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  1. I like to imagine there are 12 claps that run around monitoring all the sites and social media but somehow it's just one person. Yeah seems like Spartan's PoV is fine. Others aren't synced.
  2. Event really hasn't even started yet and I'm already pissed I'm not there and checking flights to Seattle. It looks soooo good. Also for those watching, the MLG chat has all your favorite toxic power posters hanging out in chat. Come hang out there with us. edit: this event will be the first event I run out of plus rep.
  3. Apparently they're selling Final Boss and Carbon t-shirts there!? FML is anyone willing buy and ship some merchandise for me and I'll pay for cost/shipping/pain&suffering etc
  4. I made sure to put the HCS in my top 8 GLHF my man. I know you're gonna kill it working the event. Any plans to do a recap about your experience down there? I'd love to read it.
  5. +rep for beating @@Moa to it. They said it couldn't be done.
  6. Ahhh I wish I could be there. I've got a few things planned out this year so I didn't plan on making it to any of the events unfortunately but maaaaaybe I can swing attending Seattle. Out of all the Halo events I've been to I've never been to a national championship. ALL OF YOUR HYPE IS MAKING MY HYPE EVEN MORE HYPE WTF
  7. I didn't realize I could watch OWL on my xbox through the MLG.tv app. Throughout the season when I log into overwatch it will tell me that OWL is live and it seems like it would keep alternating between opening up Microsoft Edge and Twitch. I'll check it out and see what its like.
  8. Its cool seeing some old backwards game part of publishers sales. Black was on the front home screen representing the EA sale lol. Curious to see when they will add some more original xbox games to that list.
  9. @@Infinity Congrats man. That job sounds expensive. Really though I've seen how much passion you have for the series and its great to see you involved. I had such a great time at Daytona and it sounds like Orlando will be even better. I've always had a a great time going to events but one thing I always seem to forget and then regret, is taking pictures. Make sure to take a bunch!
  10. This is the best gif. I forget who made cause he didn't post a lot but he made it when he signed up for premium.
  11. Thats awesome! Thanks so much man. Not sure why I can't seem to find the original but this is exactly what I was looking for. I didn't have many apps on my laptop here but the ones I used I kept right in the palm of his hand lol.
  12. That was years ago? Time flies I guess, I thought that was more recent or at least resolved by now.
  13. Anyone here good with photoshop that would want to help recreate my old desktop wall paper? I can't seem to find it online but have found a few others. It's this picture of Bruce Lee except the screen is cracked and his hand appears to be coming through the screen. This is the pic. http://wallpaper-gallery.net/images/bruce-lee-hd-wallpaper/bruce-lee-hd-wallpaper-2.jpg This is an example of the effect. http://i.imgur.com/XUohD.jpg Idk I looked a few times a while back and just couldn't find it.
  14. Pretty sure he looked both ways before flying out to give the covenant back their bomb. Even yielded to another ship coming in. Just because someone is a bad ass doesn't mean they take candy from strangers.
  15. I'm a bit out of the loop but have they had an event yet where they set up an Xbox as the dedicated server? I know that they used to bring in a closed server for some events but is Orlando the first event where this will happen?
  16. Spartans should have to put their seatbelts on first, check their mirrors and hold the wheel at 10 and 2 before being able to drive. Anything else just isn't immersive. Chief seems like a guy who would want to promote safety.
  17. Even though he wasn't on the original roster the name rests with T2. "Speedee" was the first mascot of McDonalds but nobody cares about that. We all associate Ronald McDonald with representing the brand. I posted a little bit about history of the name a while ago. This is just pointless info that I'm sure you can find elsewhere but thought I'd write down some history.
  18. I haven't played Halo 3 on LAN in a very long time but would need to give it a shot to see how it holds up, cause playing online made me realize I never want to go back to H3. From 08 to the end of 09 though I loved it and was obsessed.
  19. Thats awesome... It's unreal to me sometimes how you just have all this data up your sleeve. I love it.
  20. Maybe Devilman will pop in with some ridiculous spread sheet of data but like I said I would tend to agree with saying 7 shots is a good average. Even good players are caught dumping an entire clip on someone without getting a kill.
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