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  1. From what I remember all FFA was running on Friday except for the Championship FFA bracket which took place late Saturday nights. Final Boss didn't need to play in any Open Brackets because of their seed, so yeah they didn't even have to touch the sticks until 5/6pm on Saturday. I don't think any of them even entered the FFA except for Strongside. I think that SR open was pretty much all on Friday night and with a small amount of teams. They capped it at 16 but like most events, Team passes sold =/= teams attended so it was probably like 12 teams. Champ took place sometime Saturday. Events also used to start early friday and end pretty late each night due to the amount of players. The only teams that could have possibly swung this were the top-seeded teams that didn't have to play through open rounds. Even still it probably was a pain. It's not like they split their time 50/50 either Halo 2 was the bread n butter of the circuit. Definitely helped that they were allowed to team with developer/playtester that had like 4 years more experience on the game than anyone else. In a dream world, MLG would hold Philly 05 again. What is one player's dream world though can be a tournament organizer's worst nightmare. I agree that this has a lot of potential to become something big. It really needs to be supported by the players though. I'm sure the amount of players that show up will determine whether this is something the offer again or not. $10,000 is not quite HCS 4v4 levels of money but for 2v2 that's pretty awesome, especially as something that could have just offered as free play on the side. A throwback season would be even better than a one-off event in my opinion as it gives players a goal to work towards after their event should they lose. Beach LAN 7 sold out weeks ago and a large number of names on that list are people going for the first time. Some of these players don't really even attend small scale LANs. We didn't even advertise any prize money despite it being less than previous years and it still filled up fast. I can only imagine what can happen with a game like 3 that was/is largely more popular and accessible. Besides Neighbor and Best Man, what other potential top teams do we know of?
  2. I haven't been very active in competitive Halo lately but caught the stream this weekend and those were some great series. Splyce is unreal, it's weird to view Tox as an underdog going into those series. Snakebite's a top tier professional when it comes to interviews. I really enjoyed watching the new maps and oddball even though oddball as it was refreshing. Sanctuary is Sanctuary and even though this is Halo 5 I still feel like I know exactly what to expect. Looking forward to seeing what Halo 6 brings. I think 3 years of Halo 5 has been enough especially when there have been very minimal changes/updates to the HCS maps/modes/rules etc. With the first two years running poorly that just makes this more of an uphill battle than ever. Just saw the H3 2v2 tournament for $10,000... I definitely have mixed feelings. 1) I feel this is important to support because it shows 343 there is still interest in the "classic Halo" (term varies by player) vibe. I'm not sure if there has been any classic Halo tournaments ran by 343. There was a Howies Gaming Shack tournament for Halo 2, esports arena for Halo 2, Beach LANs for Halo CE etc. All of those are cool but this is the first potentially "big" event. 2) The elitist in me wants that to be Halo CE. If this was going to be a 4v4 tournament, go ahead and play 2/3/Reach.. Those games play better in my opinion at a 4v4 level and its competitive history is cemented around that. I would assume a Halo 3 2v2 though is expected to have the biggest turnout as well as being a more accessible title overall. 3) I have reached out to everyone possible numerous times regarding supporting classic titles at large events, having side stations or tournaments, community involvement from those niche communities, and supporting Beach LAN in general which is something many of them expressed interest in. At one point they were communicating with me often and being transparent and now I haven't heard anything back in like 8 months. Not sure if I burned a bridge I wasn't aware of. Anyone here that is interested in this event or any future events needs to attend or watch or promote this. It's a great step towards getting more classic Halo in down the line. Microsofts check-book knows no bounds, so its possible they are able to do more of these but at the very least high turn out might result in having side stations at future events from now on. tl;dr - Last event was dope. This h3 tournament needs to be supported as much as possible by the community. Def disappointed that it's not H1, but this is the biggest opportunity for us to get support for some older titles.
  3. Really? Can't watch at work right now but I didn't know Faruq was with MLG still. I love me some battlebots though and he kills it there.
  4. Ideally how long would Haste last? I feel one minor thing we are neglecting is the lack of regenerating health/shields in arena games. While the RoF is increased which would help offensively, what prevents someone from just running away to regain their shields with Haste? I mostly agree with Sitri's points here, they seem similar to how I felt the last time this was brought up. I can just imagine if Haste was in Halo 2 with Dual Wielding... I would be forced to learn the TTK of each scenario which already seemed like it was widely different depending on the weapons. Sure, a "skill" is a "skill" but that's not the one I want to put emphasis on.
