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  1. Pretty sure there's still some articles floating out there about Shadowrun decisio to omit ranks and leaderboards directly because of how cheating was such a major part of Halo 2. Almost everything in reach is some shoe horned idea from SR and fasa studios shut down and people mostly went to bungie/343. With how many people boosted and sold accounts in h3 I wouldn't be surprised if it was done to prevent more of these issues. Not saying it was right or wrong but that's what I remember and I'll try to look for those articles later
  2. It's amazing at how much bullshit and nonsense I can put up with just to play a game I enjoy.
  3. As much as I would like to have them back, I just can't see that tweet relating to Halo. I hated when they would tease us with tweets about throwback events and assume if they had something planned for Halo they wouldn't be as vague but who knows? I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'm wrong.
  4. I think he's been on xbox for a long time but just skipped an era where this was such a common issue. I don't really remember struggling with NAT issues in the early days of XBL, but during Halo 3's era every game I played was a struggle to get into lobbies and find one host that everyone could connect to. It's weird.. I think back to a bunch of older xbox live titles and yes there were poor connections and issues with matchmaking, but I did a lot of game battles prior to Halo 2 and don't remember jumping through the amount of hoops that I had to on H3, Shadowrun, Monday Night Combat etc. You combine this annoying issue with a game that is terribly made (Monday Night Combat) where there is no team change option at all in customs, and you get two games in one. First game is a game of chess called setting up the lobby. The second game is the ones the developers intended you to play.
  5. Very interested in seeing some sort of response from 343.
  6. Great post along with the one you made a few days ago. There's a post bonesaw made a while ago in response to people debating about health packs that was awesome. I love using CE as an example because it's so simple at it's base yet there are still tons of options on the table for most situations.
  7. I removed that from my signature cause wherever it was hosted went down but nice to see it's still somewhere. Times change though.. CursedLemon made it and I used that on the MLG forums where it was well received, despite the game being in it's prime. Fast forward to this day and age and Ive been messaged saying that I must have been trash at Halo 3 if I believe this. Even though I rocked that signature forever, I really enjoyed the many years I spent competing in H2 and H3.
  8. What if we just focused on core concepts rather than adding in a ton of content in an attempt to offer variety that the core gameplay should offer? Why do we need to have a million things when one of the issues is already a redundancy. Hypotheticals are cool but if we can't grasp the core how is anything that we add more beneficial than "this is cool". Not all "cool" things work and I think Halo's progression has shown this. Cujjer's post about map design and weapon layout hit the nail on the head.
  9. The first time I had heard of a hologram that functions like that, was in Shadowrun. It was in testing for years but was scrapped for a few reasons. When FASA dissolved a lot of their talent was split between bungie/343 so a lot of their ideas were shoe-horned into reach. Main reason it was scrapped was I believe due to frame rate issues in larger games where you have multiple tree's/minions up.
  10. I had no issues getting the DLC, didn't try finding a game but I couldn't download any files. There's a map/mode I love called yellow brick road. Found the GT and files but they just stay "pending". After a while, like 20 seconds of looking at the file share, it vanishes and tells me there is an error reaching this users file share. I was able to download something off bungies favorites so I'm not too sure..
  11. That'd be cool even though you know what game I'd rather have there. However he replied that if this was to happen it would most likely be on Xbox One on BC. Makes sense from a business standpoint but I can't see players really enjoying that compared to using 360s' + discs.
  12. 343 was just trying to prepare us for H3 by giving us spread on the BR. GoodGuy343
  13. I'm hoping that we get the rest of the titles soon, although theres next to no information for OG BC. Competitive Halo 3 was a fun time for me but looking back I don't know how I looked past certain factors. Happy for those that really enjoy this game still. I really enjoyed all the random custom games and a few friends from my town aren't really great gamers but absolutely loved Yellow Brick Road on H3.
  14. Super Monday Night Combat had a character that had a hook that could be used both like Widows and Roadhogs... it was intense.
