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  1. This is why I just deleted my response. Here I am taking the time to engage your opinion and do so seriously and you can't be bothered to do the same. You wouldn't answer my question but instead tried spinning it back on me. I provided some stuff and got a couple O-kays and not much substance at all. Then you really grasp for straws trying to "understand" my opinion by making it what you want to hear. Your comment on the cool down time shows me that you don't believe individual weapon mechanics can help balance these issues. I'm all for discussing and debating Halo when those people are actually open to discussing mechanics. That hasn't happened and I'm not going to pull teeth to do so.
  2. I mean this is a good response and kinda what I'm looking for when asking you guys about this. I think the hold forward meta is honestly there is most Halo 3 maps but I picked onslaught because it only has a mauler on it and is primarily all BR focused. Heretic is next but has a shotgun and sword. For Halo 2 we're looking at Warlock and Midship but they also had some power weapons too. To me, it was just the closest example but also depends on the map layout. Controlling spawns was incredibly easy in H3 with the nade weight so the map itself was simple. For a utility weapon, I would love to try that. I never played Halo Online but wonder if any of those weapons actually felt good or like that. I love the H5 pistol and enjoy the movement and combat in general. It was really refreshing to me even though I understand a lot of people dislike it. What are some good additions to the sandbox? Gonna assume Rockets and Sniper are out, or the sniper is reworked? I assume niche weapons like PR or Shotty is good, or something like the reach grenade launcher? This is unrelated but would you rather have a larger amount of mid tier weapons? Picture Halo 5's redundancy but with pretty much no top tier power weapons? Or would you have a smaller sandbox that had a bigger gap in its power/niche?
  3. I'm guessing you're just gonna not respond to my original question? Please stop calling out others than for doing the same. From your counter-points, I feel like I've had an opposite experience with CE from you. I think we should first establish some sort of baseline. Is what you're proposing supposed to cater towards the competitive or the casual crowd? I'm saying from plenty of experience.. 1) The cooldown times completely matter. There are plenty of times in top tier games where the rocket doesn't kill the enemy and the enemy is able to pistol the rocket guy. More commonly is that a teammate can shoot the rocket guy before he has time to fire the second one. 2) What's the counterpoint with an okay? Isn't the issue that power weapons are free kills and too easy to use? If so then this goes against it. 3) How hard is the learning curve to lead your shots? You can fire a rocket or shoot the halo 3 BR right? Again, I thought the issue was easy OS. 4) Shotgun isn't just a insta-kill get out of jail free card. Figured that might be a good thing to you. 5) Is camo too easy? If so, are nades not powerful enough? It's really not that hard to nade spam camo or guess where he is. Once he's made it away with it in an area you didn't see, then sure he has a big advantage. I'm in the boat where YOU fucked up by letting it happen, not the boat where I feel my pistol shot is better therefor his kill is random and skillless. 6) Is your example from Halo CE? There's plenty of times where people get 3 shotted before having time to react, so you can get a few shots off on an OS guy before he even begins to find you. If you choose to shoot him when he is not looking, near an overshield spawn at an overshield minute than I really don't know why you would do that. Even if you didn't think it was up, a nade under his feet is much better. Sure, something visible would be nice but is this something you can't anticipate? I'd save the post if you aren't going to respond to these points using some actual substance behind them. I just asked if you guys were looking for something more like Onslaught CTF than Octagon. I'm not sure where I'm losing you guys but I feel like all of the skills you just mentioned does exist on Onslaught. Do those skills not exist on that map? I am also asking, which utility weapon feels skillful enough on its own that we can base the entire gameplay around it? Your second question depends on the map/modes/game. Are you talking about slayer or obj here? In terms of OBJ yeah there is still incentive to move unless you are the team up. Then it depends but regardless of the context I don't see an improvement in gameplay by eliminating power weapons in place of a pure utility weapon game when the utility weapon on its own isn't skillful enough to warrant it.
