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  1. You. Me. and a game of Ricochet. Loser buys spicy chicken sandwiches from Chick-fil-a after the GameOn Halo 3 LAN. Ya skerd, Brah?
  2. Hey all, As most people know, the majority of the Halo playlist population leans heavily on the Infinity and Big Team Battle playlists. It's no secret that population has declined+ severely over the past couple of months and for the competitive aspect of this game, bringing new faces into the scene may be essential at this point. On a daily average, its very common to see 500 or even less people in the Throwdown/Legendary playlist and more than double that amount in the previously mentioned playlists. For the competitive community, why not try to get the pros/personalities involved in a "Casual to Competitive" video series? I feel there are a lot of "casual/competitive" players always lurking around the forums, podcasts, playlists etc and not having a clue of what direction they need to take in order to make the conversion to a so to speak "competitive" player. How little videos/content is out there ( or atleast recent content) currently? There are very few people willing to teach and coach players in order to sculpt them into a finely tuned competitive player and the contest negativity that some players bring upon the casuals when attempting to go into the competitive playlist is appalling; not only that, but it seems to drive a lot of casual players away from the competitive community. When in all honesty, the casual seem to really keep this game alive, and it can be spoken for with the playlist population numbers. Not to say that this game is "dead" by any means, because that would be far from true. It is very clear that the Halo franchise has had a very strong impact on esports and has a very loyal and wide fan base and from the recent Halo Global Championship it is clear that the competition and love for this game still stands. So to wrap this up, why not attempt to bring casuals into our community with open arms and understanding that everybody has to learn and start from the beginning at some point instead of negativity, why not try and bring some new life to this community and teach those willing to learn how to become a strong player by video content and lessons on how to make the switch into the competitive scene? Clearly there are people that still care about this game/community such as Ghost, Gandhi, Saucey etc that are releasing content and info on a daily basis trying their all to keep it alive and provide whats necessary to the Halo people. However it doesn't just take the personalities and pros to keep things moving; the casuals and "no name" competitors are what really keep this game active and going. Without casual players, there would be no fan base and would be no Halo. So why not teach your skills to others in desire to learn? So please, help others learn and make content whether you're a pro or not it doesn't matter. Video lessons and threads go a long way and can bring new life to the community in a big way. Just remember, we were all in a casual players shoes at one point and everybody needs guidance, so make it known that we are here to help and teach others to learn and are welcoming new players no matter what their skill level may be. Retweet, bump, etc. Help us ALL out! - Tstemp
  3. Personally, I'm just sick of hearing all the negativity in this community (and I'm sure others can agree). It honestly is just driving people away from this game and its community. I mean just look at the forum topics. LITERALLY every other thread is, oh, Halo is dad, these changes need to be made or else, no sprint is the reason why it's failing, 343 needs to listen, bungie did this, 343 didn't do that etc etc etc. the list just goes on. Quite frankly people are just tired of it and are leaving. People don't want to hear this crap every second in the community. And honestly, it seems the only thing the "pros" are worried about is the little fame that they still have remaining. Not saying all pros are but it seems quite a few. Not mention almost every game you join into your team does nothing but bitch and act like you're at the main stage on the throw down playlist, screaming and crying and belittling people to the point that they are sick of it. Everyone has witnessed and experienced it. It's the communities fault. Plain and simple.
  4. It's cool and all the Pit is back but do we really need another remake? It's not progressing the game one bit. It's back tracking. To me it's just a "last leg" move. This is why the population is less than 50k. There is nothing new to offer. Don't get me wrong, The Pit is a great map and everyone has had great times with it but its not progressing the game one bit. Secondly, who really gives a shit about gun and armor skins? Milking it for what it's worth I guess. Can't produce content so we give you armor and gun skins!
  5. Looking for some players casual or competitive, doesn't really matter. Will be playing decently late tonight. Trying for a 50 but mainly just want to have some fun. Send me msg if you want to play some games. GT- AfroHolicFROEVA
  6. I'm always looking for guys to play with. Unfortunately none of my buddies play Halo anymore so 100% of the time I play is with randoms with no communication so it gets quite frustrating. Ideally would like to find some guys for a throwdown team. If you would like to add me and run a few matches my GT is AfroHolicFroeva. I will send you a msg via xbox tomorrow. Looking forward to running with some mature/competitive players.
  7. I'll get you added in the AM, Logic. I'll be able to run pretty much all day tomorrow but ill MSG you tomorrow when I'm on and see if we can get a few games in.
  8. I've been playing Halo for years and only been watching and keeping up with the competitive community for a couple. Basically what I'm looking for is somebody that can show me the ropes and possibly get me (or I should say us) ready for competitive play. I'm really just wanting to make myself a well rounded team member and find somebody or multiple people that can lead me with the right mentality and help me with the things that I am doing wrong and improve the things I'm doing right. I'm not quite sure what the first step into this really is but would love the help and criticism. Whether it be through viewing file share games and or playing with you guys. Any help to get my foot into the door so to speak would be greatly appreciated. But like I said. Just really trying to learn more and get a better feel for competitive mentality/skill.
  9. Lucifer, I am ready to get the ball rolling! Shz, that's awesome. Whenever anyone wants to play a few just let me know. GT- AfroHolicFroeva
  10. That's awesome, Av. I will get you added and should be on tomorrow if you would like to run some games and help each other out. Inv, that would be great also. I'll get both of you added and will be able to run games tomorrow whenever. As for improvements, communication needs worked on, on my part. Also, overall map awareness and sticking where I need to be and who with. Most of the time it's running with randoms and getting frustrated with so many people not using mics. But overall I feel I'm not too shabby for where I'm at. Just looking to get better and get into the competitive scene. Thanks, guys.
  11. Finally! I'm from WV. Living in Parkersburg atm. Moving to Morgantown in the near future. I'm usually on every day of the week except for this weekend. GT: AfroHolicFROEVA

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