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  1. I generally believe the midwest is the best place for easy access overall. Cheaper flights/hotels = more people who can come out. AGL does have a good venue, and I'm excited to see what Battlefield Knoxville is like. Out of all the people I tweeted.. AGL, Brad, UMG, PGL, MLG, Sundance, and the list goes on. NONE of them ever responded to me. Battlefield Knoxville was the only one to go out of his way to tell me they would be more than happy to host my Halo CE tournament in a tweet that wasn't even directed to them. So I can't wait to see the venue. Yeah people in chat are complaining but this essentially a community who is stepping up together to make something happen, not a business focused on streaming competitive halo 4.
  2. It could have been done better, but they seem to be happy with the turnout at least. 250 viewers max I guess so far, but since it's a lan center and they do multiple games, I think we'll see some more in the future.
  3. if you've been in chat you may notice me asking them who I should be talking to to set something up. Cali is a real bad location for this, and I don't think this tournaments turnout is as good as I expected. However, it's another option at least.
  4. Did he say the 4sk made the BR good? He's asked every player in every interview if they have tried the settings and just talked briefly about it. He's not trying to bash Halo 4 into the ground believe it or not. I think we all know what the problems are, him included. Also, Zyfe's doubleshot is amazing.
  5. I agree. I was honestly really shocked when he told me that. I figured there would be some legal issues or something but I guess this as much as they could contribute.
  6. Only name I recognize from MLG so far is Gexny plenty of XBC names though.
  7. They threw bungie as a sponsor on there because they sent them 150 Halo 2 discs for free for the tournament. It's less of an on-going sponsorship and more so like bungie was at least happy to see a community dedicated enough to host a tournament and wanted to help in essentially the only way they could. basically they cleaned out their closet and it's my understanding that bungie no longer has any Halo CE/2 discs in it's possession and these guys scooped up the last. There was no advertising or marketing because of sponsor issues and it took bungie a while to get on board and give out the discs, so it seems like this was last minute. As far as going up against AGL.. it's not that smart, but it's not MLG's status either. There were 2k watching AGL's stream, and every once and a while the AGL stream would be boring. Meaning they were showing full game warm ups from a POV who wasn't playing. So it's good to switch over too when AGL is setting up for the next game. edit: take my info with a grain of salt. I don't know know much about the tournament or the lan center. I'm just going off of my own research.
  8. Hey guys, I didn't see anything posted about the tournament. I figured I would at least bring some awareness to it on this site, since it seems more open to Halo as a whole, and not just halo 4. Howies Gaming Shack is currently holding a FFA/4v4 tournament and is streaming live on twitch right now. You can watch here at http://www.twitch.tv/howiesgameshack Originally when it was announced there was a lot of skeptics out there, me included. I'm happy to say this is the real deal. It's my understanding that it's a local lan center who is holding the competition, so this isn't going to be up to AGL's standards. Mods, if this is in the wrong section let me know. I tried looking for the rules on what is allowed and what isn't allowed. I've always thought one small idea to "save halo" is to branch out and cater towards more than just Halo 4.
  9. signed up just for this lol. glad to see you're trying to expand the community. However a lot of these players aren't too committed to trying a new FPS. There was a ton of activity on THC but only a few players actually participated. I'm curious to see how much beyond wants to expand in terms of covering competitive console games, since I felt THC should have done it. It would be nice to see this game featured once and a while, since there are plenty of new tournament videos and commentaries.
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