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  1. It's a really fun flying battle game that is basically all dog fights. It's really well made in my opinion and a ton of fun. Amazing party style game. People sometimes forget that there were amazing XBL titles before Halo 2 and this one is up there with the best of them.
  2. Apparently you can play Crimson Skies on Xbox One over xLink Kai. Good to know for all these other BC games.
  3. Apparently people are able to play Crimson Skies on the Xbox One over Xlink Kai. @@Hootspa I don't have the disc but I hope this is something that becomes popular.
  4. I could see why. What maps/gametypes from H1 anniversary ended up working in competitive reach? I get that Reach was the most popular at that time, and that it was being supported and stuff but it amazes me how the majority of Halo pros haven't touched and have no desire to touch Halo CE, but this was something willingly looked forward to and played. I wonder if any of that is attributed to how anniversary played. /mini rant.
  5. What were pro opinions on playing Damnation 4v4? As nice as the map looks visually I can't see this or prisoner working well or even being 1/10th of the fun of CE. I know they added a couple of things to each map to make them play better but I never watched 4v4 on Damny in Reach and it does not look like something I would want.
  6. @@Hard Way I've heard of that spawn idea for 4v4's before and like it. I just am curious to see how it plays out. I wonder if it can create some divide and conquer like control that is overwhelming. The upside is that the defensive teams have some sort of control to break the set up. @@BigShow36 I haven't heard of that spin on it yet, interesting but I would probably prefer having it so each team has two groups. Player 1 and Player 2 effect each others spawns where player 3 and player 4 effects theirs.
  7. I've met him in real life a few times. I actually got the complete opposite vibe from him in real life, but despite me having twitter, I don't read or follow much of the scene. Sure, I would like MLG back. Who wouldn't? Do I think it's likely? No. I think at most we will see an event take place like X-Games and they will be involved for that and thats it. I think it's fine to be hyped and hopeful for them to get involved again, but I think I'm still going to prepare myself to hear the TO is something else. I don't think it's odd to put more weight behind what he and others are saying versus what random kills are typing in twitch chat. Its all just speculation anyway. I just want announcement so it's official and done. So sick of having to wait for basic information. Even more sick of cryptic tweets and hints. Thankfully MLG has toned those down in recent years.
  8. Others that tend to work the events were saying similar things. I know nothing has been announced but I guess I'm putting more faith into what they are hinting at than everyone spamming MLG in twitch chat. I mean, I do hope it's MLG though.
  9. Yeah sorry I will try to link them from my phone but twitter gets blocked at work for some reason.
  10. I'm getting flash backs to when we walked to get beer at Beach LAN and were talking about the quality of the posters/threads here.
  11. I'm seeing on twitter from Proverb and others that it is not going to be MLG. When is the actual announcement?
  12. Forgot about this thread. I posted in the MCC one about this. 13 games is less than I was expecting but the more I've been looking into old games the more lisencing issues I've found. Whacked! Is one of my favorite original Xbox games. That studio shut down, no clue who holds the rights. Mech Assault was made by Fasa Studios who had shut down as well. I do think they have the rights to the mech assault games, (not mech warrior) however there is some shitty papa roach song in the game that I don't think they can get the rights to. Sucks there's no online servers but tbh I'm really impressed with the emulator team and the effort they have put in. Reach came out and people complained about the poor performance, they fixed it pretty quickly imo. A few weeks ago I hop on and notice they did the same hot fix for Shadowrun... a game that I can guarantee you they received no complaints over considering I might just be the last person that plays who would vocalize it lol.
  13. I'm certainly not happy it's not included and had my fingers crossed we would get online capabilities but I am in no way surprised by this They could have just went with any 4 player split screen multiplayer game to test for bugs/frame drops. Not sure why this one specifically was picked but I think it's a better party style game than say adding unreal championship. (I hope they add it) With only 13 games coming out I honestly have no idea what to expect out of this. There's more and more titles that in looking into seems to have lisencing issues. Definitely sucks. Even with no servers I hope they add h1 and h2. It also seems very very unlikely for a tunnel packet system to be ran on the Xbox one. Hoopsta had explained it was against the terms of service.
