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  1. Jon Fight

    I missed this but it made me laugh. Wonder whose account this is lol.


    Beach LAN 5 night 1 Jon Fight walked up to me and said let's go we're teaming, I'm going teach you what to do. Dude played a full series and just coached me through the entire thing.


    a major hurdle for newer players is screen watching properly since nobody calls out. I do screen watch but still miss stuff and 7 games straight Fights yelling "see this?" every time I need to look. Pointed at downed rockets, where people were about to pop out from a second before they do etc.


    In between the games he explained what situations just happened and what I should have done. He was like a proud father trying to teach his kid how to ride a bike. That was my first BL and I've played with a ton of ppl who tried to help me. Him and cujjer are great in game coaches.

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  2. Didn’t want to respond to the Zyos being on another level post cause my memory is shit but this is more the way I remember it.

    I should prob check the tournament results but I was always under the impression that zyos was a step ahead of the rest in 1v1 gameplay in general. He's the original nerd. From what I remember zyos could nade down the power ups on wizard but Walshy could do it from more places and while on the move.


    I do know though that the majority of the players who played back then unfortunately prefer 4's to 2's.


    When I talked to zyos I told him about beach LAN and he thought it was awesome but said he wouldnt be interested unless it was 4's

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  3. lol of course, but no one was playing CE by then. if the top 100 players in H2/H3 had taken CE seriously I doubt that the old school players (including the Ogres) would necessarily still be on top.


    for example, as of 2018, I get that Patch and Legend are amazing, but we really have no clue how they would stack up against Halo pros ... it's the equivalent of Gab and Fantasy being the best H3 players as of last month

    I can add to this later but I believe Legend did not really play halo 2 and was a MLG ref instead. Then at the very first halo 3 tournament he gets 2nd place. Maybe other top halo 1 guys have less clout but Legend at the least breaks that stigma.

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  4. To be honest it's been a long time since I played on/off so I can't say its 100% the same as sniping on host but it feels like it.  On MCC I feel like I can barely miss a shot. When I play on NHE I often ask myself why on earth I continue to pick up the long gun when I feel like I miss 75% of my shots.


    Glad to hear others are enjoying the game. It's really just not the same for me but even if the game was perfect I greatly prefer to play splitscreen. In the handful of games I played I felt like I did have to lead, but every game seemed slightly different.

  5. Searched the CE playlist last night and right off the bat game one my teammate is AFK. Joe Fries spawn kills me like 5 times in a row making it pretty clear that I am not going to be able to move off spawn. Quit and get banned. Next two games have a teammate that is there and goes AFK randomly. Each game I have no idea where I am supposed to aim.


    While I enjoyed my time competiting in H3 when the game came out, I look back now and realize I all the issues with the game. I would much rather play CE and 2 over Halo 3 if I had the choice.


    However when I play MCC. I play Halo CE and immediately hate it and want to stop playing. All MCC CE does is make me want to LAN. However this is like the best version of Halo 3 in terms of my overall connection and shot registration. It has me hooked. I actually want to play H3 because of it...

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  6. Game design definitely helps and I'm a big fan of Hard Way's play by play style of casting. The power ups and weapons come up so quickly that if there isn't an actual battle taking place, he's telling the viewer to pay attention to X screen who is in position to get this Rocket and use it to secure the camo. It's like at all the times there is something important going even though there is no fight or action and I think saying things like that helps the viewer actually understand not just the game but the meta if they are unfamiliar.

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  7. Where you from? Shekkles is from Aus like me and when he says grind he means it.... Getting a 45 in Lone Wolves was brutal. When you have yellow bar every single game and an automatic loss on swords it makes it pretty tricky / frustrating. So keen for some halo 3 but don't have an XBone so probably going to just hold out for Infinite and see what the lay of the land looks like.


    Unrelated but @@Teapot, I'm part of one other gaming community (Red Alert 2, tragic) and I was just talking to a mate the other day who reckons he's integral in the running of and maybe even the creation of Beach Lan. His name is Frank, is there a Frank in the scene? 


    Only Frank I know is a player near philly that goes named Cat and I think his first Beach LAN was 6. I think @@Riddler posted something a while back that some other game had a beach lan event so maybe it's that. Tons of people contribute in various ways but if it's not McDick who runs/hosts it or Devilman that basically makes sure the entire week runs smoothly than idk.

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  8. As a side event, I wouldn't care what it is as long as it's not promoted as being a competitive focal point. I think 2v2 CE, even on MCC is one of the easiest ways to set up a fun side station at an event. Play it till 25, have pros play joes kinda thing etc.


    In Daytona we had numerous teams come up to us that were knocked out in losers bracket round 2. We kinda turned it into a joke to get teams to sit down and 2v2 and find out who the weak link was lol. Most of those teams had 4 players that had no idea what to do in CE and they were having the times of the lives.


    As a competitive event, I think it needs to be OG equipment and CRTs. At least in terms of an event where we are trying to get as many competitors to come out. Needs to be played till 50 and then there will still be debate as to whether we use NHE or on/off host.

