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  1. Just as a reminder, when Halo 2 came out, the majority of the competitive Halo community that attended events disliked the game. It caused a large amount of people to quit playing Halo all together and was a bigger shift than I think people realize in terms of the "classic" halo formula. People didn't universally praise Halo 2 until 07 when those H1 players were long gone, and newer players came in and got to play better maps/gametypes than Ivory Tower TS. Regarding Aim Assist/Magnetism, I would be very interested in seeing how it would play out if it was toned down. Yes, it is very high, but I still never found pro's hitting perfect 4 shots EVERY single kill. As far as I know all of this was an intentional decision based on standard internet connections at the time. Since that has improved, I wonder how the game would play. Regarding the viewership for Beach LAN, it's pretty tricky. We had a higher peak last year around 1000 when snipedown/lethul hosted us. I tried to contact pros seeking their support for this year but had no luck. I'm not too sure if they simply are busy, do not see my messages, or if they just don't like Halo CE. Despite those numbers, this year we had a higher average count. Our average throughout the week was close to 100. One video was 24 hours long, and the average on that day was like 120 which I thought was pretty cool cause there was like 7 hours of that stream that had very little viewers. Having hosts from popular people as well as other personalities tweet it out and stuff, but once the viewer makes it to the stream, they have no idea what is going on or why it is skillful. Things like Quad POV, or even just the split screen throws people off. None of these viewers are aware of the spawn system and how often there are all these conscious decisions to spawn them safely, aggressively, randomly etc. I can write wall of text after wall of text, link to videos and threads but there is just no way to properly convey the skill level of 2v2 CE to the viewers. It really is amazing, I even feel like a lot of the people here that praise CE aren't aware of all it's depth. Some on this site do go to the bigger LANs, but I have played CE from the start and have known about it's mechanics and depth but it wasn't until I started to go to LANs with top players did I realize there was so much more to executing the knowledge that I had. That probably exists at some level on every game.. but I don't know how to convey to the viewers that what they are watching is a great display of mental skill and awareness when to many of them it seems like people are just running around doing whatever. Theres a website called fiver that I was looking at. Just a heads up, if you go to it you will get ads everywhere for it. Anyway the concept is you can get work done for cheap, and they have a few instructional videos like an animation of someone writing/explaining stuff on a white board. I mean, we have a training mode in the game now and it's a big help for newer players if those players ACTUALLY want to learn the game, but that requires them to attend a LAN. Idk where I am going with it but I figured I'd just write up my thoughts on the problem with viewership. I really think that if everyone who supported Halo ended up supporting Halo CE we would see a much bigger presence, and maybe some sort of small scale revival. We are lucky to have the support of some big names though. Puckett, Walshy, Ghost and a lot of others have tweeted us out. Unyshek hosted Beach LAN on Halo's official twitter, and thank fucking god for Moses. That guy does more than anyone for Halo online and his efforts help us out so much.
  2. Responded on my phone but I guess it didn't go through. Yeah I meant strictly multiplayer customization options, like settings mutators etc. Even still thats what I was told, and I never got to experience that for myself. In regards to actual game content it's unbelievable how much that game had. I was convinced to play the co-op campaign with a friend who I played the N64 version with. The moment the game started up and I heard the dumb music, I laughed. It felt so out of place for me coming back to the PD world. Was Joanna a punk rebellious teen all of a sudden? I thought PDN64's story was great even though it was somewhat simple. Like they didn't go in depth to explain everything but I felt the actual maps and gameplay helped with the actual telling of the story. What I liked about PDZ was playing the story with a friend, and being able to play on a higher difficulty that added additional objectives and promoted a tactical approach. Overall, I just miss that. It didn't do anything better than PDN64, but it was refreshing to go back and try something like that. Art style, weapons, levels, everything I just couldn't get into. What an amazing world they had with PD... they decided to trash that for no reason I can come up with. Even the concept of Joanna Dark was awesome. She WAS the female BOND. PDZ she seemed like a punk chick that would whine or something. I get it's a prequel so it's not going to be futuristic, but if I'm not mistaken PD wasn't ever set that far in the future to begin with.
