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  1. Six European teams? That's pretty cool wonder how they will qualify the teams across the pond.
  2. Maybe but I also feel like Randa is one of those low key good teammates and I haven't really watched too much Danoxide POV. So my opinion may be a little skewed.
  3. I think if you replace Danoxide with Randa it would be a pretty solid team.
  4. Hey everyone! Just thought that I would finally come out of the lurking phase since HWC is this weekend and the HYPE is REAL!! I just landed in LA and I'm pumped for the event and look forward to meeting people from the forums who were able to get tickets. My top 8 (upsets incoming) to come out of the groups. GROUP A: Liquid and Allegiance GROUP B: EG and Renegendes (kinda pulling for Infused though) GROUP C: Denial and Immunity GROUP D: CLG and Epsilon
  5. Me and my Team recently dropped our 4th and are looking for a new one. We are usually on from 11am-6pm MST during the week and most of the day on the weekends, and would like someone who could be on around that time as well. We plan on grinding the ladder and seeing how well we can do in the Qualifiers. We are looking for someone who is a team player, and can give good feedback after games and is interested in growing as a player. Message GT: OG PointBlank if interested.
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