  4. I feel like I just read a few posts of yours telling people they aren't responding to your actual point. Why would you do the exact same to my post? Halo CE's rockets take time to travel, have a very long cooldown time in-between shots and are incredibly powerful. In a close range fight you are likely do die to your own rocket unless you jump, shoot behind the player. You can be killed by the utility weapon before you even fire the first shot. You will most likely be killed by the utility weapon if you miss your rocket before you can fire your second. Its power makes it risky at close and far range. Halo CE's sniper is one of the harder ones to use in the series yet is constantly contested by the utility weapon. For me, I much more enjoy this dynamic compared to Halo 3 that has a difficult to use sniper but a BR that can't really contest it. The plasma rifle is a great niche weapon that melts shields and is placed on the map usually by an overshield by design. It is a projectile weapon which takes a bit of skill to use and offers both a stun and freeze effect. I find the shotgun to be a fun weapon in general, and it can be countered by double melees or a 3 shot but it is, unfortunately, a confetti cannon with a mind of its own. I think camo works great in Halo CE. It's also an incentive to drop your utility weapon for camo rockets, adding more depth to gameplay. I can see your point with overshield in other games. I think its fine in CE where its possible to kill an OS guy in one clip. Or catch a good grenade on him and clean him up. Everything in that came can be outplayed simply by the utility weapon which in my opinion is the most skillful throughout the series. If I played Damnation with just a pistol I would never leave top green. I think other Halo games have problems with their balance so I'm not going to go game by game for each of the power weapons. Again, I don't find any of the utility weapons to carry enough pure aim skill to warrant the entire game be dictated by those fights. The CE pistol is the closest contender to me. The Halo 2 BR has a ton of magnetism and is easy to use. The Halo 3 BR is ineffective and random at range but does take a bit of effort to aim properly. There a shooting gap between casuals and pros, but not at a top level. Balancing the game in a way that has very little gap between pros is not my idea of fun or depth.
  5. What are you guys looking to play ideally then? If not octagon, then what? Onslaught? How are any of the utility weapons skillful or fun enough to warrant the entire game to consist of these gunfights?
  6. I can't imagine how boring Halo would be with the items gone. Even as much as I love the shooting mechanics and skill in CE, I can't imagine a game where that is the only emphasis regardless of maps. I'm fine allowing one map to break up the flow and put some emphasis on team shot like Midship. Even that right there is a good example compared to Onslaught which I think is a terrible example. Somehow "competitive" people loved that map despite it being the easiest meta in all of Halo. It was purely about pushing forward, BRs only and nading whichever spawn you didn't want them to spawn at. I guess maybe it allowed people to play on auto-pilot where they didn't have to think, they just had to shoot. I definitely can't relate to that mindset in a competitive mode. Turtling generally means playing defensive. I don't exactly know if that requires you to be in the back of your base, but in Sanctuary Halo 2, if we were up 2-0 we would control ring 2 and not really push any further. You're playing for map position at that point and not the last flag cap. It's much easier to press them in their base for 5 minutes than it is to make an aggressive push. Elongation was also very defensive once you got the lead, and yes, that was on the MLG circuit. Usually, you could blame the weapon respawn system for the standoffs but not on Elongation. I don't know why we aren't treating these powerups as mini-objectives. Getting rockets could help you secure the flag. Are people actually avoiding these because they feel too easy or cheap?
  7. Weird.. I haven't had that happen yet but had a game that ended where the loading screen got stuck. I wonder if that starts the game 3v4 for your team or if it disbands the game altogether. I've lucked out with rarely seeing any games that start 3v3 but still have tons of AFK players.
  8. If I had to guess, I've played maybe about 50 games on MCC since the patch and lagged out of two games total. Both times were Halo 3. Both times I was the only one to lag out. I was playing with a full team both times and in party chat with them and never lost connection to the party. I'm on a regular old xbox one by the way.
  9. You won't even get competent players at level 50 consistently let alone 15. You mean to tell me you have never once seen anything in a game that could have slipped by a teammate? You never approached a fight aggressively because of your teammates positions only to catch them doing nothing? Never left an important weak kill near a teammate that didn't quite see where he went? I don't buy that. Many top teams still used a coach to relay call outs, organize pushes and time the items. All top players knew how to do this yet still need a reminding. Also why "small talk" is so important at a top level. Saying "I'm with you" or "back down" is incredibly common.. yet all those people know their move speed, shield etc.