  3. Wall of text incoming. I rocked that skill gap signature forever and am a bigger fan of CE than I am of Halo 2 but I feel like we are treating the game as if it's the easiest and most brainless shooter out there. Compared to CE there are a lot of things that I really don't like, but compared to the rest of the series I feel it does a lot better. Yes, Halo 2 is a mainly a teamshot based game. There is opportunity for you to kill multiple people quickly with tools like BXB, BXB, Doubleshot and a bunch of other small random glitches like throwing a nerd and picking up an OBJ, double nades, RRXB, etc. Are any of these really incredibly skill inducing? I view doubleshot and the RRXB as glitches that require some skill. Compare this individual power to Halo 3 and the later games. How many people played competitive Halo 2 to the point where they discussed hypothetical situations regarding what happened once you were set up and they attempted to break it? I'm not talking about competitive custom games with skilled friends, but an actual practiced team of 4 that could execute these fairly easily? I ask because keeping a set up wasn't as brainless as I feel you guys are making it out to be. It is a million times easier to hold the set up than break it but even on practiced teams I found that people were poor at knowing what to do when a specific person on their team goes down and how to rotate and make up for it. Lockout's map layout makes it easier than trying to maintain some set up on Warlock, but the point still stands. This would be an example of what I am talking about. I get that there is a large difference of nuances in the game from Halo CE to Halo 2 that make CE a better and more balanced competitive title for their premier game modes. I think that the mechanics of Halo 2 don't actually help with any favors regarding to the strategy of the game. Easy melees, high bullet magnetism, and the dynamic spawns detract from the skill of Halo 2. Dynamic weapon spawn systems do more than anything to force this camping play style. So while I can admit and agree that Lockout does not play well for competitive 4v4 slayer, I do think it's a good map overall in Halo's universe. I'm guessing that's just sarcasm as to why you can't figure out why people give it more of a pass for oddball. Despite the ease of Halo 2 compared to Halo CE, I just disagree with the notion that maintaining set ups at a high level required no thinking whatsoever. I will admit it requires a lot more coordination for the pushing team than the camping team. I just don't believe that the ability to rotate properly depending on who is being pressured and who goes down first relative to their approach is such an unskillful ability. For 4v4 Halo I think basketball is usually a good analogy in terms of how the game is so dynamic (compared to say football) The fundamental skill of dribbling a basketball is not difficult (shooting in Halo 2) but the ability to read and adapt properly to the offense/defense is, and of course the better the competition the better your dribbling/shooting needs to be overall. Go to a Halo CE LAN and see how many people want to play Damnation after playing it 2-3 times that day. You would be shocked at how often that map is skipped at LANs for the sole reason that people do not want to play a 20 minute TS game that's best strategy is to safely wait for the new camo cycle and nade it down (when you aren't in control) and to nade it back (when you are). The reasons I dislike Damnation are the same reasons I dislike Lockout. I love the maps overall, but they aren't flawless by any means and despite the differences nuances, they suffer the same fate. tl;dr - I think you guys are downplaying the skill of Halo 2 all together and this is coming from someone who greatly prefers Halo CE to Halo 2 and recognizes the difference of skill gap.
  4. I do prefer CE but love me some H2 as well. I agree with the shortcomings of lockout regarding it being a standoffish map that isn't helped out by the dynamic weapon spawn system. I do think breaking a set up on lockout requires a lot of coooridinaton and team skill. I still remember going to my first NJ halo tournament and sitting down at a table with our team going over how we planned to break the set up. Things evolved and improved strategy wise since then. We actually would try to rush top mid to library with a guy bottom blue who would shoot window, lift and keep applying pressure. Two teammates up at snipe 2/3 that would also apply pressure and the last would jump from the tail of s1 to top mid to library. This was like 05, at the end of 2007 we were going down to elbow and throwing nades into window and short ramp etc. It reminds me sorta of damnation and the coordination it takes when you have no map control and camp is coming up. It's typical that one player throws a grenade to knock camo into pit. Camo is too important to give up so players will either drop for it themselves, or be forced to make the decision to watch top port and keep a beneficial spot on the map. Watching top players coordinate this is always cool. Obviously things are a bit different in the situation, but it's an example of how sometimes unfavorable situations demand a tighter window of coordination.
  5. Not sure how to embed a link on mobile or if people here get tired of my endless CE promotion (spam) but we've been LANing CE all day today. We were gonna stop at midnight but Prime just got here so we should be playing for another 2-3 hours at least. Www.Twitch.tv/lmegl_xo Prime is playing in a 3 piece suit. His shots looking as clean as his outfit. 5:00 on the dot and we are done here. Thanks for stoppibh by and watching me get destroyed
  6. @@MultiLockOn Why is that for lockout 1v1's? I never was a big fan of 1v1's in halo in general. Always felt that if you were going to 1v1 someone in halo as a testament of player skill, then you should play a different game more suited to dueling. MLG's choice was wiz and warlock. Wizard, while somewhat uninsipired, had 2 power ups for each player (since you can't stack) it had no top spawns. Warlock at least has top spawns yet somehow has a worse spawn trap when you camp the section where the ramp meets a plat. They may have picked the maps because they were symmetrical and fair, but I'm not sure if I know anyone who competed in halo 2 that actually prefered warlock to lockout, or any map to lock out for 1v1. I feel that it's biggest problem was sword/snipe and the dynamic respawn system. If it was static I think snipe would be more tolerable. I think a large part of this has to do with the ability to push and take various different routes that are just borderline impossible to make in 4v4 scenarios. I loved the jump tactics on that map and thought it was a large part of the 1v1 experience on lockout since we don't have the same emphasis on dueling like quake does. Sometimes I find there is a blurred line regarding the word competitive. Octagon is competitive and pure aim/strafe skill, but puts no emphasis on showcasing a players map awareness and control etc. A map like lockout for 1v1 offers a lot more to it to display those aspects, even though it has other problems like dynamic timers, starting spawns etc. With all this said. I'm still not a fan of 1v1s in halo.
