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  1. I agree. Its hard to tell sometimes if I was just finally getting used to the old interface or if the new one sucks that much. I think the new one just sucks, mainly for the community section.
  2. Gotcha, Yeah I'll look into it and see if theres anything. Any H1 player should seriously try to make it beach LAN though. It's h1 heaven.
  3. I see you post a lot about classic Halo or Halo 1 LAN but haven't heard if you are part of the bigger local scenes. I can try to see if there are people in your area.
  4. Lol it just always catches me by surprise if i leave a "< 3" at the end of something. Doesn't matter though cause we got this which is
  5. Awesome! I'm assuming that with the local servers they'd set up a PC to host a station. Halo 5 NHE baby
  6. Is there a good recap of the announcement? I'm reading the posts here and it seems like people are happy but I can't seem to get any more info than we have a new TO but it's not announced?
  7. Nice to see others enjoyed this game as well. I know exactly what you are talking about. I think that dock was my favorite level but there was some circular castle that I remember you could grapple up to a sniper and camp there.
  8. If you didn't want to rewind those VHS tapes you shouldn't have watched them. Risk vs Reward.
  9. It works both ways. Maybe you pick up your sniper on your half of the map and trade in the back in an effort to not fight in any engagements until the sniper is in your best players hands. Maybe you pick up their sniper on their half of the map, and instead of running all the way back to yours to secure it you can trade and still be aggressive. In this case it would speed up engagements. I would be fine with a trade mechanic.
  10. I'm not as hopeful but am keeping my fingers crossed. That would be amazing... I wonder how hard it would be to create an Xbox App that is a tunnel packeting system for older games.
  11. H2 Plasma Pistol would find you like Liam Neeson from Taken. Halo CE had poor tracking in comparison which I think works well for large lines of sight plus slow movement speed. @@Basu You won't find anyone online using the PP that way, but you also won't really find anyone using the PR online. I'd say generally PP isn't something I'd go out of my way for but the PR is usually in places I am going anyway. However, there are definitely people on LAN that rapid fire the weapon due to how incredibly fast it is. I think Doughboy has a section of his montage that is just PP kills on Damny. Lastly I agree with Hard Way. Top players use the AR and other CQC weapons a lot more than people realize.
  12. I wouldn't expect anything soon just yet, and I hope to discuss some stuff with Tashi about this. We talked about it a decent amount though at Daytona. From a logistics standpoint, getting a full station for either Halo 2 or Halo 3 is going to be a pain compared to a station for Halo CE. They could always do split screen for those games but the FOV is terrible in my opinion. I remember going through open bracket and playing split for both.. it was rough. Another issue is the equipment itself, do you acquire and store original equipment or use Xbox One and the emulator which I'm sure they have plenty of to spare. I would hope to discuss the benefit of using the original, at the very least for Halo CE. I know we can be purists but it's absolutely worth it in my opinion and am really happy that they contacted McDick who was able to bring a ton of original equipment. I'm still not too sure how many people on this forum have seen the training mode, but I was able to showcase that quite a bit over the weekend. While it can be a bit tough on the eyes on certain maps, this tool is unbelievable. I was able to play a series with Chris Lee and we played against Lunchbox and his friend with it on. I was able to say "stand here" and point to a bright pink spot and Chris could give me a random spawn. We played on Creek, which isn't as overwhelming in terms of randoms yet has a lot of small little slivers that most people don't know about. 99% of people who played that weekend have never played it competitively. 99% of people said they have played it before, but not in terms of timing the weapons, knowing spawns, nade tricks, or hell even remembering where the weapons were. Training mode helps a lot as long as someone can explain what they are supposed to do with that information. None of this is going to be possible unless we used original xboxes that are modded with Neutral Host Edition. MCC has too many problems, and no H1 LAN player is going to travel to play it. Same goes if we use the 360 and emulator. Hell, I'd put money that even if they decided to use OG and disc, playing on/off people will still want NHE due to time constraints. I assume a lot of what I hope for depends on the location of events, and if the LAN community can bring stuff themselves in order to ensure it's OG.
