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  1. "Gay propaganda" Lmao. The tv show showed children that gay people exist. They're getting brainwashed!
  2. Family values party. But then again it's also the party that cares more for unborn fetuses than living humans
  3. This thread has become an echo chamber of right wingers smelling their own farts with the occasional troll
  4. Aborting a fetus is not the same as murder you fucking dweeb It's another great instance of the party that preaches smaller government and less regulations regulating what people can do with their own bodies because what the book of ancient folk tales tells them to do. I'm sure the politicians who all voted yes have no problem helping support all of the babies of rape and financial dire through welface and food stamps. The sooner the Boomer and religious generation dies out, the better. Also lol @ calling me a liberal. Liberals are as shitty as republicans but more useless
  5. Very cool to see Alabama turn all abortions of any kind into a felony with a sentence of up to 99 years Should have nuked the south and started over after the Civil War
  6. Didn't know we had Richard Spencer commenting in here. Rad. America was built off free labor from slaves and genocide of the native Americans by the white man btw
  7. If anyone deserves to be hung, it's people who believe that different people of color and cultures can't coexist peacefully, you fucking Nazi.
  8. I'm not saying you can't criticize her or anyone else just on that basis, but the blatant islamphobia targeted at her is far more hatred and criticism than any other politican today. The president of the United States is posting videos of her talking with footage of 9/11 while someone just murdered 50 peaceful muslims in New Zealand. If you can't see how all of this media targeted at her is very dangerous, idk what to say. If anyone seriously believes that she was happy about 911 or believes it isn't a big deal and a terrible tragedy, you're a fucking idiot.
  9. Gonna be great when some far right psychopath makes an attempted on Ilhan Omar's life and all of these right wing media groups and talking heads claim complete innocence
  10. Hundreds of millions of people of different cultures coexist peacefully in the same areas every day but Buffdaddy Jamal knows that this won't work.
  11. That's what I'm getting at. Bezos and Amazon pay 0.00 in taxes along with Apple and a thousand others. Properly taxing those companies and people could help fund these "impossible ideas" like Medicare-For-All where there wouldnt be hundreds of people begging for their life on gofundme every day for health care expenses
  12. Israel fucking sucks and is stealing land. Taxing ppeoplebthe fair amount related to their income is actually good. Abortion after birth, lol???? And stacking the supreme Court sounds fair after that turtle fuck McConnel literally stole a seat from Obama
  13. "They have become the party of open borders, 60% tax, abolishing the electoral college, abolishing the Senate, stacking the Supreme Court, lowering the voting age to 16, banning cars and planes, anti-Isreal, abortion until birth (and after in some cases), banning semi-auto firearms and more. So they are obviously not an option. The Libertarian party is a joke and full of trash human beings, so I can't vote for them either" Most of these sound pretty good lol.

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