  10. I feel as if you're putting level 50 expectations on level 15 players. I think your points would be more valid if you were closer to a level where the majority of the players knew the game inside and out. I'm one of the biggest advocates for constant self-improving. There's always something out there that someone can improve in or at the very least improve on the speed of their decisions. These players probably just don't have the time or desire to actually improve through anything but experience. Idk about H2A but I'd say with the older Halo games especially. There's really no incentive to spend the time required. I made a post a while back about how I didn't understand players who didn't try to consciously improve to get better compared to those who played for an arbitrary number that doesn't literally define skill. Low to mid-level Halo players are the epitome of this. Telling a teammate to push back, giving a callout on a weak player or someone behind a teammate are such simple and easy ways to help the team. If you are withholding information that can help the team, I don't see a problem with calling it selfish. It's not saying your playing terrible or are a bad halo player overall. My friends are constantly trying to drag me into Overwatch's game chat for competitive. It's such a frustrating game for a few reasons but my biggest pet peeve in playing was calling out non-stop and then seeing that nobody is responding to them. It's as if I didn't even need to join or call out since they aren't going to respond anyway. At that point, I wasn't playing at a top skill level but still expected my friends to respond to every little thing. I'd admit me not wanting to go to chat was selfish. Hell one major reason I did was that a good amount of people had no mics or wouldn't use them but could listen. If they listened to half of the call outs it's better than none. A push to talk for game chat would be awesome. There are a lot of solutions out there that could work and I don't think I would be advocating to remove party chat as a whole.
  11. I agree with Pyrotec's first statement saying that it ruined gaming communities compared to when we didn't have Party Chat. I think its something you had to experience back then. I'm not saying its completely impossible to find full lobbies with mics nowadays but from 2002-2005 or whenever party chats came lobbies and communities as a whole were much better. I can name a ton of different games where we played made-up modes with honor rules. Anyone who joined should be able to hear the rules whether through the mic or tv and it worked pretty well. Trying to get people to follow rules when they aren't in the chat (at a social level) is impossible. It seems like now we avoid that problem as a whole because these made up modes are now actual playlists, like zombies from Halo or Cat n Mouse from Forza. Sending messages post or mid game really isn't an effective way of communicating unless its a passing comment. Hell, I remember adding people in Halo 2 just because they were hilarious and isn't something I would really get through a single message or text. It's a trade-off of having more options today to talk to others vs forcing everyone in the game to be able to hear each other. I would be fine forcing people out of chat for ranked game types and allowing them to stay in for social. If you play solo and don't want to talk, at least listen for the call outs. For custom games or something, I wouldn't mind having a toggle switch, or some search tags for the browser forcing mics or looking for players with mics. I think Overwatch's group finder is a great way of bringing competitive people together. Add party restrictions, force game chat for ranked, allow party chat for social, allow parameters to search for mics or host customs preferring mics, add an in-depth group finder. That's definitely a good start for me and its possible to do other stuff, like a spotting feature or allowing a mix of game chat audio to come through in parties (not that fond of these) Nothing will ever come close to what @@Jake Teh Nub is talking about. No matter what they said it was 10x better because it'd get cut off but you could just HEAR the frustration. Same goes for when you killed a person and you could trash talk them real fast and they couldn't do anything but listen to you until they respawned.
  12. Late on the improvement discussion.. but that definitely is something that interests me in general so it will get very off topic. I did like the exp system in Halo 3. I didn't care really to grind and get it up super high but I did want to have a pretty good ratio of win exp compared to total games played. I think in general it motivated a lot of people not to lose or more specifically, stat whore. I think a rank and experience system like Halo 3s would be great, although I have grown on the tiered system that seems to be the trend now. (Rocket Leauge, Overwatch, Halo 5 etc) Time to rant. However, the topic as a whole has always intrigued me. I understand that from a competitive standpoint I take games very seriously but then from an analytical standpoint I go way over the top. I loved watching game films with my team from all perspectives etc. I think it comes from all my years involved in sports. Basically, I can understand that my approach towards these games are over the top and uncommon. On the other hand, I have some friends that are complete casuals. After work, all they want to do is hop on Rocket League casuals or Battlefield 1 and just have plain old FUN. That is also something I can understand pretty easily. What I don't understand are the people who grind for a number as if it reflected some sort of improvement. I think rank in general blinds people towards actually getting better on a fundamental level. To clarify, there are people who feel that top ranks in Overwatch are the best players in the game despite them not being on an actual team and in tournaments. Those players have higher rank but aren't actually better than numerous people of lower rank. I thought this was something most people could see but I've noticed more and more of the opposite. I play overwatch with some IRL friends and the last couple months I stopped playing because I found it frustrating. I would play on smurfs since they were lower (2600-3000) but then they started getting higher and higher rank wise but were not improving at a fundamental level. To make a long story short I eventually got them up to around 3500 and realized that the higher we go, the more frustrated I become. Bad habits can scrape by at low levels but those mistakes get punished by good players. They absolutely refuse to review their games, or even think about ways they can improve. They do however put like 6 hours a day into playing overwatch comp, and finished at a 3500 and a 3700. They are the in-between players that I can not understand or relate to. How can you put so much time into a game for the sake of competition yet have no desire to improve? I think in their case, they are absolutely convinced that the number next to their name indicates some sort of clear baseline skill. Do these imaginary numbers actually offer some sort of reassurance for a player's overall skill? Halo is not class based so maybe it can be considered a better indicator of an overall base skill but I don't know.