  5. I like comparing the mechanics throughout the series. I feel the spawns can be compared similar to the comparison of hitscan vs projectile weapons. Halo CE's spawn system allows the team respawning to directly control and influence their spawn. Players have much more specific influence over their spawns compared to later Halo's. The offensive team is not doing anything physically to spawn trap you in Halo CE. You are just not doing anything defensively to prevent it. Other Halo spawn systems benefit the team that is alive more so. The dead team has no real influence of preventing the spawn trap. That's why "hiding" is so beneficial. When you have low numbers you get snowballed. The team that is dead is at the mercy of how the offensive team decides to position themselves. This is also why people often get angry with their partners at LANs for Halo CE. Very very very rarely do they blame the game. If you spawn your teammate out in the middle at LAN, they aren't going to complain about the system they are going to get mad that you chose to spawn them there. tl;dr - Halo CE gives the defensive team the ability to not get spawn killed. (by allowing the alive teammate to maneuver in many different ways to get his teammate a safe spawn) Other Halo's give the offensive team the ability to spawn kill (by heavily emphasising positioning and negative weight through either sight lines [later halos right?] nade's being throw etc.)
  6. I would love them to come back but its a bit of wishful thinking. Some thoughts I have on it is that the score limit should be played till 50. Like cloud said there are major swings and it's more than just dere. Priz and Hang Em can have huge ones too. Imagine if Midship Slayer went till 30. I mean the gameplay doesn't exactly change but how many major runs were there at the 40 kill mark? It is possible for Halo CE to have updated elements but we need the source code to make this stuff possible. I can't even begin to explain the number of hurdles that were overcome to get as far as we did. At one point in time, we thought we were hard-limited to 13 maps without the source code till @Relyx figured it out. We now have a timer on screen. As far as I know, there is no way to get the score up on the score on the hud but again Relyx figured out how to get it on the stream overlay. It's honestly insane how much progress we made on this game without the code. I mean it wasn't until Beach LAN 5 did we add a black screen with a 3-second countdown ensuring both teams loaded in at the same time. Spawns are definitely tricky but is something that I think the commentary helps with and something I think split-screen helps with. I think only having two POVs would help the casual viewer or the viewer who isn't super experienced with CE. Once again though with all four PoV's displayed I still have no issue following. Sure, I am more experienced with the game but there are numerous times on stream where it's like 1:45 and Hard Way or Knighty will tell you to watch for "Player X on Bottom Right screen to try and contest the camo rockets" That statement alone takes a few seconds yet directs you to the next 20 seconds of action. Each year I ask these questions and hope to get some good feedback. I'm sure it's hard for me to relate to someone watching it for the first time, and am sure it can be a bit overwhelming. I like to think we're taking some good steps to make it more viewer friendly. I really feel the commentary helps more than anything.
  7. What's the worst part? I certainly don't think viewers are able to tell everything that's happening on the screen but I think for the most part having one team's POV and having a good commentary goes a long way for new viewers. Listen to some of Hardway's commentary where he is constantly pushing what to look for on the upcoming cycle. I believe his style makes it much easier for viewers to see a bigger picture.
  8. I'm sure some discords can be like that but this one never seemed like that to me. From what I can tell a summary of what goes on there has been posted here for people to discuss. So the information is still there but you can't provide feedback to them. The trade-off to me is that they are directly communicating in a platform that houses hundreds of dedicated players from modders to devs to competitive players to map makers to PC players etc. There seems to be some solid back and forth discussions from both parties who are willing to look into things in depth rather than base things on nostalgia, assumptions, or just make generalizing blanket statements about specific games/mechanics. These forums are a mixed bag of opinions. I would rather them focus on Halo CE stuff in the Halo CE discord, Halo 2 stuff with the Halo 2 discord etc. There are some Halo 3 players out there that are die hard competitive players. I enjoy the game but personally am not sure why they don't enjoy CE 2's, but if they are trying to fix Halo 3 I would much rather have them try and communicate with those players than me.
