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  1. More to how to play the game at a high level and not the fact that concepts exist. Ninja for example apparently knows of "concepts" but writes off the game completely citing how everything is a 3 shot and nades are nukes. Valid complaints from someone who cited his experience as "used to play against my brother and he would come into the room and punch me every time I 3 shotted him. There are people that play a lot of CE whether it was back in the day or online on MCC and when we LAN with them, they can name randoms and know how to quick camo but when it comes to the gameplay itself they aren't doing them correctly or able to apply their knowledge. Whats crazy about CE is I'm nowhere near the top. You don't need to be an "aficionado" exactly but I guess it would help put some value behind the discussions. For example, I used to play a tiny bit of CS back in the day when I had a PC. A lot of my friends from town played and there were players that graduated 5-6 years ahead of us that were really good. I forget if they were pro but I remember they played in a league we couldn't join. My one friend still plays with them and is constantly competing but back in the day, he taught me a lot. He showed me nade tricks, strats for specific rounds and how to fire properly along with sending me a bunch of resources. I would say that I spent a good amount of time learning this stuff and practicing it but when it came to applying everything he taught me in real time, I seemed to be oblivious to both the overall meta and some minor nuances to the game. I would say I played for maybe 6-8 months in 2007. I certainly have no problem admitting that I'm pretty oblivious to how high-level CS actually works, even though I understand a lot of the game itself. No need to apologize though.
  2. Especially in the earlier years of the MLG forums, Elitism was largely attributed to CE players constantly talking down to others. I feel that has changed largely as the ones still playing that game are ones that often don't visit forums of social media in general. To be honest I figured ARRRRRG was aware of CE's depth/nuances/meta. I wasn't aware he was oblivious to it. I guess it's no different than the opinions of recent pros who claim the game is a 3shot fest without having any actual experience playing it in a meaningful way. The melee system in CE makes a lot of sense to me coming from someone who has competed in each title. Nades are definitely attributed towards being nukes, but again the only people I hear complaining are the ones that have very little experience with the game at a competitive level. I really love the nade physics in CE minus plasmas. Frags have a long fuse time combined with a large blast radius allowing skilled players to avoid a lot of nades that are thrown all willy-nilly.. meaning they're banking them or bouncing them instead of throwing sliders. Regarding melees though yes I do feel CE is the best in the series, but I do want to stress @@phil's point. This happens pretty frequently in CE and is something I rarely find in any other games. Halo 2 had a ridiculous lunge, and while it was possible to duck them, you mostly just forced your character into melee range resulting in traded damage. BXR and BLB helped alleviate this problem to an extent but isn't my ideal solution either. Halo 3 was just nonsense in my opinion and if I'm not mistaken I think the rest of the series kept it similar to H3 right? Non-stop trades seems like a concept where everyone wins/loses and is mindless.
  3. Kinda like Beach LAN 5.5 but with new players? I would love for that to happen but it would be tricky because it seems like the newer players are more likely to back out last minute for stuff like this. That's a good reason too. I went over a few in the h5 thread a while back. Time/money is a large factor. Even if you had it would you want to spend vacation time to LAN? There are tons of valid reasons. If there are new players out there that are interested, they have to start somewhere. Yes there are very skilled players there that would beat me 100s in a row, but there's also 40 other players there that can be mixed around to have fun series. BL5 I played walker and unit probably the most and no matter who I teamed with it was a ton of fun and very close. Skill barrier is certainly an issue but depending on how motivated someone is to play and learn, Beach LAN is a hyperbolic time chamber of improvement. I learned more there in a week than I did in the previous decade.
  4. Sorry it seemed like an odd question to you. Other people ended up answering it with some valuable input. I'd say that for this specific forum, it's not uncommon that many people here are players who competed at one point in the series. You have been here for quite some time and seem to put emphasis on competitive merit/mechanics so I assumed you were an old competitive halo player. I end up asking lots of old and current competitive players about it and gauge their interest. If you are just here because you are a fan of the series in general and are just hoping for a good halo 6 release that's fine too. I honestly don't remember but I believe time/resources was one of the very valid reasons someone might not be interested in attending. While I often promote the game and praise it like crazy, it definitely has its flaws. I'd say it's aged well with graphics/art-style but in terms of esports, definitely not. Even with NHE but who knows where it will go.