  13. I definitely had a bunch of issues with CE throughout my experience with MCC. (didn't play insider) I'm talking all sorts of wild stuff, like completely different maps loading, loading up a custom and getting thrown into a BTB matchmaking game, getting bumped through geometry etc. The two things that completely killed it for me were the spawn sounds and shooting in general. Other bugs are frustrating but don't affect the game as much. Sure I prefer LAN, NHE and splitscreen but if they fixed the spawn sounds and made shooting closer to OG I would be playing that all the time. I'd even be down to go drive to someones place and 2box on MCC. Until those things change though I can see myself not playing CE on MCC. Its nice that we have people working on it but I am not sure what their end goal is. The whole Halo PC community worries me in a sense because it seems like it varies in terms of: 1) completely supporting the competitive side and trying to make the game as close to console as possible versus 2) casuals who play blood gulch ctf and really enjoy the game but aren't trying to make it as close to console as possible.
  14. It would definitely be best not to speculate. We CSI'd the shit out of the situation and really didn't come up with much. We were pretty sure it happened after the first winner's finals bracket. That's when we took the Beach LAN photo and switched the camera POV to the house. We were seeing who was in the pics who wasn't etc but despite narrowing down times there was just no way to really figure this out. I mean yeah, with a name like Pure Money I'm sure that doesn't help with the speculation lol. From what I heard he simply just didn't attend the last day he was there, not book an early flight out. Plus he was gone and we found it so it definitely wasn't him. It sounds like the majority of people that go pay their lan fee in cash which I did not realize. That's why that money was lying around although it is not like it was just chilling on the counter. Not sure what the future will bring with these LANs. If it becomes an invite-only type of thing I can't really blame anyone since that's exactly what I would do if that happened to me.
  15. Beach LAN is arguably the week where I am awake the most throughout the entire year yet it goes by faster than any other week. Every year I'm not sure if I want to take a full week off or not or just go for a few days. I'm so glad I go for a full week each time. It's always great to see things like this grow. I would love to play CE when I'm 50 if these hands can keep up and stuff like this helps make that a possibility. While it's not my event I'm still proud to see what it has become. There are a ton of people to thank for making it happen as well as the people who support this event. @@McDick event is more hospitable than a lot of other parties and events I've attended. @@Devilman is a fucking stream, tournament organizer, and thermal paste replacing wizard. The tournament was one of the best ran ones I've competed in including local events. All the times, rules, stations, info etc was readily available throughout every portion of the LAN. The tournament can be taxing on the actual players but this also was a massive improvement for our viewers to have an actual schedule they can follow. The stream continues to improve in ways I didn't even know was possible. He can isolate a single player on the webcam/screen/mic even during FFA. @@Hard Way and @@Knighty Knight provide a commentary that adds a level of professionalism that we wouldn't get otherwise. Also a massive thanks to @@Unyshek @@Tashi and @@GrimBrother One for their support through tweeting/re-tweeting the event, (both from personal accounts and the official Halo/HCS twitters) writing articles, and of course hosting us on the official Halo twitch. I'm not the best when it comes to twitch numbers and stuff but those 300+ concurrent viewers for the finals was double of what we got for our last finals. Same goes throughout the week with us averaging around double our viewers at any given moment. Definitely, want to thank @@OGRE2 for hosting us as well. Gazzo and I have been able to find locals or older players interested in LANing thanks to these events and streams. I didn't provide many live updates this year but a lot of the information and stuff was compiled on spreadsheets by Devilman. I'm sure he'll post some stuff when he can. There is nothing quite like flying back into Newark, New Jersey to let you know that your vacation is officially over.
