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  1. Do you know what Snipetality is recording? More of a feedback video? Or just a documentary on Halo? Thanks btw
  2. That rings a bell. I thought it was someone on optic but couldn't remember. Is there any update on that?
  3. I'll admit I thought it was pretty damn revolutionary to me for Perfect Dark N64. I don't remember playing a first person shooter let alone any game that had something like that. I don't remember if you could have 2 players walking around it in N64 though. I know you could on the XBLA port.
  4. I know it's not an actual true social space but those missions in Halo 5 where they were just hubs to go talk to people were basically the same thing.
  5. The elite controller is actually quite a bit heavier than the S type. I really like the weight of it.
  6. You should have seen me this last Beach LAN. I was wearing a brace, icing my hand and was putting on biofreeze like crazy, stretching, taking advil, sitting long periods of time. My hand actually got quite a bit better since then, but hurt a bit again two weeks ago after a single day LAN. I can play all day and night using my soft elite controller but the plastic on these OG controllers must have been made out of the same plastic as those old nokia phones. They're harder than metal. When I was younger I actually played with the Duke throughout the OG xbox's life cycle. It's been a while but I want to try it again and see if it helps out with my hand issues. I just have memories of the worst player possible on the team spawning right next to our tank thus fucking up everything lol. There was neutral bomb on Waterworks too right? Headlong to me is one of the best BTB maps. While things were laid out for offense/defense players still were able to go and contest the human sniper/camo by using the ghost on defense to rush up the ramp, or go and contest the rocket/overshield. I guess you could argue that you could take the warthog over to beam but thats more risky. We had so many dumb strategies and everyone on our team had a sense of what everyone else was doing so it often got really competitive at higher levels despite the mind numbing amount of cheesy tactics I could think of. I kind of imagine everyone did it but man I was a dick back then and even still on MCC you bet your ass I'm getting sniper on turf, grabbing the ammo then getting above the map with it.
  7. I hate to admit that I skip damnation a lot in series now. I do like the map in general but whether money is on the line or not that map is taking 20 minutes to play. My hands just can't go the distance like they use to...
  8. I was never a big fan of neutral flag for waterworks solely because that map would boil down to both tanks rushing the middle and whichever teams tank survived would win. You had rockets and a few other tools to help take out a tank, but so did the other team. I feel like I've lost many quick matches on that map/mode solely because of that kind of cheese. I'll agree that most of those modes are better for the weapon spawn system. I would say that if the defending team on headlong got the human sniper rifle + ammo box that was a pretty big advantage. Not as big as holding the enemy snipe/banshee on coagulation but still pretty nice. Super bouncing was another big issue in any OBJ mode. Despite the many flaws I can find I still considered it my favorite to play. Of course these things aren't exclusive to BTB and are more map exploits, but turning on your handicap on zanzibar and launching the bomb guy over into the base. Triple jumping up to the flag on Relic and throwing it down. This stuff, on paper, is just terrible but in practice it was a lot of fun to me. I remember playing defense on zanzibar and you'd rush for the items but we would also have to look up just incase bomb guy was soaring over. Oh yeah terminal was a lot of fun.
  9. I put a lot of time into Halo 2 BTB and almost the same amount into Halo 3. I always found it to be a lot of fun and thought Halo 2 had some amazing map/gametype combos but it's biggest downfall was the weapon spawn system. There was just a lot of opportunity in H2 to cheese your opponents through numerous methods.
  10. I also view it as kinda a niche esport. I'll never forget Meadowlands 08 how small the gears community was compared to Halo back then. Despite the fact that Halo community was 20x bigger than Gears, the Gears community was somehow 20x louder than us. It was to the point where I was standing with all Halo players just watching series of Gears cause they were so loud and into the game/rivalries.
  11. Can you win a match in Halo 5 and go down in level? It sounds ridiculous but it was possible in Halo 2 and was one of the things I hated about the 1-50 system. It wasn't very common but I guess it's possible in an ELO system so if they do bring back 1-50 I would love for that to change as well.