  5. It's less about me wanting you to say what I want to hear and more the fact that I addressed/quoted you directly in two posts that never received a response. I mean I asked your interest in halo in general and then after that never got responses about Beach LAN specifically. Like I said others ended up answering on their own with plenty of valid reasons. However, those people often aren't talking down to others about competitive merit and game mechanics so I was very interested in what is stopping you from going specifically. So it's a combo of the game running at 30fps and the fact that you are playing against people who never stopped playing since launch that's stopping you. I think that's fair enough it just is weird to see such constant complaints about Halo when this exists as an outlet. Not saying the complaints aren't valid, just trying to see if there is an actual desire to play a form of Halo you might enjoy. If I had to guess it seems like most of the enjoyment actually comes from the ability to talk down about the series on a website that is primarily focused on it.
  6. Remember when I asked you a couple times about why someone who promotes proper competitive FPS on a Halo website seemingly has no interest in attending Beach LAN? I mean you can just cherry pick and respond to insults if that is the kind of discussion you prefer. The way you post often seems to invite that anyway so maybe that's all you're really looking for. It was cool to see others respond with valid points even though I asked you specifically.
  7. I wouldn't stack all them together because thats just way too many points, but sure maybe it's an extreme example but using that exploding saw with a speed boost did very much feel like I was using haste. Would you say just a speed boost + the answer is close to Haste? I again think haste works best in games that already have a fast base movement speed and strong individual power. While I understand that Haste allows you to move and shoot, it seems odd to me that we want a mechanic that increases the speed so much of a player in a game where everyone else is very slow. I'm willing to try it. I feel like in Halo 3 I've messed around with custom power ups that increase movement speed but that didn't increase fire rate.
  8. If they're shooting a pistol or DMR it's a lot easier to read the damage per shot from Haste, but imagine if that player was coming at you with a SAW. Yeah, you can still figure out the damage on paper but that's something a little to tricky to tell in your head as you engage that fight. I've cheesed warzone assault a bunch using speed boosts, damage boosts and the saw that does exploding damage. Besides a couple other cheap strategies, it's the sleaziest feeling I've gotten out of Halo 5 by exploiting these abilities. Yeah, I know that I am calling them in and not acquiring them on the map, but these items seem to work really well in fast paced arena shooters where there is a lot of focus on individual power/speed. Halo to me, especially Halo CE is reverse quake where you are slow and strong rather than fast and weak. The weapon kill times already dictate the pace of the game in CE and the rest of the series is slower so I would say there is more of an advantage to getting those items in later titles. Especially when they are so focused on teamwork rather than individual power.. I'm open to discussing ideas but hesitant to throw haste or other power ups from other area shooters without really trying to change them to fit Halo first. It might not be super dynamic for OS but I would say the power ups should change your play style. OS is a great tool to make aggressive plays. It has potential to win a fight if you are down in numbers or obtain map position. You might not be playing "smarter" but you can be more aggressive. Camo allows you to be a lot more passive and sneaky in your decision making. I do agree these power ups give the player a massive advantage (makes them better) but still requires a slight change in play style if you want to be effective. Besides Halo CE, I would agree that finding the camo guy isn't fun. Most of the other games have a weaker camo and weaker players in general and besides having a constant visual on the guy it's pretty hard to tell where he might be heading. As odd as it sounds I really do enjoy hunting the camo player in CE. Hang Em High has a ton of variables involved and places to hide. Say the opponent picks up camo as it spawns and his teammate is dead. He either goes to camo ramp and gets the random, which is a very predictable move, or moves out into the open, letting his partner get spawn fucked allowing camo to escape. People shoot that random all the time just to see if thats where he moved. The team that is trying to kill the camo guy is looking for a lot of things depending on the time and where his partner spawns. If the partner spawns camo ramp than camo guy is still close to that area near blue. Is top power up available? If so maybe he is going back camo corner to nade it. Did his partner get the random but you shot camo ramp and nobody was there? Well maybe he got the back camo corner random. Parter spawns red pistol? He moved out either towards mid or red base. Was camo guy weak? If so he might end up getting the bottom mid health pack that way he doesn't die to one nade. Is it the 2,5,8 minute camo etc? A lot of times that camo seems to be used to truck over towards red base and go up top to get the fresh 3:00/6:00/9:00 etc power up. This creates some diverse decisions just on Hang em alone. I don't mean to cite my experience with H1 as a summary for the entire series. I think overall things can be improved. CE might have me biased but I like how overshield is a powerful tool but at the same time you can die very quickly while having it. Everything in the game is powerful and it helps nullify that advantage. I like a lot of mutators and stuff in games. As shitty as Nexuiz was I thoroughly enjoyed it. I mean some of those mutators were really far out there and unbalanced but they tend to work fine in true arena shooters. Most of them effected the overall game but there were ton of them that just effected the individual. One of the more interesting ones in that game to me was the medic feature. Similar to Ana in overwatch but when that was activated you could shoot your teammates to heal them.