  13. I'm looking forward to when you are able to reveal it! Thanks again for your support. @@Moses_FPS "2+2 = 4" @@Oriiii " but what is 2???"
  14. Thats awesome! I am definitely interested in tournaments in the future but just having it for Free Play was awesome, and it did help let players rotate in and out as they chose, pick the maps and opponents they wanted etc. I unfortunately realize that more people would probably be interested in H2 and H3 despite my opinion with CE 2v2 being the pinnacle of competitive modes, with the benefit of only needing two tv's xbox's (non NHE) to run. Split Screen on H2 and H3 is not great so you either need 8 boxes and tvs' or settle for split screen. It was cool getting a full Halo 5 team to come by and split up and play against each other to prove who was better. I was instigating a lot of that We were stoked to be there and showcase our game to the world. I planned to hit you up on twitter but you beat me here with a response. I'm always willing to help out in any ways I can. Depending on the locations of events I can try to organize or get in touch with people who have equipment. Thank you though for the support, as well as the rest of 343. We've had more opportunity for CE in this past year and a half than we have in the last decade.
  15. It was UMG Daytona and it was awesome. There were a lot of people involved in making that happen from Strongside/Goldenboy to Proverb and some UMG guys and even Tashi. It seemed like Tashi was really on board with trying to do something like this in the future. I know he was even acquiring his own equipment to LAN on. This is the only Halo 5 event I went to. I'm sure they vary from each other but in my opinion there needs to be a lot more there for both spectators and players. I had an awesome time playing Halo CE but had an equally awesome time teaching people, watching people, and talking with them about their stories and backgrounds. There were a lot of players who got knocked out of the open rounds on Friday night. All they could really do was watch others, play in the FFA, or come check out Halo CE. A lot of people there were saying how they wish they could have this but with Halo 2 or Halo 3, which makes me sad a bit when we had Halo CE NHE in front of them, but it makes a lot of sense to me. Logistically it's harder to set up and run those stations, but its something I don't mind doing. Ask the Beach LAN guys that went, I barely played at Daytona. I spent more time trying to rope people into our section and get them playing. Idk why but I always got a lot of enjoyment out of watching and teaching others about the games I love. Just kind of rambling at this point, but I will reach out to Tashi and see what their plans are. I'm sure that plenty of people would love to play old games at these events on the side. While H2 and H3 are popular that takes more logistically and probably requires others in the community to step up. I just know that based on these past years locations for events, there are local scenes that exist for H1 that can provide the equipment.
  16. There's some pretty good 4v4 obj modes for certain maps that play well, even a few of the new maps but yeah overall there 4v4 Slayer in CE is just not good. It's been proposed by others but I wonder how the game would play out if Player 1 and Player 2 on Red Team controlled each other's spawns, then Player 3 and Player 4 would control each others spawns.
