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  1. It's almost like they're doing the same thing they did 4 years ago
  2. The president of the longest gov shutdown in US history is the best ever because he's triggering the snowflakes XD
  3. MarkyVersace

    NFL Thread

  4. Beale Street kinda stinks
  5. I hate these 3rd world Italians and Irish coming into this country and ghettoizing our great country that we've made. - Brad Pitt in 1900
  6. "So they are entitled to what many generations of real Americans worked tirelessly to build because?" Lol
  7. Yeah they are risking their lives daily by locking up brown people trying to leave the countries the United States government have ruined. They are so brave
  8. Great work as always by the border patrol. What great humans
  9. This would actually be awesome if it were true
  10. Loving this booming economy I keep getting told about
  11. So brave of Trump to stand up for the country that funded 911 and killed and dismembered a journalist
  12. There's a difference between foreign lands that you dont know or understand vs the country you control. You are correct though
  13. Think hes more-so making a point that a Civilian militia would be destroyed in no time more so than actually talking about nuking people but hey, you can think that if you want

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