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  1. Reading the past few pages of this discussion has been lke reading YouTube comments. "X is better than Y." "No, Y is better than X because..." "You're all idiots, Z is clearly better" etc. etc. If you're going to have this kind of argument, define "better". These guys are professionals, right? Therefore, the only meaningful measure of success is the amount of money they've earned from the game during their careers, right? Oh, "pro" doesn't mean that in the context of Halo? OK then, well, how do we determine that one player is better than another? Total kills? Assists? Accuracy? If one player goes 20-0 and another goes 0-20 with 30 assists and 90% accuracy, who's better?
  2. I guess you're right and I retract my previous inflammatory statements although not the sentiment.
  3. 48 hours that killed competitive Halo. All this madness might be exciting for the hardcore crowd but I assure you that the invisible enthusiast majority is losing interest by the minute. We want stablility that allows rivalries to develop in the context of familiar teams of players. We want a narrative that maintains tension across an entire season, not just the day before and after a tournament. We want to be able to root for out favorite team not just a team shell with a constantly revolving door. I know it's always been like this in esports but to nowhere near this extent. I want 2006/07 FB vs. Carbon and 2009/10 Str8 vs. TG vs. Instinct. Yes I'm old (as dirt) and old fashioned with it but I want the game to mean something to at least some players and not be simply a distraction around which politics and power plays revolve. The ONLY person who comes out of this melee with any dignity is (surprise surprise) Ogre2.
  4. There is another way. I enjoy both Halo and COD and I'm always impressed by the way that the Optic organisation is run. It's essentially one guy - Hecz - who manages 3 teams (OK, Nadeshot is nominally a co-owner but it's obvious where all the business skills are). Hecz obviously loves e-sports and although he had money before he got into gaming he's doing a helluva job of making a small group of young guys quite wealthy by running his org like a family complete with their own house. But make no mistake, those contracts are tighter than a gnat's arse. Team Kaliber are similar - Kosdff is obviously no fool either. So you don't actually need an "org" as such - just someone with means and passion. Easier said than done of course but even I can name 2 good examples and I'm a filthy casual. BTW, Flamesword was streaming Halo with Nadeshot, MBoze and BigTymer the other night. This is a very good thing Hell, even the Optic Gaming COD team currently tearing up Europe has 3 ex-Halo pros in Formal, Enable and Crimsix. All we need now is for King Scumpy to give Halo a try...
  5. Nope, you're not the only one There a few of us grizzled geezer gamers lurking around here...
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