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  1. LoL at Ryanoob getting dropped and getting on a better team. He's hella smart in game but his voice.... :unclesudd:
  2. Seriously this cam that shows teams setting up/taking down is lame. I don't want to see that. What is so hard about interviewing the captains of both teams once the main stage match is over? Nothing against bl4k, seems like a cool dude, but he sucks at commentating. He doesn't know a whole lot about the game and it's obvious. Played him online and he is not very good.
  3. Sooooo squidgrip who wants one? Thinking of picking one up since my controller has become perpetually oily.
  4. Finally they're doing interviews to pass the downtime. I am quite surprised they're keeping about 2k viewers considering the last game was about an hour ago already. It is irritating though that they have gameplay over the interviews. Just let me watch the interview dammit.
  5. IMO this stream is garbage. I expected more since their CoD streams were pretty good. Soooooo much downtime they're not gonna be able to keep viewers.
  6. CoD can keep their speedflag. The old way you could still use your primary but lets be honest, it's not like they were really helping to teamshoot or anything. They were preoccupied with running the flag. They weren't doing the drop/pick up so they could help their team, they did it because it was the fastest way to run the flag. The flagnum is already pretty beastly if you pace your shots. There is no reason to have someone with the flag being able to cross map people. Having the object should give you a disadvantage since it's the only way to score points.
  7. I hate when people say this. OMG you have a wall and you have titans you're copying Shingeki no Kyojin. Besides the words "wall" and "titan" there is no similarity. Go watch your anime in the corner please. Anyway, watched the 12min game play video and it looked alright. Kind of dumb how they were all standing around in a circle just shooting the tank thing. Wheres the strategy in that? Wouldn't mind exploring the world though. Exploring was one of my favorite parts of Skyrim and now you can explore with a friend in this game. Still kinda skeptical with all the hype though. It seems that they're hyping it so much that if they don't release the best game EVER then it will not meet expectations.
  8. Why was this dude even looking at the chat? Close the chat man thats day 1 stuff.
  9. Looks like pros are coming back. Not all due to weapon update. I'm sure a lot of it is due to AGL stepping up their game and them seeing other pros return. IMO the 4sk is still pretty random unless you're host but that doesn't matter on LAN I guess.
  10. Trailer was meh.. They made the master cheif look like one of those desert/sand people from Star Wars.
  11. Best friends don't stab each other in the back. You gonna marry this girl? Move the fuck on. I gurantee there is someone out there that is a better fit for you than her and won't do what she did. She's obviously not ready for an adult relationship.
  12. Wheres the UMG predictions? Wonder how the UMG stream will be. AGL has stepped it up a ton but they still have a problem holding on to viewers with the long breaks.
  13. Bitch move. I mean if you folks are swingers then cool do your thing but if not, move the fuck on. You have to be able to be happy with yourself outside of a relationship in order to have a healthy relationship with someone else. Sounds like neither of you are mature enough for an adult relationship.
  14. Well he did go ham in the finals... where it counts.
  15. Agree.. only people in the money should be considered pro. WHy should people who didnt make any money be considered pro?
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