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  1. It was worth a shot. There's plenty of valid reasons to not be able to attend something like this imo despite the fact that I think it's a dream LAN. Just trying to get insight from those who seemingly have interest in competitive Halo (competitive gaming), are displeased with the current direction but have no desire to attend an event featuring a classic game.
  2. @@arglactable I see you must have missed my response. Figure I'll ask again that way I have a better understanding at how this goes. Me personally, I think Halo CE 2v2's are the best form of competitive Halo. I did mention there was an h2 event cause hey, while I think CE is best there are others that think H2 or H3 is the best. Stop me where I am wrong. I assume you are a fan of Halo. I assume you are a fan of competitive shooters. I know you hate console gaming. I get that Halo CE is on a console but I'm just trying to see where you draw this line being an active member of a competitive Halo site. This really just doesn't go for you either but there seems to be a rather large group of people out there that seem to push competitive merit to the forefront, prefer classic halo over modern, yet seemingly are not interest in attending a LAN.
  3. If you are a fan of competitive gaming or "games that require you to think in order to succeed", Why not come to a Beach LAN? I'd make a suggestion for H2 or H3 but I don't know of events for those. I did hear a h2 one was in the works in Vegas.
  4. To be honest, I don't even know what your take is on competitive Halo. From what I can tell, you feel Halo is dead, classic Halo is better and all console gaming is a joke. (including classic halo?) Yet, you seem to always be talking down to casuals from a competitive or an "ahem actually" stand point. Do you actually feel there is a version of Halo that lives up to whatever standards you have for "competitive gaming"?
  5. I can't look right now but will dig for it after work. It might be from a twitter exchange I had with a developer but I swore it was the opposite reasoning. I believe that they chose to have the reticle lower so players could focus more on the horizon than the ground, as if players were supposed to look past the reticle.
  6. Did you know that MLG used to and upload all of the rounds for H2 and H3 on the main stage as well as I believe another featured station? Back in the day I used to watch tons and tons of amateur gameplay from the likes of Type Z, Dookie Blasters, Pokemon Breeders etc. These early rounds usually would have 2 povs from each team, at least in 2006 and 2007. I don't know how many piss poor 20-15 kill amateur lock out games I sat through. Sure, players couldn't stream and watch scrims but the LAN tournament gameplay were available to everyone. If me and my amateur ass friends studied those religiously than I'm sure other pro teams were doing the same. I actually am not sure if there has been a period (I missed out on Reach) where more amateur and random tournament POVs were available. You can watch films in H5 which is great but I wish I could go back to the last tournament, and pick some random series and watch between a couple of POVs between them. It honestly must have been a nightmare to organize and upload. edit: RIP MLG Gameroom. It was the best.
  7. I've had a lot of fun playing her. I generally would rather play a character that requires some aim skill than any that are melee based but brigette has been a blast.
  8. I'm sure there were a couple other games that had this but I'm sure this function went away ASAP, but Unreal Championship let you edit your online name to whatever you wanted and could include symbols. You had your Xbox Live Gamertag that would connect online but you'd display the in game profile name you made. Thats when I first learned about clans and saw the likes of nbk and type z back then. I had a lot of early XBL games but only really remember it existing on this one game.
  9. Thought I'd clarify on this portion. Basically the majority of XBL titles prior to Halo 2 were giant server browsers that let you search for what you wanted to play. Not all were so expansive where you could search terms but it was certainly easier to find those "fun" modes through the optimatch system than it was in Halo 2. In Halo 2 you'd have to make friends with groups that you knew played those fun modes or go around joining lobbies off of your friends list or clans. Clans were great, and I loved the minor/major playlists after those lists were removed they basically became a 2nd friends list to find FFAs/4v4's. Halo 2's match making system was one of the more robust systems at the time. What it did best was allow you to search playlists/modes that would get you a fair and competitive game rather quickly. It comes down to a matter of preference. Do you value the luxury of the matchmaking system over having the ability to see every/any game that is available to join? I would bounce from room to room on older titles trying to find a more competitive lobby, but also took way less time finding the fun modes.
  10. It's cause you guys never added a section for Shadowrun. Place would have been poppin... For me I just simply don't care about any of this ninja stuff. I'll recognize his success and skill but I'm just not a big fan.
  11. I'm pretty sure it was him. A lot of Reach's stuff was influenced by Shadowrun and he was responsible for weapon and magic balance on that game.
  12. It's mind-blowing to me that this is the case. I guess I take for granted that we have people in our community willing to thoroughly test these issues instead of just going off memory or feel.
  13. I said that because I haven't played on it. Sounds like you are doing the same. However this already exists and others played on it and said they like it. The ones that don't didn't really give any reasons other than it's different. There are people that want to play rat race over downrush that are ogs. Opinions widely vary on maps from players that attend h1 LANs. Ok so I see your argument is it's a staple of competitive play. You do realize that for tournaments that Dere and HeH are constantly argued over and vetoed?
  14. cT had a version of dere that had camo bottom mid a long time ago. I never got a chance to play it but it sounds good on paper. He said a lot of people were opposed to it, but am not sure the specific reasons. I think most dislike dere but I enjoy it. It's a map a lot of ppl seem to skip now, but each LAN group kinda has their own maps they avoid. Some OGs still are upset we don't play rat race. A few of us in our group skip BC. Yeah dere is a bit unfair but I do enjoy finally getting that top run in after getting pummeled downlow. There's a number of tricks you can do to get it back, but if you don't know any of them at all then it feels like an endless spawn trap
  15. Tbh it sounds like someone who doesn't actively follow halo and just reads about it from articles or something... Esports is some crazy business oriented thing now a days. When it was just "competitive gaming" it felt so carefree. W/e.. I'm sure I'll be going to beach LANs long after that guy runs his course in that position.
  16. I have no idea what to expect for h1 or who Sean is. Can anyone shed some light onto this? There's a rather dedicated team who has made serious progress on getting Halo PC to function as closely to Halo console as possible. That would be ideal for me but I just assume custom edition is another form of halo pc?
  17. Seems like it comes down to a few things. The game plays best when all 4 people are knowledgeable of the meta. Few people have put in the time to learn the new maps even to get the basics down let alone the meta. To be fair some maps are certainly a lot better than others but people just didn't want to spend 10 years figuring out the new stuff. Now that training mode exists, im not sure what the problem is. I felt like a kid again when we played the new maps. We played like 7 in a row that I never played on. Felt like a true sequel
  18. Most of the LAN community seems to dislike playing any of the new maps. Certain groups are more open to a few of them. Even downrush which is a mostly favored map gets constant complaints. With training mode at least people are figuring out the meta faster but I wish they were played more often.
  19. Random tidbit but Clockwork is responsible for the "Ogre Twitch" as far as I know.
  20. This is how we all feel when you post.
  21. It was prob a mistake from Tashi but I'd take this as some high praise.. he tweeted that wonderboy stepped up his observing for this game. Wonderboy did give you credit but your work is certainly being noticed. Good stuff man
  22. I wonder how many innocent kids had "borrowed" their parents credit card to watch back then lol
  23. MLG couldn't even show the FFA round 1 on the foxtrot stream. The oversights of this company knows know bounds. /s Ffs we have two quality streams. I really liked omniview with UGC and all but having a bravo stream that's being manned by infinity has been legit. Your time put into working the observer mode is making the stream much more entertaining than the quad view.
  24. I think it's kinda ironic that Valaea posts some complaints and Clap responds within 5 minutes. Meanwhile hundreds of posts were made regarding ESL's events and we got radio silence for a year.
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