  15. And 343 continues to hire people who hate Halo Congrats Multi! Best of luck and I'm looking forward to seeing your work!
  16. Yeah I am in no way advocating for spread on the BR, but just saying what the original vision was. Just like how they pushed SMG starts. That was their vision and a horrible one.
  17. Yeah random spread + online net code were a big problem with Halo 3. I think this BR is similar to the pre-patch Halo 2 BR though. If I'm not mistaken, Bungie's ideal design was for the BR to have spread. Why? I don't know, but the patch to fix H2 was an accident so idk.
  18. I haven't given them a try but dislike what I hear. If I hear they make other changes I am willing to load it up and give it another shot. It's just crazy to see this BR spread issue again. I was on the MLG forums for pre-patch Halo 2 as well as when the update dropped and it was a shit show there. People were defending the spread and people were defending the no spread. I think it largely had to do with H2's massively increased auto aim and bullet magnetism. People felt it was too easy to shoot post patch and others felt that it made the rifle closer to Halo CE's pistol in terms of being able to shoot accurately across the map. Then, the same debate for Halo 3... and yet here we are. Massive deja vu
  19. I couldn't care more about this if I wanted.
  20. As watered down as multiplayer was I still really enjoyed playing it at launch with some friends. Was refreshing to play some different modes like Freeze Tag and Warpath, and overall I thought the maps were well done. If I still have it installed I'm down to play. I remember thinking the timer one the rune was around 3 minutes for the first, not sure how it worked though beyond that, and it always seemed to spawn closer towards the losing team.
  21. LAN just has a ton of advantages in terms of learning and having as much information in front of you as possible. Technically you can learn everything you need by watching videos and playing MCC but that's not going to prepare you for the differences of LAN, especially when people have been playing for 15 years. I know theres a decent amount of PC players who have gone to console LANs recently. They all have the same tools to learn the game but none of them have any experience with split screen or screen watching so even with their knowledge of spawns, they don't have much experience applying it in real time.
  22. Don't know about Tsp, but the Bo, Nick and Bobby all have played OG LAN at some point prior to MCC, so they claim. The bo's actually pretty old school for h2. I should have specified though cause that's what I mean, the teamwork aspect. He is still learning the map layouts. Hell I'm 100x worse when I can't see my partners screen. At the LAN I can point and tell him stand there, he can look at my screen to tell when I'm fighting or when I need a spawn. I can't explain the spots on the fly. There's no timer although he is finally going to get one. We played 3 days on MCC and he didn't learn a thing. We played 21 games at Megs LAN and he improved at a ridiculous rate. Played more MCC last night and he said he felt like he was clueless. At the LAN though we did training mode for him and that helped. Players can learn quicker than ever with all the resources at their disposal, but I feel like it's almost impossible to apply it.
  23. Played the Halo CE playlist the other night with a friend who is brand new to the game. I got him to come to a LAN this weekend though to get is feet wet. It's impossible to learn how to play Halo CE online in my opinion compared to LAN. Anyway, I've had these issues happen at individually at some point, but we were playing and all 3 happened at once. We got the white screen/map glitch. We got put onto a completely different map, one that's not even offered in the 2v2 playlist, Blood Gulch, and it was FFA starts. Again this is the 2v2 playlist and selected Priz.
  24. It was never patched out of Halo 2 intentionally. They fixed an issue with the pistol spread that indirectly changed the BR. As far as I know their intention design for the BR was to always have spread. The Halo 3 BR was bungies intended vision for the weapon.
  25. Didn't sound like it. I almost never see him online. He said he played the week before Meg's LAN with Poon and two local and played 3 series, but his last time playing was Beach LAN 3 or something. Beach LAN usually seems to be the 2nd Saturday of August into the 3rd Saturday. There will definitely be a stream for that. However Meg's stream was running all weekend and she will probably upload those games to youtube as well. I'll see if I can find some series that consisted of Harris, Poon, Prime, and Jownz.
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