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  1. TBH you must have quit A LOT. I've quit a bunch of matches for the same reason but I haven't been banned. I wish they didn't get rid of BTB. BTB as casual as it was, was fun to jump in and mess around and have FUN without trying. It was also where all the dumb stuff happened that I loved going back in theater to watch. Warzone is just shit. 343 has the terrible attitude of we know what's best and you're gonna like it or fuck off.
  2. IMO it's a lottery. Got stuck with the same bad kid on my team two games in a row he went 2-18 and 1-16. He was ranked diamond. It's not like he wasn't trying I was watching him, he was just bad. I didn't do that bad even when I just going for ground and pound kills. Seems like a lot of people are getting salty about the solo vs to4. Been in several games where after winning the other team starts talking shit about us being in a to4 and calling out. 90% of the time I play solo and 90% of that time no one is calling out. Quite funny. Beat one team 50-49 and one dude on the other team was losing his shit about us being partied up and almost losing. Kid would not believe we weren't partied or calling out. Also need to shorten ttk on certain weapons. The amount people that thruster and run away when caught out of position is too damn high.
  3. Just wait till you play a team camping spawns and get spawn killed then instant spawned in the same spot and killed again. GG 343.
  4. So you would give no feedback to developers and hope they make the changes you want? Developers are a bunch of psychics. Forgot about that.
  5. H5 didn't even hit 35k on launch. Destiny is at 35k simply because of trials. There wasn't even any real famous streamers on.
  6. The needler wrecks. I usually grab it on regret. Glad they didn't nerf it against OV.
  7. Destiny was at 35k. Granted ToO started again today. This game didn't even hit 35k on launch day.
  8. Please explain how you get used to the game in a playlist that has no weapons besides pistol and br.
  9. Twitch is already down to 9.5k. Just let Halo die. Stop playing with my emotions.
  10. Love the fact I can search solo and not worry about running into 4's or my rank because there's a social playlist. Oh wait I can't.
  11. They aren't in slayer playlist. Objective only. Because 343 is dumb.
  12. Yep. You could look for something without G-Sync as that does up the price due to nvidia making manufacturers pay for it. But g-sync is awesome. You could get a 2560 or 4k TN panel monitor with 1ms response time and 144hz for relatively cheap. But TN panel colors aren't the greatest so if you're doing any type of color correction it won't work.
  13. Anything that works well for both is going to be $$$$$$$$$$$. There are a couple brands out there with decent response time IPS panels. I think ACER makes 1 or 2. IMO the Acer XB270HU with 4ms response time would be the best right now. Unless you're a pro gamer 3ms isn't going to be noticeable. It's IPS so colors and viewing angles should be good and it's 144hz. Plus it has G-SYNC. It's $700 though and not 4k.
  14. So glad someone made a video about the aiming. Now all these others can stop with the #urjustbad.
  15. Damn I just got a spartan wheelchair in a REQ pack. Whatuknoaboutdat
  16. My friend is/was gonna get me a discount where he works but these things are freaking sold out everywhere. Would pay full price to get one now.
  17. Might have been. Earlier in the video he says he's been up for 40 hours. IDK if that's true.
  18. But the SMG doesn't have the range of the AR
  19. Im ranked Onyx and Diamond in the only two playlists I care to play ATM. I'm not having a hard time. I'm getting used to the aiming, as terrible as it is, especially when zoomed. And I've been playing Halo since CE. I play Destiny. I'm not a Destiny player moving to Halo. Scrub.
  20. Id say ToO in Destiny, even with supers, is better than any match I've played in H5/4. Buuuuuut I'm over the grindiness of Destiny and hoped H5 would be great. It isn't. So now the wait for SWBF.
  21. It doesn't just have to be wins or just have to be stats. It should be a combination of a lot of things. But the way 343 did it was so it would be easy for them to code and they wouldn't have to use their brains. Quite like you're doing now.
  22. No shit. but black and white like that is flawed.

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