  9. I can tell a bit of a difference on Halo 3. I'm asking just how big this difference is compared to Halo CE or Halo 2. I know Halobugs.com exists, and to me, it seems like Halo 3 is nowhere near as bad in that regards. edit: a bit unrelated to my first post/quote but I'm barely ever on MCC, in this thread or in the discords. I did just pop into the H1 discord and it does look like theres some serious effort there to get all of these games in the right track. I don't believe it will be a 1:1 of OG but the questions being asked by 343 show me that they're putting effort into all areas of improvement.
  10. I get that there are differences between 360 Halo 3 and MCC Halo 3, but how big are those differences when directly compared to how much different OG CE or OG H2 is to Halo CE? I've played some hardcore and am always stuck playing Halo 3 but when I play those settings they feel very very similar to how I remember 360 Halo 3. Halo CE in no way shape or form resembles LAN CE or even XBC. I'm sure that Halo 3's base population is higher than the other games, but I don't doubt that a very large part of the population interested in H2 and CE stopped playing because the vista ports aren't close to what they wanted. I mean CE players were dealing with "anti-aim" that was literally pushing your crosshairs off your opponent like repelling magnets.
  11. Gotcha. I mean I do agree with what you are saying. I never sat down and tested thoroughly the various quake models and their jumping animations but I swear there were times where I might shoot a limb and it does nothing because it's not tied to the models hitbox. I don't really believe that is an issue really in today's games so there's really no need to enforce it. If they include something like this, great, if they don't I don't really care either. I will say though that for Halo 5 in particular that when I was competing, a teammate of mine would always use the helmet that had the giant unicorn horn. There were a handful of times where I was going over game film/scrims and noticed that teams would spot him while he was crouching staying alive behind something waiting for us to spawn.
  12. I mean while I do feel like my opinion is a bit out of touch I don't believe I'll be convinced that having no forced model option is objectively better. It seems like the argument against having to look at someone's cosmetic choices are "so what? it's not giving anyone an advantage or breaking the game. It's that person's choice to use what they want" I honestly feel like I could apply that same sentence in favor of forcing models. It's not a mandatory setting but an option if people want it. Players who have unique customizations will still see them on their screen but have literally no way of telling if their opponent is seeing their fancy armor or a stock model. Since that player has no idea how does that even effect them? All those skins you are talking about still exist and would be equipped. Would you not buy that pro skin for $1,000 knowing the other person may or may not see it? If this seriously changes a players mind then I'm not sure dropping thousands on a pro skin is worth it unless you are literally paying money for the attention. Sure, it makes developers more money. I understand that, but that's not my argument.
  13. @@Ramirez77 I can't really dispute that beyond my personal opinion and I'm already in the boat where I don't care about my skins of if anyone else can see them. I never picked my armor or skin based off what others are going to be looking at, even though I know they will. I've always picked what I liked and never really thought about what others are looking at. Maybe others here can chime in. Does this really matter? Nobody would be able to tell who has the force model setting on. It could be everyone in the lobby or it could be nobody. I think my opinion is a bit different or out of touch. It makes no sense to me that someone given the ability to customize their own look gets that upset that their opponents have the option to normalize the models.
  14. Theres a few different ways to look at this I guess, from most positive influence to most innovative influence etc. I'd put someone like Zyos near the top of innovative simply for the his combing over of the games individual and team strategies. There are many others but in terms of a positive influence? Walshy hands down. I've met him like 8 times over the course of 12 years and there is never a second where he isn't humble and happy to talk with fans. While there are a lot others I think Snakebite is next even though I didn't get a chance to talk other than introduce myself. Called Dadbite for a reason. While I believe everyone should act professional, these are teens playing a video game so I try to cut them some slack. It's hard when snakebite embodies this professional attitude so naturally to remember not to hold others to such high standards. While maybe not influencing the shape of halo (except S.S) I seriously think all the casters deserve to be on here. If your not sure why, go to an event and talk to any of them. They are some of the busiest in the entire venue and they always are friendly. While maybe other pros haven't been nice online 100% of the time, there are others that you can talk to at an event that are down to earth. Pistola is one of the greatest guys out there. I've given him grief for a few comments but deep down he's probably got one of the biggest hearts. RoyBox fits that bill as well. Ended up taking to Roy not long after a loss and while he wasn't happy with that he was still very upbeat to talk to. I think that shows a lot. I talked to ninja after a loss and he literally threw a temper tantrum infont of people. To be honest it's hard to say with some newer pros because I don't see their personalities as much as I did in the h2 and h3 days when MLG was running in depth player profiles. I think that everyone's list here should have Karma on it. If not go and watch his player profile. There were tons of others that were great influences. Bonfire / ItWasLuck were two of the nicest on the entire circuit. Lil Poison showed the word that kids could dominate teens and adults. Xena showed that girls could dominate the boys and placed pro bracket. TeH Bawney showed me that there were no such things as limitations. The man had one arm and was quad shotting pros.. The placings are far from first but I think these people had some great influence onto others. I really wish I knew more about current pros.
