Total US+UK retail copies 1.65m.


    Again that's just retail copies, not digital and not in bundles. But add those numbers and EU and AUS and its still not much. (Japan sold 7k copies)


    So there aren't many copies out there and 45 million REQ packs were opened in a week. I think the percentage they're giving to HCS is low.

    If those numbers are right then they must have sold a literal shit ton of consoles and controllers.

  9. Hey guys. Time to get serious for a second to hopefully make this topic and the rest of the forums a better place to be. You'll have noticed that after Halo 5's launch, people are unhappy with the game for a variety of reasons like map design, Spartan abilities, weapon balancing, playlist offerings, etc. For lack of better terms, the honeymoon phase has ended and people are beginning to air their grievances with the game.


    That's fine, nobody expects you to love every aspect of the game and I myself have a ton of things that I dislike about the game too. However, when sharing your dislike for a lot of these things, you're moving extremely close to the "bashing" territory that we made clear back in 2013. 


    Here's a reminder of that exact rule for everyone:



    Similar to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, we've been very loose with this rule lately because the game is new and everyone is going to be slightly more annoyed than normal and tend to post things they'll later regret so we've been very iffy on banning people straight up. We hoped that after a short time, these posts would stop and people would continue posting constructive feedback and contribute positively but it seems that after two weeks, this hasn't changed at all. 


    I'd like to make it perfectly clear that this rule, as well as every other rule currently listed in our Forum Rules topic is being enforced. If you fail to follow any of these rules, you will be suspended from the forums. Like it says in the rules, warnings are not required and they should not be expected.


    To touch on developer bashing a little more, we've seen a lot of backseat posters coming in, saying things like "X sucks, 343 is an incompetent developer", leaving for a few hours and coming back and doing the same thing. This usually results in other users jumping in, quoting and agreeing with more "343 is incompetent" and more arguments about how they aren't.


    This type of posting is not allowed, either.


    You're absolutely free to share your dislikes and concerns about the game, we encourage it as much as possible but you must do it in a constructive manner.


    While some examples are mentioned above, I feel like it is worth offering more up to date examples that relate to Halo 5: Guardians. Below you'll find three examples of criticism and bashing, each shown in parallel to show what the same post could look like.



    As you'd expect, it simple is not possible for us to list every single example because as time goes on, the discussions will change so we ask that you use your best judgement if something is criticism or flat out bashing. If you think your post is going to come across as bashing, it probably is. My inbox is always open if you have any concerns about posts you plan to make.


    Ultimately, it is up to Staff to decide if your post is criticism or bashing and before any bans are made, we will discuss it as a team to ensure we're all on the same page. 


    If you have any questions about moderation or you'd just like to ask the staff a question, please do not hesitate to post in the Site & Tournament support section found here: http://teambeyond.net/forum/forum/37-site-tournament-support/.

    Feel free to reach out to any of us in a private message, my inbox is always open.


    Thanks. We know a lot of you care about Halo and the franchise as a whole and we're re-enforcing these rules to ensure that your points come across as constructive and useful. We don't want to good posts to be lost in pointless and petty arguments that span from a post that is breaking the rules.




    Literally the next post....


    Is it just me or does 343i have Bipolar disorder ?



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  10. What kind of "basic math" can you do without any idea what the req pack sales have been like? $500,000 is the only number we've been given in regards to req sales, and that's just the portion that's going towards prize pools.


    For 500k to be 50% of what they made off REQ packs you would have to use insanely small numbers.  Halo sold about 6.6 million copies the first week (they actually won't say how many copies they sold just sales figures but the 6.6M figure comes from a reputable website but sales figures included console sales) so lets say they sold 5M copies.  Lets say only 10% of people bought ONE REQ pack.  Myself and all my friends bought at least one so going from that, the 10% number is probably much higher.  Lets say all those people only bought a Silver pack, again, A LOT of people probably bought Gold packs.  Given these tiny ass numbers that means 343 made $995k the first week so 500k went to HCS which would be roughly 50%.  Look at how tiny the numbers are for it to be 50%.  Actual REQ sales I'm sure are MUCH higher.  I didn't even take into account the amount of people that paid the $24.99 for the other REQ pack.

  11. I seem to remember the 50% number being thrown out on some pro streams. Could be  :intel: or could be just guesstimates. Regardless it has to be something decent considering how much the prize pool grew on week 1.


    I HIGHLY doubt it's 50%.  Doing any kind of basic math you can tell it's not 50%.  Not even close.

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  12. I agree, but still don't see what has everyone obsessed with the numbers.


    As for microtransactions, if they're being used to fund HCS for the most part, I'm not sure it's a valid argument toward the game's development. Either way it's benefiting the competitive side of the game more than not, so it's not a bad thing. At the end of the day, big prize pools attract people, and when people are interested, it results in increased viewership. Dota's always a good example of that (though I don't pretend Halo will necessarily reach the Dota TI levels of viewership, just pointing out how it can increase views and gets people talking about it vs. the regular average).


    But there is no excuse, I'm not condoning that. 


    IIRC correctly 343 won't say what percentage goes to HCS..  You can't say "for the most part" when 343 won't say.

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