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  1. Great video. I think this is an important aspect that is often overlooked by the majority of gamers where as in game theory its incredibly important. I would probably agree with saying that 7 shots is the average just by guessing myself. Did you happen to look into it anymore? I know that @@Devilman has data on a ton of various things.. to a point where it is mind blowing. One thing he did recently was compare how many shots it took the same players to kill their opponents while playing Neutral Host Edition as well as playing Off Host. I wonder what he would consider the "average" shots to kill.
  2. Ahhh I too like to critique people that are in a position that I have no experience being in. Makes a lot of sense.. Good posts @@Mikwen
  3. Great casting today for the EU 2k. There's definitely a natural chemistry between you guys and I enjoy how often you guys provide just a basic analysis of what is happening or should have happened in certain situations while still providing the normal play by play.
  4. Pretty shocked NY lost to Philly last night. I followed a lot of these players in the pre season and in other leagues and it's really hard to gauge where every team stands. Especially for the battle of LA. I expected Valiant vs Gladiators to be a blow out but that was by far the best series I've caught. Every map was an amazing battle. Gladiators got stopped with 1 minute left on point A of junkertown and it looked hopeless but somehow pushed? I considered effect to be the best tracer out there prior to OWL. Now its impossible to tell. It seems like players will just pop off and do ridiculous stuff then get shut down randomly later.
  5. KNOCK KNOCK: Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior PC Master RACE? No? Ok we will come back tomorrow than.
  6. From what I hear, halo 2 vista is in a pretty good spot compared to MCC. Same goes for playing halo CE on xlan, or using stunt mans servers on PC. Plenty of options from what I can tell. Or I can just keep you updated on the various large scale CE LANs you can attend. And if I need to know what the current cost of gpu is I'll just make sure I refresh this page.
  7. What other long time console series have forums where people spend more time posting about PC being superior than actually play the game. Is CoD like that? Smash? I don't go on any forums for those games but wonder if it's as common as here.
  8. In regards to LAN: The majority of my friends in town have PCs and play CS. Some are actually really damn good. They would rather drive 20 minutes and pay a fee to go to a LAN center than bother to set up their equipment at a friends house. Logistically speaking it seems like a pain to host a LAN for the majority of competitive PC titles. Just in terms of space, equipment etc.
  9. OT but watching OWL now and Puckett referred to one of LA's players, Pine is the final boss of the roster. It's kinda stupid but I like got chills just hearing those words in his voice. Big old dose of nostalgia right there
  10. Gazzo + Prime vs Kush and Cujjer was the most heartbreaking series of the tournament. My heart was racing just watching those games and will definitely be posting them here when they're uploaded.
  11. Bracket is here too by the way http://challonge.com/u0twp18o
  12. I feel like whenever something goes down like this for MLG Halo, it's always in Orlando lol. I've posted about it before but there was a legendary thread about Orlando 05 regarding whether they'd use the update or not. I'm out of the loop with competitive Halo 5 right now other than players and teams. I don't really play so I'm not aware of the settings changes or issues with oddball other than what i read here. Whether overstated or understated we actually have someone that is vocalizing these issues publicly.
  13. That nade definitely hit you though. My heart rate jumped up watching it as if I was playing. Go rattle the tent and wake those fools up! It's time to stream! There were some small audio issues yesterday that I texted hard way about but couldn't check to see if it was fixed or not. Keep me updated with whatever and I'll try to update it here or promote it a bit.
  14. Both should work. I plan on hosting VA from the main BL stream. @@xxcloud7xx word looks like I should do that now then lol
  15. Widow should hit that shot on mercy than. I can 2 shot an elf in shadowrun and have their human rez, by simply hitting their LB button. I'm not sure what the claim is here.
  16. I wonder what my thoughts on watching OW would be if I didn't invest so much time into the game. It seems like it really is pretty confusing for people but I guess they are approaching it from a FPS perspective and trying to compare it to non class based games for some reason? A better comparison would be a Moba. I don't play League, but I'm gonna try to watch a tournament and see if I'm just completely clueless. I enjoyed the thought process behind OW. I like a variety of shooters and could always play something else if I didn't want to worry about class prioritization or wanted to play a game that I can solo carry through. In reading posts I think it's pretty obvious who has actually practiced the game with a team in a tournament setting versus those who I guess are playing with randoms in competitive. It's an execution heavy game not an aim intensive one. Imagine complaining about how League of Legends is easy because people aren't aiming they're just pressing buttons. I do think that playing a game at a competitive level helps a lot. I would say that at the very least, people who tune into the Halo CE streams understand that we are playing slayer and understand the concept that people are getting kills or getting killed. However most of the people tuning that have experience with CE don't understand the spawn system well enough to understand all the nuances. There should be a balance though especially in esports, while playing comp would help players learn it shouldn't be a requirement to understand the base level of the game.
  17. I wasn't sure how Jownz, Patch and Prime would split up, but I'm guessing Meg and Prime? Jownz and Patch? I still can't believe that game 3 in your winners bracket final for MDW against BRB. Pretty sure it was 49/49 on Priz and meg spawns you in front of office with BRB in there. BRB goes to 3 you but you chuck a nade at his feet and pick him off first with no shields and 1 red bar. Unreal. That wasn't on stream though right?
  18. How do you go about doing this on console?
  19. They're always a ton of fun. It's great to see people you haven't seen in forever or even finally meet people you've played with online for years. You're amazing at what you do though. I'm sure you'll be at more events.
  20. We got any teams confirmed? I would assume some of the teams will be the same as MDW. Meg + Devilman Walker + Unit Stunt Man + Hurley Missingno + ixq1k
  21. Have you thought about getting engaged and planning a honeymoon during an event??
  22. Yeah my partner and I are up in North Nj. We have a few locals and are trying to get more. Meg hosts near Haddon Township in south NJ but hasn't hosted in a few months. Then there is Simplify who hosts somewhere in PA past Philly. Not conshahawken or w/e but close to that or Norristown I think. It all ranges in skill level but all the hosts are real good. Usually there are smaller LANs for 4-5 ppl but megs hosted a couple that had 4 set ups. I don't really play MCC but we can play a bit to get a better understanding of where you stand.
  23. I honestly haven't noticed difference from beta till now with the exception of multiple heroes not being a thing. It's pretty much been like that since day 1 and at a variety of ranks. I will agree it's draining though. Sorta taking a break from OW but still play with IRL friends but there are matches where I am doing 2k damage a minute getting 4 picks a push and we literally get stomped. It's crazy how in a game like that I physically feel like I can't do anymore and it rarely matters. Fortnite is a lot of fun but just is not for me. I don't get that competitive vibe from it. It feels like a purely casual game yet I see the ridiculous plays that come from that game. edit to everyone: ADD ME FOR OVERWATCH. My GT is "Teapot Yo" but I have a bunch of accounts. Add me and tell me you are from beyond. I have a bunch of accounts that range from platinum to masters.
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