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    I've talked with the UGC Matt guy in the past and he seemed interested in doing something but we never talked about any details. This is well before the grassroots thing was announced. I would love to see them host an event but I would be absolutely baffled if they chose 25 kills for Halo CE 2v2. It makes very little sense to play the game to that score limit. To be completely honest I feel like an extreme majority of the Halo CE and Halo 2 players from back in the day are completely out of touch with where the game is today unless they have kept up with some LANs.

  10. I played about 5 or so games in the H3 hardcore playlist last night. I can't really remember when the last time I tried H3 was but I'm pretty sure it was before the insider patch. It's definitely night and day for me in terms of the registration. Out of those 5 games, all the connections were good and the shot registration was much better than I expected. It's still shitty Halo 3 netcode with dropped bullets/bloodshots.


    Definitely scratched my itch for nostalgia. Still can't stand the sluggish aiming system, cross hair placement and a few other things but it's great to see my friendslist so active on H3.

  11. Yeah this must be how CE people feel basically all the time.


    Thought I'd shed light on this. I can't speak for everyone obviously but when it comes to the CE people that LAN, they're indifferent to this or aren't even aware its happening. Most of the CE guys live in this bubble where it's the only halo game they touch or hear of. They don't mind other games getting supported because no matter what happens we seem to survive. Even when it was first taken off the MLG scene people were still LANing in hotel rooms at events. When Beach LAN started getting some prize money people were kinda skeptical overall because none of those guys ever really did it for the money.


    For 2v2's, of course, I'd prefer to see CE involved and I mentioned that last time but this is for 4v4 and it makes sense to me to hold this for Halo 3. The team pass' tell the story here and it's great to see this involvement from the community. I was worried because I never felt there was much of an actual local dedicated Halo 3 scene, just a bunch of online matchmaking players. (not that there have been events to attend) I'm glad to be proven wrong and hope that the team passes are all utilized. No matter what Halo you are a fan of, this is a good thing for "classic" halo. I thought the Halo 3 2v2 was a cool idea but wasn't a good representation of the competitive Halo 3 community. 4v4 hopefully shows that the games' premier competitive settings are the best option.


    UGC seemed interested in all the classic Halo's when I talked to them last. Who knows what they will do or what this HCS Grassroots program is. I haven't looked into it but I wouldn't doubt we try reaching out to these guys to make something happen. After this past Beach LAN we received a lot of messages asking if the event is open to the public.


    I've posted it before but I've always dreamed of a Halo EVO style event, which has to be a TO's worst nightmare to organize. MCC makes that possibility much more realistic, even though I don't think I would travel to play the current version of Halo CE.


    TL;DR - This is a good thing for Halo and hopefully continues a trend of supporting some classic tournaments.

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  12. I've been slowly watching all the 2007 Halo 2 event VoDs but have hit a brick wall with Orlando 2007. The video on MrGlobalHD's channel has been taken down due to a copyright claim from UMG and there doesn't seem to be any other source online. Anyone know of any alternatives or has that one event been pretty much been lost? I'm kinda surprised that MLG doesn't seem to have its own uploads anywhere.

    Can't really check right now for any other videos but am curious why this is a copyright issue under UMG. Am I missing something here?

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  13. I'd be flying in though, so getting CRTs and hauling them to the event to donate them back after I don't think is realistic for how much I care to make it happen.


    I appreciate the feedback on the converters though, thanks.

    I can try to get you in touch with some local Atlanta players. @@Knighty Knight surely would know a few. I think a guy named Alex hosts and Unit should probably have some equipment.


    We were in touch with 343 about doing something like this. We thought it would be like Daytona where they allocated space and rented our equipment to host the stations that were open to the public to come check out. Instead, it seemed like they were asking us to do what you are looking to do, which is purchase our tickets, buy our space in the BOYC area and host our own setup. I can certainly try to point you in the right direction with equipment and even get you in touch with the guy who contacted us from Dreamhack. 


    I would have loved to make it happen but it was a little too last minute for me to budget with flights and hotels.

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  14. That's great. To be honest I didn't really have much faith in when it came to them fixing CE. I'm sure the game won't ever be 1:1 OG but this is a massive step towards improving the accessibility of CE at least.


    It'd be dope if the map overlays that load in showed the item respawn information as well as where they are located.


    As Damnations loading it'd say


    Overshield: 1:00

    Camo: 1:00

    Sniper : 30 seconds

    Rockets: 2:00

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  15. Unless they changed it again, the rule I heard was that you can only match within ten levels of your rank, period.


    So if you're rank 15, you can match between 5 and 25, and even if you wait an hour you will not match anybody outside of that.


    I think this is certainly better than 1's matching 50's. I don't think I've even noticed someone 10 levels higher than me yet but probably closer towards 7.


    Is there anyone here that is a high rank in H2 Hardcore? I'm wondering if there is a more active skill bracket I need to work my way into.

  16. I'm not a fan of microtransactions as a whole, but when the fortnite style battle pass was explained to me I thought it was pretty cool.  I still didn't purchase it but it was a seasonal pass that allowed you the ability to eventually level up and unlock next seasons battlepass for free. (If I'm wrong someone correct me) They're still making a ton of money off people who have to buy it every single season but for those who are dedicated to the game it seems like its a great investment.

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