  7. Since I double posted... Www.Twitch.tv/lmegl_xo Small CE LAN that was supposed to end at midnight but is now going till who knows when
  8. Same developers right? For n64 at least. I heard pdz had a ton of options too but yeah it's insane what you could change in PD N64. the level of depth to the AI control and options were well ahead of its time..
  9. Nope no PC for me. Was it just "teapot" or "Teapot Yo"? I play on Xbox. Some cute chick stole my Teapot Yo twitter handle and I'm like wtf why would anyone want that handle.. but then I realize that I do so.. yeah. Probably not many teapot's out there but it wasn't me.
  10. You guys are talking about different things. Anti aim being better than anything? Good one lol @@Ling Ling - I played both that and Quake Arcade Arena a lot and neither of those games felt so difficult to the point that I want to stop playing. In fact the challenging aim is fun. better add the disclaimer that I'm not stating it's better on a console/controller just to be safe.
  11. To those discussing, when we say no aim assist is it just assumed that there is no bullet magnetism either? For your example using CE, which I don't think BigShow was gg at, you also have no bullet magnetism which to me is the more helpful factor in CE. I'd be curious how it would feel keeping the magnetism while removing aim assist. I think a game that didn't have regenerating shields/healths would be more tolerable, along with weapons that have quick kill times, so Halo definitely feels pretty bad without it.
  12. I can see the picture now too, but thanks for clarifying. I had a feeling that by the time I got home from work they would have fixed this.
  13. The picture is not showing up, can you explain a bit more? I want to try this after work today and see what you are talking about.
  14. I really have no idea. I figured the game is saving to my xbox hard drive. When I was a kid I would get upset when my gameboy or Snes games would lose their data but that at least MADE SENSE to me that the games data was saved onto the cartridge. That would be cool if you could do that but I doubt you can with Xbox. I was around 75% probably.
  15. Backyard Football had better team names and logos than this.
  16. Regarding melee's. Do we keep Halo CE's mechanics where each weapon and a different melee hitbox?
  17. So I completed the 2nd island in Cuphead, and beat like 3 bosses in the 3rd Island when the game crashes. I reboot the game and my save data has been wiped out. So frustrated.. like I was already mad that the game didn't release with online multiplayer but I really don't feel like redoing this game even though it's been really good and a bit frustrating so far. Apparently it's not that rare for the game to do this, and most of the complaints are on PC. They should put a disclaimer on shit like this if it's a known problem.
  18. Yeah for the most part they are. It will alway range. There's players who have been around forever like Elbowhead who never purchases teleport (by personal preference) so even on console people have a chance against these players. However a lot of the top Xbox guys now play on PC too so it can be tough. Theres some helpful people in that discord that I'm sure will be down to help you out. I barely even touch the game anymore because playing it on LAN spoiled me similar to how I have no desire to play MCC Halo CE, but if you need some people I'll hop on.
  19. Yeah you are very late lol but people still do play. Join the discord in the OP. A lot of people play on PC so just be prepared for that, but there are still console players trying to organize their own matches.
  20. @ I fucking knew it! I just found 2 coins hidden in the first islands without having to talk to anyone. I swear I checked every inch of the map but somehow missed them, and somehow just found 2. Glad older games have conditioned me to mindlessly walk around looking for secrets.
  21. Idk! WHY ARE WE YELLING? Not only is it Backwards Compatible, but we had a legit LAN tournament last February. Shameless plug here -> There's some other footage of other rounds elsewhere. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT... The Shadowrun community is also planning on renting a Air BnB the same week right across from the Halo CE Beach LAN this August. They released it a little under a year ago, and the emulator was pretty decent, not the best, not the worst, but within a month they had updated it again similar to Reach.
  22. Just curious, have you tried out NHE and the new maps? We ran like 5 new maps back to back and it was the only time I ever felt that sensation again within the same game. It felt like the very first time I ever played.
  23. I'll have you know that there were TWO servers going on Shadowrun last night thank you very much.
  24. This is speaking in terms of todays skill level for Halo CE. Ogre 1 has not kept up with the game like Ogre 2 has despite being a top player in the game when it was on the circuit. I'm pretty confident Ogre 2 wouldn't put his brother in the top 4 in based off of todays skill level.
  25. Harris Bro's H1 LAN is LIVE all weekend. For those that have been out of the loop, people refer to the top 4 players as the 4 Horseman. They are Legend, Patch, Ogre 2 and Harris. Harris hasn't played in a couple of years and just came out of retirement. It's amazing to watch imo. https://www.twitch.tv/harr1s_ Harris Poonmaster Gazzo Cat Simplify Seen Hugo Prime Dr.Pwn Doughboy JohnTheHero Hitokiri TomAce Lexmark
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