  17. Big old wall of text incoming. It's not that any of the MCC players are unskilled in certain aspects, it's just that without split screening I don't feel like you are getting the best practice you can to prepare you for LAN. Maybe people are just more aware than I am without having the actual visual information for them. I've got a question for MCC players. How do you constantly give your partner a better spawn? I am aware of the kill feed and can time it a bit but there are definitely times in the game where I mistime his respawn or an not aware he died because I misread the feed at first. Do you guys actually communicate "I'm dead" as a call out? Do you occasionally miss a spawn because of the lack of information? Everything still exists in the game whether it's MCC or LAN but the nuances of baiting/switching as well as team shooting from seeing both screens are improved on LAN. I might be in a room with a teammate and an enemy, they fight each other and kill each other and the enemies body explodes to a location that I wasn't paying attention to so I walk near his death cam but on split screen I might be able to see that body. It basically has less to do with any individual aspects of the game, like shooting, throwing nades, timing etc. It has more to do with perfecting teamwork in a sense by using 2x the information available. There have been a few people attending LANs this past year that either are pretty new to Halo CE or play on the PC version. A common call out at LAN's is "See that?". I am almost always met with a "No" or a "see what?" in regards to something important happening on my screen. It's not a no like 20-30% of the time but closer toward 90%. That call out could be in regard to a rocket laying down near them, and opponent, a camo guy moving across my screen, information on a death cam (which can be a multitude of scenarios) I'm far from a top player, and I'm sure theres some MCC players that would beat me on LAN. I'm not posting this to downplay anyones skills. I just thing there is actually quite a significant skill in being able to screen watch and apply that information instantly. Going from XBC to LAN helped me improve a lot, but even from then it wasn't till I started to constantly LAN with people better than me did I improve. I never felt that level of improvement while playing MCC, because I already knew the nade tricks and spawns but that isn't what I needed to improve on. To use a different example, I went to a Shadowrun tournament at EsportsArena this past winter. When I played online I was ok, and played troll for a team that was all much better than me, against a team with much better players and the "best troll in the game". It was rough online because in Halo i was always a support player and in Shadowrun troll kind of goes at the right moments to clean up a fight that was already initiated. (there's no indicators on the map where your teammates are) I would hear gunfire knowing my teammate went in, I would go in to help him and he would instantly teleport out and run away, all in the course of literally a second. Communication can help but kill times and abilities are super fast so it's hard to communicate going in fighting and leaving all in a second. Basically at the tournament I was 10x better than I was online because I could screen watch. My character benefits too from sitting back a bit so I had extra time to do that all. I was able to call out every call out on my teammates screen that they for some reason didn't communicate. I could back out of my push at the last second cause i could visually see my teammate is preparing to back out. Nobody on my team was screen watching or even at the LAN in general. It was mind-blowing to me coming from an era it having such importance. Only one other person seemed to take advantage of it and it seemed like it boosted their gameplay too.
  18. It's been pretty long since I watched a scrim. Thanks for posting that @@Too Much Tuna
  19. I know it's not the same, but I occasionally like to remind people about the most neg repped post in the history of this site. I'm indifferent towards him but I just get a kick that this has been negged over the course of a couple years lol. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/9179-halo-championship-series-season-2-teams-seeds-and-discussion%E2%80%8F/page-177?do=findComment&comment=435195
  20. Unless you are split screening I don't think you are getting nearly the level of practice you need to compete on LAN. It's still possible to do well but there's just small things people don't do or are aware of. I feel clueless when I'm not split screening compared to when I do. I don't think any of the MCC guys on this past years Beach LAN showed up. Bobby gained his fame through MCC but apparently played before that and he's gone from a laggy name to arguably a top tier player that has continuously took games and series off other top players. As far as the pistol, I believe there is a mod on PC called the "No Lead" mod, where regardless if it's 20 ping or 200 ping you still put your cross hair in the same spot. It helps create consistency in a sense but at the same time I have no idea why my bullets sometimes hit and don't.
  21. I'm not saying I liked their decision but I understand it where it came from. Sure, we can add options that Basu suggested. It's how overwatch works and I'm sure other games as well. Overwatch has other problems with alt accounts due to only letting you search within certain ranks. I post what I did to put some insight into what their line of thinking was. There was not this conspiracy against competition. Shadowrun was designed to be one of the most competitive shooters and this is what they came up with due to the problems with cheating. If they implemented the OW system it could work well but a big benefit of gaming today vs back then was the ease of updating compared to back then. I'm stuck in the middle though, I think I've played way more games that have no or poor visible ranking systems because to me, gameplay is more important. At the same time, I can't confidentially say I would have played halo 3 as long as I had without those incentives. In this day and age they should have it figured out no problems. I also am sure what Frankie said so I don't know if it was blown out of proportion. I did personally think it was bad. You would have to bridge host just to not get cheated in halo 2. Sometimes it would be hours before I had a legitimate match.
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