  14. I guess I'll post it in a spoiler tag just incase. I got an achievement for getting the first but can't remember if I got a coin for it. The second secret path I found did get me a coin, but I am not sure if you would have just gotten a coin regardless for talking to the person had I approached them normally. However they said something like "Thank you! I knew there was another way around" or something similar and got a coin out of it. Bro...that makes complete sense about the coins being in the platforming level. I feel like such a dumbass lmao. It makes sense to me now but I am not kidding when I say I have been walking around every pixel trying to initiate some secret. I can rest easily now. secret paths so far -
  15. I wish it tracked the amount of times you had to retry as well. I definitely have quit out of like a hundred rounds just because I got hit once too early on. Congrats on doing it in just under 200 deaths lol, I guess I'm going to be finishing with closer towards 300 or 400 if that is the case. Also, I have only found 2 secret paths so far since I've made it to the second island. Is there more interaction with the characters on the map? For example you talk to a gold coin on the first island and he mentions something about (not word for word) how he doesn't trust the bank and keeps all his coins with him. If someone is lucky enough to find one so be it... When I read that I walked around the entire map 5 times clicking A on every pixel possible hoping I would find a hidden coin similar to a hidden item in the pokemon games or a secret room in Doom. No luck, but it seems like in talking to the characters that you are supposed to find stuff or people and I haven't completed one interaction yet. @@Killmachine Hell sounds good to me. This is such a refreshing game for me to play. Loved Smash TV, Jackal, Contra, Metal Slug etc. The art style is a large part of this but I am really impressed with this game and the ways you can beat it. For example, in island two, there is a platforming level where you parry on playing cards and it will reverse gravity for your character. On the top of the screen cars come out and on the bottom ducks come out. I would shoot all the ducks and proceed and then get to the mini boss of a wall that was shooting the cars out of his mouth, shoot and kill him and walk through. Now I realize that you can duck the duck, of course this is a thing. Jump over two smaller ducks and progress that way. THEN when you fight the wall, you actually don't have to fight it at all. You can dash in and past the mouth as soon as it opens. The trial and error in this game can be frustrating but is also part of the appeal to me. If I am having trouble I stop myself and completely change my approach/tactics.
  16. Cool. Came home today to find out something is up with my refrigerator and it's not maintaining a cold temperature. A lot of my food went bad. I just want to take the time and thank @@Beyond Entertainment for allowing this to happen. Unbelievable.
  17. How many deaths do you guys have in Cup Head? last I checked was 141 and I know I racked up like another 10 on a level. I have one more level in island 2 where you are jumping from cloud to cloud fighting a dragon. This level has given me more trouble than any so far but apparently I need a better weapon than what I am using. I just choke at the end when the dragon has 3 heads, shoots out a fireball that will split into 4 if you hit it. Amazing game though. Idk why but I almost always would just rather play a FPS game. However Cup Head and Sonic Mania were so well done it had me wanting to play those over shooters.
  18. I had just as much say in that discord as I did in yours, which is basically none. It's all fighting games, destiny, and other games now anyway from what I can see. Don't really have any of those though but might pick up DBZ since it looks pretty good. Sounds like you guys still talking about Halo and I'm sure thats quite a read.
  19. What a debate lol. Make me wish I wasn't kicked out of the safe space so I can see just how big of a deal this is to everyone. Didn't realize people here even played competitive overwatch either unless people are just taking abut running comp at diamond or something.
  20. Whoa whoa whoa. Any sort of blame on the inactivity of this thread is 3,000,000% because of the quality of the game and has and never will have anything to do with quality of people who post. It's not our fault that our friendly shining personalities were destroyed by MCC. If the game was in a working condition then nobody here would be an asshole. It's practically science. @@Nokt you brought up some good points. Thanks for giving it a shot. edit: ING put out an article on the first 13 games for original xbox BC. Not really sure where to post this but some people were hopeful for getting servers back up. The article says there will be no servers (not surprised) These are the first 13 games you can play on any Xbox One if you own the title, beginning tomorrow: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Ninja Gaiden Black Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge Fuzion Frenzy Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Psychonauts Dead to Rights Black Grabbed by the Ghoulies Sid Meier’s Pirates! Red Faction II BloodRayne 2 The King of Fighters Neowave
  21. Watched a bit yesterday, ended up reconnecting with some old players in chat too which was nice. Small frame drops earlier in the day that were cleared up, but there really weren't any other problems other than some downtime. Great gameplay, great production. Love me some goldenboy on the mic so it's great to have him back, but the casting has been good overall. Would have loved to see wonderboy out there as well. What's great on top of everything is that I am able to come here and discuss the event a bit more with fellow fans but while doing so get official updates on the events from Simms and Tashi. I haven't watched much of any online cups but I'm pretty damn motivated to watch this event.
  22. Every time I see a picture of the set up at an event, I think... wow those monitors are pretty far apart.. must be annoying to screen watch. Do players have the freedom to move them closer to each other?
  23. I get the vibe he's talking about making additional accounts that don't require Gold. If you have a gold account on your xbox than all your accounts are able to play online.
  24. Not so much a commercial but the Beach LAN promo by Weedmaps was pretty cool. Then they shaded us the following year and decided the cherry on top would be to delete and remove the promo. I thought it definitely captured the old school feel. I mean theres a portion that patch and legend are talking to each other and you can see a small kitchen timer clipped to Legend's shirt.
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