  15. Why not allow people the option of both? Let players have all their cosmetics and options but have an option to force default model on your own screen. I really liked this feature in quake, especially since some character models had crazy jumping animations making them harder to hit. It would be nice to be able to force model and remove your gun model as an option if wanted.
  16. Whoaaaaa thousands? How's the local halo 3 scene doing? Maybe I should completely and blindly base my opinion around that?
  17. I love playing 4's on the new maps but it's a shame that there's no way we will see those on MCC. Love this list though and would be more than happy if this is how they implemented it.
  18. I have no problems with the playlist idea that postums had. I was against making all or the majority of the queue's as cross game playlists. As you can see from posts like Supermelee's there are Halo 3 players that just have literal melt-downs when their game isn't picked. It leads to constant frustrating games where people quit out and slowly removes all motivation to even find games. While I never wanted BTB to be Halos premiere competitive mode, I absolutely loved try-harding in those modes in h2/h3. Had a 33 in major clan match, 38 in BTB h2, 50 in H3 etc and it was a ridiculous amount of fun being able to play a mode like that with a mix of my real life friends who weren't good enough for MLG and some others who would compete. That's one reason I really liked warzone assault. ranked swat is a waste of a playlist imo. Am I the only one that hears the name "Postums" and shutters a bit thinking of Bungie's Lukems? Lukems sucked. I know nothing about Postum's personally but it's the first thing I think of when I hear his name.
  19. I'm late to the party but this is awesome. Congratulations on this acquisition and thanks for continuing to be the forums the home of competitive Halo!
  20. There are numerous changes that players agree can be changed. I'm sure there are purists that are fine a lot of it. For example, I'd be fine removing the jump delay to make the controls feel better all together for others. I myself am used to it and fine with it. The crouch lock when throwing a grenade is another example. This notion that we think the game is untouchable seems like it comes from a crowd that is incredibly unfamiliar with the game or community. It's also untrue that only players who started with the game will like it the most, as others have already mentioned. I can post my story but we all know its gonna stupid long. If I'm not mistaken Cujjer is on the younger side but is a great player. I'm 27 and there are others around my age or younger. Most of the people who actually started with that game competitively are in their mid 30's. King Nick came to Beach LAN 5 and was either 18 or 19 at the time. This is a guy who put the vast majority of his time into competiting in every Halo 5 event as possible and is still a very good CE player. Batchford is another young one. How old is Bobby Blitz? I imagine he's younger than me and absolutely destroyed at this last Beach LAN.
  21. This was awesome and I can't believe how fast it all went. Devilman's hospitality is unbelievable. The set up is amazing. The people who came out were all great. I love this game to death from a competitive standpoint but first and foremost I want to have fun. I rarely have fun if I team with someone who has a shitty attitude and everyone there was great. Thanks to Knighty and Hard Way for the commentary. It really adds so much to the broadcast and gameplay. I love being able to go back and listen to what you guys have to say, even if it's that I suck lol :P On top of that, there was a lot of other cool stuff going on. Each night there were some intense 4v4 games. Maybe a few FFA's, and then Cujjer hosted some intense Hide and Seek games. While I didn't play, I was able to watch and it is hilarious just how much fun that game can be. There were also brand new maps being tested that I had never seen and I always look forward to seeing some crazy shit happen at a LAN that I have never witnessed. Should have been on stream on Friday but Gazzo and JohnTheHero were playing on Damnation. There were 2 dead and John goes to check spawns in green at like 8:45 and there is a camo just sitting in the very bottom corner of green room right by the entrance to the door. Thanks for the support man. Definitely wish we could have won the whole thing and after watching the rebroadcast it actually was a lot closer to happening than I realized. I don't think we ever felt "out of it" or felt it was far out of our reach but it's hard to explain. Some close losses somehow feel like blowouts. I think that's because such large swings can occur. Everyone knows of the major derelict swings once you have top control but I noticed these happen on HeH and even Priz a lot. (at the LAN, not exactly those tourney series) While the last series was a 3-0 it was still close and like 9 out of those 11 games were incredibly close. It was so much fun and overall I was very happy with the way I played at the LAN. If anything, it was the very last series I wasn't happy with my performance. I felt I played much worse than I did all tournament and made stupid mistakes that