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  1. This thread is the biggest collection of brain worm ever
  2. Imagine posting under the name of a senile old man who diddled little girls
  3. Racism is so funny and cool haha Trump is epic XD
  4. Very cool and normal for the president to tell congresswomen of color to go back to their countries, 3 of which who were born in the United States.
  5. Imagine unironically thinking a country where an ambulance ride to the ER puts families into crippling debt, people begging for their lives on GoFundMe for their insulin since it's so ridiculously overpriced, the most mass shootings of any country, wage stagnation despite corporate tax cuts and sky high profits, and crippling student debt cutting most young people off at the knees before they can even enter the workforce is the best country in the world Oh yeah and there's literal concentration camps with people being starved and not being able to wash themselves. But Andy Ngo getting milkshaked is a far bigger crime to humanity
  6. It's true. This country sucks ass lol
  7. https://www.propublica.org/article/secret-border-patrol-facebook-group-agents-joke-about-migrant-deaths-post-sexist-memes Very cool and normal people in this story
  8. Cool to see a bigger outcry by the pepe alt right crowd over a journalist getting hurt then when one of their own drove into a crowd and murdered an innocent women. All fascists deserve death and nothing less
  9. Damn. Now I want to vote for him even more. Thank you for this
  10. Very cool and normal healthcare system.
  11. "Gay propaganda" Lmao. The tv show showed children that gay people exist. They're getting brainwashed!
  12. Family values party. But then again it's also the party that cares more for unborn fetuses than living humans
  13. This thread has become an echo chamber of right wingers smelling their own farts with the occasional troll
  14. Aborting a fetus is not the same as murder you fucking dweeb It's another great instance of the party that preaches smaller government and less regulations regulating what people can do with their own bodies because what the book of ancient folk tales tells them to do. I'm sure the politicians who all voted yes have no problem helping support all of the babies of rape and financial dire through welface and food stamps. The sooner the Boomer and religious generation dies out, the better. Also lol @ calling me a liberal. Liberals are as shitty as republicans but more useless
  15. Very cool to see Alabama turn all abortions of any kind into a felony with a sentence of up to 99 years Should have nuked the south and started over after the Civil War

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