  12. Warframe just had a big update recently and I don't know all the details but my cousin played it before and after the update and said they added a bunch of shit to make it comparable to destiny 2. I played it before the update and thought it was cool but lack luster.
  13. Food for thought; if Halo CE had come out with XBL capabilities, would the various LAN groups really still be active today? In a weird way I attribute the lack of online play, the terrible PC port and everything as indirect reasons as to why the LAN didn't fade out. Halo CE appeals to casuals because it kept the core principle of bungies 10 seconds of fun (I forget what it was exactly) but also was very simple to pick up at first. You move, shoot, switch weapons, throw grenades and jump. A lot of the weapons are satisfying to use. It's simple to pick up yet hard to master. At Daytona long time h2-h3 and beyond players got a chance to play Halo CE. It seemed like there were a decent amount of people who consider those games to be the pinnacle of competitive halo that actually got to see what my elitist ass is talking about regarding CE.
  14. I'll try to look for it but seriously, can someone find that old Orlando 05 thread? Might be up on the gb forums.
  15. As always it would be better if they explained their decisions or felt why things weren't working before that warranted the change. I believe I said it before but I got major deja vu to the Orlando 05 thread (among others) that debated the use of pre patch halo 2 vs post. I'm lazy and on mobile, someone should link it because it's legendary. Some brutal trash talk between pros and even had them attacking MLG. There were a few threads that went over the pros and cons. It's been debated about for over a decade. Spread on a precision weapon is not the best way to go about balancing this. As much as I loved doing button glitches with the h2 BR, the h5 pistol is my favorite starting weapon since the CE pistol. I really wonder what kind of data they are gathering, and am sure they gather a lot that does not have to do with this update in particular. I ask though because I wonder if any of their data shows an increase in player base, player retention, quit rate etc. that's in game stuff but regardless of the data what is the reception? There is obviously a major backlash that I haven't seen since the breakout poll. Maybe pros band together behind closed doors about other topics but idk if I were 343 I'd be worried. H1 stream is live https://www.twitch.tv/lmegl_xo
  16. I'll post the link when I know if we are streaming but we're heading down to megs to LAN some h1. We're 2 hours away so I'll update if do go live
  17. I can't blame current halo pros that would rather jump ship to CoD than stay with Halo, but I just wish the majority of the competitive community would agree to support older more competitive titles like Smash has in the past. Don't get me wrong, of course I want them to support halo CE but even if chose not to and picked halo 3 I would support that because they are still supporting halo. I guess h5 and cod are relatively similar in certain aspects and a lot closer to each other than halo CE and halo 5 are but idk. I guess it's just a little sad to see it happen. I can understand the desire to play an active title with a massive competitive player base but meh.. hope things turn around soon. I actually reinstalled halo 5 myself since a friend got an Xbox one x but after reading the changes I've had little desire to play.
  18. Can confirm that this issue does not exist using Netscape on my Sidekick II.
  19. I personally enjoy playing it despite the fact that it's known as "random high" and offers a lot of potential for a lesser skilled team to squeak out a win on that map. I find it refreshing despite it's flaws. I can't imagine it in any other Halo game, and even if "Tombstone" was scaled properly for Halo 2 it still would have been terrible, and probably somehow worse than it already was.
  20. Awesome! For North NJ we LAN in Clifton and for South we LAN in Haddon Township. (2 hour drive for you) Majority of the active players are down there where as most of have been put into retirement, so we haven't hosted North lately. I just hit up my partner and let him know. His cousin plays here and there but not competitively so we'd get good series in. There is another host up north in NY very close to NJ in Stony Point I believe too, so we have options. While there are a lot of videos and megathreads on CE stuff, nothing will help you more than playing split screen training mode. I sent a ton of stuff to a SR pro in south NJ, played MCC with him for like a month trying to teach him and none of that compared to the 3 series we got in together on LAN. He improved 100x more in those series than on MCC. (because of split screen) Lastly, are there more H5 microsoft store tournaments? I just keep missing them.