I know not to do. That's not to take anything away from them though since they played much smarter Halo than me all tournament long. Cujjer is incredibly patient and is great at waiting for his opponent to make a mistake and then capitalize on it. No excuses here but when I LAN it's often just for fun so we run around holding forward and shooting etc. Sitting back and playing patient is very taxing mentally and is not something I practice even though I should. I think by the last series I'm sure everyone was drained mentally, but cujjer and dman kept composure. I'm very glad we got to play them 3 times in tournament play. I think Hard Way said he would have liked to see us get the camo instead of dropping. I can name 2 more people that would have liked that even more than you I'm looking into getting myself a sponsorship through Life Alert. I think once they see footage of that last Damny game I'll be signed to a contract and will be the new face of "help I've fallen and I can't get up". If anyone thought I played bad it's probably because they have not seen me play before. I really used to be terrible at this game even though I knew the spawn system and nade tricks. I really think I improved a lot but still have a long way to go clearly. I can TALK about this LAN or Halo 1 all day so I might as well end it here lol. I can't wait till the next LAN
  22. The whole concept of that system in 2v2's is that the alive teammate can dictate a safe or random spawn for his dead partner. The goal here is to position yourself to give him the best spawn possible. When you aren't playing with this aspect in mind than your teammate gets spawn killed constantly. If you are understanding the system yet are constantly spawn killed than you only know of ifs existence and not how to apply it. I'm always willing to debate halo mechanics and why I feel they're good or bad but you seem like you already are biased to begin with. You even claim that no spread edition is going to nullify all the weapons in the game when we've been playing that mode for months now and it's still not true.
  23. Definitely surprised reading these opinions and the logic behind them. Pretty eye-opening to be honest lol. We have a ton of games in our series that have continued to make changes with each iteration. Some improved in the next game and some things were made worse. If you think there's no possible way to at least "improve" on these areas rather than remove them all together than I agree with Nick and others, you are playing the wrong game.
  24. It's possible I'm misrepresenting your argument but I still see there's a similarity there. In your situation, the OS is a crutch and in Quinn's situation the rockets are being used as a crutch. His solution was to remove the ability to drop the flag all together. I feel removing OS all together is a similar comparison. I mean I get it, there's plenty of times where your teammates are playing terrible. No map control, no communication, no going for power ups. I won't deny that it sucks or is frustrating but it's a team game and it's possible. I'd much rather keep a lot of these core concepts that work at a team level rather than throw them out completely because as an individual you are running into issues. At the very least attempt to see if there's a better way to implement the mechanics instead of ommitting them all together. There's more to my opinion on melee/nades but I'm out to eat now. Could post more later but definitely think it's better to keep them in and work on them then omit them entirely.
  25. I hate to say it but reading kelly's post regarding OS and powerups and her dislike for them reminds me very much so of Quinn's line of thinking for adding the flagnum and removing the ability to juggle the flag. While I can understand being frustrated, I just can't agree with that logic. He felt that if you made the decision to cut off the flag carrier successfully he shouldn't be able to drop the flag and rocket you "randomly" even though it was a conscious decision by that team to secure that weapon initially. I made a post copying bonesaw's post about the thought process of finding and killing a camo guy on HeH. To me, it's pretty straightforward on just how many possible scenarios can happen and what information you can use to predict that player. The person who secures camo on HeH than moves to the random on bottom camo ramp then gets naded made one of the most predictable plays possible and is punished for it. Did you get hit by a nade then pick up camo? You have low health then and have to make the decision to push for the health pack bottom mid, which is still predictable. If you die while down there, congrats, you didn't die because the opponent made a lucky guess, you just played incredibly predictable. I can understand that there are some issues with the series currently but we have a lot of options to look over and ways to improve these areas. Simply removing nades and melees to me sounds like a terrible idea compared to some other options. If you are getting into mindless melee battles constantly and are just dying to "random" nades over and over well then there's probably some areas of gameplay that can be improved.
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