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  1. The ranking is quite flawed. Just got a game where someone quit out. I went 27 - 16 and teammates went 11- 18 and 10 - 19. We lost by 2 while being down a player. And I drop back to Diamond 2. Genius.
  2. Got killed twice trying to get the last kill of the game with it. Fathom or whatever the underwater map is I just sit top mid trying to get ground pound kills. And whore railgun. Hated the rail gun at first but now I like it.
  3. So I'm that guy in diamond just trying to get ground pound kills. Sorry if you get matched with me.
  4. About 60s because the game is so slow.
  5. Are you guys just playing slayer? Quite sure it's not in slayer rotation because #just343things. It's only in objective. Aaaaaaaaaand servers went down again. I don't think I've ever seen the servers in Destiny go down unless they're getting ddos'd or maintenance. Even at launch.
  6. I wonder if when Halo servers are down pornhub sees a spike. Oh wait, only 1k people playing H5 :ghost:
  7. What did they say in H4? #adapt ? Aiming is terribad.
  8. Can someone buy 343 some Viagra? Then they might be able to keep their servers up. Finally got a good team that communicates, we party up, servers go down. #just343things
  9. Less aim assist makes my aim turn to light speed all of a sudden? Sounds legit.
  10. Lol. So you crouched and didn't move right in front of the guy with snipe. All I saw was a terribad play by you. No strafe no jump.
  11. If you buy a monster energy from Walmart or best buy it comes with a code for a req pack that comes with the monster green visor. Pretty cool actually.
  12. Since servers aren't working for me I was watching some clips I recorded and realized when I got my snipultanious I also TK'd a teammate. They should make a new medal for that. Just need to work on my 360 no scopes now
  13. Looks like servers are taking a beating. Same kind of stuff happening like MCC just not as bad. I join one playlist and it puts me in a game type that's totally different. Ranks not showing. REQ's not working.
  14. This. I don't know why being in Onyx, which I'm sure is the highest besides Champion which is only the top 200 people of onyx, I'm getting matched with people playing placement matches. If they don't have enough people to place me with where I won't lag a ton, that's fine, tell me that, don't place me with people going AFK and just sucking and then make me take a hit for it. GG Bungie.
  15. It was. The whole game IMO felt much better in beta. Movement and everything was more. . . idk. . . fluid? Looks like they took all that and applied some sluggish ass filter on it. Thought it might just be me since I'm far from any dedi server but I guess not. BTW I said the game felt worse than beta last night about an hour after release and got neg bombed cuz bad kids didn't have mp yet.
  16. Do I really need a /sarcasm. Apparently.
  17. TSM got that mental block tho. . .
  18. So I'm Onyx in SWAT and I figured I'd mess around in there. Oh wait you're Onyx? Let's give you a bunch of people who aren't ranked yet oh but your loss still counts against you. GG Bungie.
  19. After playing for a while I was on the fence about buying the elite controller since I only wanted it for this game and I'm still not sure I like it. But then my friend said he could get me one for $100. Sold. But now I have to wait for him to pick it up.
  20. I am relaxed. It gave me a good laugh this morning. Being able to sell a majority of your REQ cards is an honest plus because I can buy more packs for armor.
  21. I played warzone was was in awe of the rubbish that it was. Cross between BTB, battlefield, and a MOBA? LOL @ 343. Won't be putting myself back in there again. Buuuuuuut at least I can sell 99% of my REQ cards... so I can buy more REQ cards to sell. Why didn't 343 add spartan hearthstone while they were at it? Bring on the neg bomb like it's waypoint.
  22. Has anyone mentioned how terribad the sound is in this game? Like seriously, everything sounds like complete ass.
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