  16. While I did sign up for the insider program I haven't played it at all. I've been waiting till they release this update which I thought was going to be their biggest update and final one. It now seems this was just the start and they are going to continue to add updates, but does anyone know the specifics? Did they say how much longer they are going to work on it? I see so many mixed opinions on whether this update has improved the overall game or not. Sounds like the actual functionality of the games (matchmaking and campaign) seem to be improved but the spawns were touched? What happened with the spawns?
  17. *queue grinch gif* And some say Jownz ego grew three times that day. The whole tournament was insane.
  18. Hasn't there been a few pros that played in both games that cite halo 3? I think it had to do with the timing and organization of team pushes. The game as a whole promoted linear aggression and wouldn't allow you to teamshot across map. This forced some really organized pushes (still exists in h2) My vote would probably go to Halo 2, despite higher bullet magnetism and a weapon spawn system I greatly dislike.
  19. I played a warm up on the 27inch tvs and was three omg no problem. I sat on stream station and couldn't hit a thing. Luckily gazzo carries, but holy shit was that intense. Those games were incredibly close and my heart rate def jumped up at the end of all those games lol.
  20. I probably don't have this right but one of the latest additions for Halo CE is that we have a real time scoreboard that updates on the stream overlay. I have no idea how but when watching the FFA's you can see the top 4 scores/names fluctuating. @relyx As far as what game is being played, I think it's important to look at it in the context of MCC. We actually had mentioned it to them out in Daytona that while we love Halo CE we don't think our niche community would travel to a tournament that uses that instead of either OG on/off host or NHE. Esportsarena was a pretty good example of how few people were interested, even though that was on OG Hopefully we can show you guys some improvement production wise with Beach LAN. If you guys haven't seen some of the VA LANs, Devilman has worked some serious magic. This year we should be able to switch to a different station to broadcast on the fly. Hopefully eliminate a bit of noise issues as he set up the web cams to pick up only those players voice etc.
  21. Updated the OP a bit but have them behind spoilers. I'll clean it up a bit more and have the prize pool out of the spoiler. Also, I need a mod to change the title of the thread if possible. If we have some team lists I can add those too but I'm most will be figured out at the LAN itself. @@Silos Let's try to figure out something next year man. The dates are usually set pretty early and I would love to help pitch in and get you a plane ticket to come on out. I'm pretty sure you've dished out even more than I have in the past few years and are our biggest donor of the scene.
  22. I wonder how much that thrust in doom eternal is meant to just be a get out of jail free card. I made it through the campaign just fine without it. I felt the game had a great pace where you could constantly circle around enemies avoiding fire. Last night I was watching my cousin play on a medium difficulty and noticed it was hard for him to avoid it all. In the trailer it looked like it was only used to side step an immediate attack.
  23. I considered Isolation TS a guilty pleasure back when H3 first came out and people were competing on Gamebattles to reserve their 08 Meadowlands team pass. Might have been because it was just one of those gametypes our team would often upset other teams on but I was not a fan of the bottom portion of the map or CTF in general. It had poor lines of sight overall down low but there was also the flag glitch that allowed you to relay it out of their window and then relay into yours. I wouldn't consider isloation a good map.. but I did enjoy it quite a bit. I think my choice between those two depends mostly on just how much h3 or h4 I was playing and if I wanted to change it up.
  24. Awesome, Thanks. I did see that flamesword tweet now that I think about it and saw Roys exchange with Tashi earlier. Sounds like there is a conflict of interest in being able to compete in both tournaments. I'm interested in seeing how they handle this because I feel a lot of potential interest might be based off who is attending. While this is better than nothing I wonder what a turn out might look like if there is no conflict. I always enjoy watching the nerds (compliment) that never stopped playing grind it out against the ones who were on top when the game was in its prime. It's an argument I've pop up numerous times in a variety of titles.
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