  9. One thing I valued in Halo was the fact that damage was consistent based upon what weapon you were firing. Haste and Quad Damage changes that up quite a bit, and these are power-ups I am fine with if the game features a fast movement speed and quick kill times in general. You can still run or still rail the guy with the power up but in Halo you don't have that luxury. To me it sounds odd that these are potentially better options and that Camo is considered bad in the context of Halo. Camo varies throughout the Halo's but its one of the more interesting dynamics in Halo CE. Sounds like to most here it's some get out of jail free card when from my experience with H1 that is not the case. I think CE has one of the most effective camps in the series with Halo 5 getting the closest, and reading what I read questions how you guys approach a situation when camo is picked up by the other team.
  10. I can't remember what his tag was before but someone on my list was able to change their name to "HCS" when xbox released the old gamertags.. Is that someone here?
  11. I do agree with that now and really only know of some bad experiences that basically lead up to whatever point in time Microsoft stopped charging indy dev to patch their game on the Arcade. That was the last major thing I remember devs being displeased with.
  12. Shadowrun was first designed to be a RPG shooter with a campaign. Then the art style was scrapped, then they changed the engine to Halo's when M$ wanted it to be a competitive shooter. Then, they asked FASA to not to make a console game and instead make it a PC game that had to be rushed to ship with Vista. It was apparently FASA's idea to not scrap the console and instead make it cross platform. Not saying the game would have been a wide success if M$ didn't step in but I can't say any of their influence helped those developers. I do act like they are different because I choose to compare them past a point where they are items that are on map pick ups on set timers. I agree they are the same there but if thats where we draw the line than this discussion is rather pointless. Again I cited Halo CE as an example because I think the rockets work best there, even though there is a "180" glitch that prevents you from turning and shooting that dislike. Rockets are more balanced in that game compared to other versions of Halo. If you panic and look at the ground and shoot a rocket, you can die. If you panic and look at the ground and throw a bubble shield you get a protective shield that allows you to live. The trip mine might be a better comparisons since it's an explosive, but I don't think you are looking into the differences deeply enough if you feel they are 1 to 1 identical.
  13. I've heard that they have improved over time, but I hear about how rushed Halo 2 was, how horrible the development cycle of Shadowrun was, and lots of issues with indie/arcade developers and beg to differ. This is mostly around the 360's life cycle but it seemed like they stepped in a lot with some ridiculous demands.
  14. There was a pretty decent discussion on this in the Halo 5 thread.. (just typing those words out feels weird) Yes, you can view them in that way but you also should really dissect each piece of equipment/weapon etc. Rockets are a very powerful and somewhat relatively easy weapon where as the difficulty comes from being able to line up and time a shot perfectly. I really enjoy Halo CE's balance with rockets. They're very very powerful, so it's very likely to kill yourself and there is a long delay between firing. A bubble shield is something that requires very little aim or awareness to use. It's possible to just hear the projectile of a rocket being fired and just spam the button without seeing where it was fired from. Equipment generally wasn't very hard to use or had much depth going for it in terms of it's basic use. However, grav lifting a bubble shield, or doing some sort of equipment jump etc was pretty cool.
  15. When they made Shadowrun backwards compatible I'd say 75% of all the responses were "Did they turn the servers back on?"... The servers were never shut off. I didn't play the game at launch myself but at some point that rumor must have spread around so widespread that it actually effected the games population.