  21. Sounds like you'd enjoy some sprint and thrust I always felt that the sequels were always praised higher than the last release by the majority, but it was the competitive community that had always expressed their distaste of the new game. I have my opinion about which games are the most skillful/competitive but I also have a different opinion on which games are "best" overall. Sure, 2v2 CE is my favorite by a lot followed by Halo 2 4v4's. However I don't mind admitting Halo 3 was the best overall game regardless of the bad game mechanics, simply because of the amount of content that game and at the time. I never really blame people for claiming that they think Halo 2 or Halo 3 is the best game. I only will speak up if they are claim for it to be more competitive than others type of deal. You are right about them changing the formula though. Thats why I never like to lump up "classic" halo because to someone who lived through each release, there are massive differences that were big issues to the community. Sure, it's not as detrimental as sprint and stuff I guess things will drastically change when you put various people in charge of the multiplayer.
  22. I don't prefer The World Is Not Enough. I liked it but it was the only other bond game on N64 and it was completely out done by Perfect Dark. I'm interested in why you feel it hasn't aged well? At one point in time I was blown away by Goldeneye as a kid and thought it was amazing. Going back to it now I can understandably see how bad it's aged to todays graphics. Perfect Dark made improvements, but still suffered the same fate to me when I go back and play it on N64. It's aged beautifully on the remaster, but the stock N64 game as wonderful as it, strains my eyes. My opinion here really isn't about the gameplay or single analog stick, just the frame rate, the visuals/graphics/clarity w/e. I know it's not fair to compare hardware wise, but look at the difference between Halo CE and Perfect Dark. What is amazing is that they released really close to each other, like 8 months apart or something. Halo CE to me is a game that has aged beautifully and despite how much I love the physical gameplay, a lot of that comes down to the visuals and clarity of CE maps and textures. Why do you feel that control scheme 1.2 is best? What does it do? You saw that I posted about a control scheme on N64 that lets you use dual analog sticks right? Once I found that I greatly prefer it so I'm interested why 1.2 is best objectively, unless it has something to do with speed running. edit: rather than double post for a different topic, I'll edit it here. @@Infinity - Have you ever played 2v2 CE on LAN? You are from North NJ right?
  23. Yeah I don't mean a 1 to 1 comparison of bond exactly but you went on to sum up why I felt they were similar. I watched the rare development and know about the influence from Joan of Arc. Listening to that video made me realize they really had a great vision of what they wanted in a game outside of the Bond license. Looking back, I am actually very happy they didn't get the contract to make the World is Not Enough. I like that game too and they obviously copied the gameplay from Goldeneye but you just didn't get that polish and quality that Rare had. Also the composer Grant is a God. I think theres a video game music thread here and I know I listed Perfect Dark but saw others do the same. I am not as well versed as you guys regarding the lore. I played through PDZ not too long after it was BC and just completely forget the timeline so that's helpful, but I can't really comment on any of it because I just think its a terrible disservice to the entire Perfect Dark universe. Looking back, these games were ahead of their time but unfortunately did not age well like many N64 games. The control style and single analog stick is so incredibly far from ideal in this day and age, but you do have a few options. If you are playing 3/4 player split screen then there's nothing you can do. However if you are playing Goldeneye or Perfect Dark on N64 by yourself or with 2 people, you can both selection control scheme 2.3 (I believe this is the one and I remember it distinctly in Goldeneye) Control scheme 2.3 allowed for two controllers to be used to control one player. I would hold two N64 controllers, one in each hand. I'd put controller 1 in my left hand, controller 2 in my right hand, offset them slightly like it was dual analog stick on 360. Left controller's Z button would aim down sites, right controller would fire the weapon. Its ridiculously close set up to the dual analog sticks that we are familiar with. Or you can try something interesting and let two people control bond and see how that goes.
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