  16. It's right around that time I make my thread detailing the annual Beach LAN event. I will be updating this thread and cleaning it up as we get closer towards the LAN. For those who are not familiar with this event.. Beach LAN is LAN/Vacation/Tournament all balled up in one event that spans throughout the course of a week. Roughly 50-60 of the worlds best CE players get together outside of Tampa Florida to play competitive 2v2, the games premiere competitive mode. This is the 7th annual event hosted by @@McDick which has been established as the largest and generally the highest skilled event to attend. A big shout out to him for creating this event as well as @@Beyond Entertainment for being the home of competitive Halo and giving us a platform to share our event. The Beach LAN: http://www.beach-lan.com / Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/beachlan Beach LAN 7 Tournament Format/Rules: BL7 Attendees: Beach LAN 5 2v2 Grand Finals - Beach LAN 5.5 Invitational - Beach LAN 6 Bracket - http://challonge.com/s3flf7gr Beach LAN 6 Thread - http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/15304-beach-lan-6-5000-halo-ce-tournament-812-819-powered-by-weedmaps/page-1 Beach LAN 5 Bracket - http://challonge.com/buhqzr09 Beach LAN 5 Thread - http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/13065-beach-lan-5-3500-halo-ce-tournament-powered-by-weedmaps/ Equipment : We will be using Original Xbox's and a mixture of Samsung and Panasonic CRTV's. The consoles have been modded to include Neutral Host Edition. I consider this to be similar to Melee's "Project M" in a sense. The community had modded the game to make it more competitive for LAN environments. For those not aware, even on LAN Halo CE has a very noticeable host advantage. Some very serious work has been done to make a third box the "neutral host" and allow both players to connect to essentially creating a dedicated sever. This cuts tournament series down in half by not having to replay the series by switching on/off host. This is a huge deal and an enormous thanks goes out to all who had contributed! You can find out all of the changes on their website which includes stuff like a talking in game timer as well as removing certain noise cues that the players sitting across you could hear! Neutral Host Edition V7 Change Log: Build #: Previous Beta v6 Updates Build #: http://www.halo1final.com/
  17. I don't have a PC and this game isn't going to change that but I think its cool there is some outlet available for people to get their fix of Classic Halo. As much as I loved competing in H3 and enjoy the game casually I still would rather play Halo CE or Halo 2 over Halo 3. It does sound like they made some promising fixes though. I know its a lot easier said than done but I've always stressed that people who feel so dearly about their preferred version of Halo should do something about it. I'm aware how bad it is to play H3 on 360 due to lack of population and the amount of modders, but it's nice to see that there is some large scale outlet for all you die hard Halo 3 fans, just like the CE guys have Neutral Host Edition edit: didn't realize my post came across negative. I'm saying that this is a good thing now that we have this. Now people have something to go to and play that is classic, where as before they didn't have any really good options.
  18. @@Silos @@MATCLAN you guys getting that practice in for beach LAN7? :P
  19. Not sure who was the driving force in getting that CE station there but it's great to see it. My guess is Tashi since I know he has been accumulating some older equipment. Hope this trend continues, idc which halo game it is but I already made a big post about it and can't stress it enough. Stage looks great. Is there a pic of the bravo stage?
  20. Nice to see them have some side stations set up. I can't stress enough how much I think benefits the event when those attending have extra stuff to do that weekend. Especially when players are knocked out early imo it really makes the event worth the trip despite a poor performance. I think meadows 08 had a station for guitar hero 3, rock band with different costumes, a booth for street fighter and other stuff. Just walking around events like that was such a blast.
  21. For BL5 we ran pools that seeded into a double elimination bracket. I liked that a lot better as there were a few teams in certain pools who lost to 2 teams in pool play but beat the other "top 2" teams in bracket play. It was pretty time consuming though and hard to stay on schedule. For BL6 we ran this current format where top 2 moved on and everyone else was just eliminated. It seemed like the ones who really favored this format were the ones who really felt strongly they were going to make it out. Mostly everyone seemed to agree to it when it was mentioned that it would save a lot of time. A few people changed their minds when they were upset in pools lol. I hope to be able to convince the players to revert back to not being eliminated from pools but we shall see.. If time is not a factor I would much rather see teams not eliminated straight from pools, but time is always a factor.
  22. While anyone can attend, it's best to make sure you have someone willing to play with you as well as seeing if there's another 2 that you can play against to give you good games You should know spawns, have screen watching experience, and know how to at the very least nade camo down on damny. I'd say just making sure you have a partner is the big one. So much of what happens to me in the game is directly 100% influenced by you so there's more potential frustration out there between teams. Avoid teaming with top players, as they do have steep expectations in skill/making the right play. With that said you should be fine. The skill gap definitely varies though. If you know the basics than there should be 4 ppl that can create good games. I am always down to team with anyone who is willing to listen and learn.
  23. That's fair enough. Like I said, there are many valid reasons to not attend an event. Lack of skill is one, low funds is another, not using vacation time to game is another. I can name a few more. I am nowhere near the top players when I first attended and still am not, but I do find it fun to have that opportunity to play them. It just seems like some of the more vocal people who enjoy classic Halo also have the least amount of desire to make it happen. Look at the people who LAN Halo CE. Look at the group that continues to play Halo 2 online. It seems like the ones who really want that experienced back will go out of their way to get it. While Beach LAN is big and has a bunch of highly skilled players, there are other groups and regions throughout where the skill level varies. Thanks for the insight though. While there are plenty of valid reasons, it just seems like the more vocal ones regarding classic Halo and competition are the ones that have no interest in attending or learning how to play what consider to be the most competitive Halo experience. It sucks to see that, especially with all the new maps for Halo CE.
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