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  1. Just host a LAN with 12 broken xboxes and invite @@Devilman. in 2 hours he'll have them fixed, take the faulty capacitors out and apply new thermal paste.
  2. Sounds good. I know a ton has changed from Daytona till now as well as this just being a fun idea that you wanted to do, not something set in stone. I'm just happy knowing you support it.
  3. Who hasn't played Halo 3?? Kappa I haven't myself. When Orlando was announced it was a bit too soon for me to plan for since I'm trying to save up for a couple of other trips. I still don't think I can swing it unless I had some help but thats not something I was reeky seeking either. UMG Daytona was very last minute for me but they had covered a hotel room which was awesome. There were a good amount of people that made it happen. Strongside I think was the first to reach out to us, then Goldenboy, and Proverb and I know Tashi was on board as well. I'm not sure who I should talk to specifically about it but assume it's Tashi. I've messaged Clap about Halo CE enough in this lifetime for him to file a restraining order against me. I've heard the saying in PR that there are a lot of moving parts taking place etc but for Daytona that was true. Not sure how this will pan out in the future.
  4. the cross hair in PDZ feels like it's covered in molasses while trying to walk through knee high mud drunk on crutches. its pretty bad
  5. I'm upset I can't make it. I was supposed to get off work but couldn't. Gazzo and I have been practicing a lot lately too and this was going to be the perfect test. I look forward to watching as much as I can though. The set up is unreal and we get to hear Hard Ways silky smooth voice. @@Devilman already linked his youtube but make sure to subscribe to it. Hopefully more LAN hosts transition into recording/streaming but he has some of the highest quality videos and uploads them very quickly. As you can see there are over 100 1 hour series on there. Here is a link to last LAN's thread. It's got some pictures, attendees and tournament results. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/15419-va-beach-lan-2017-halo-ce-tournament-may-25th-29th/?hl=beach It turns out I have two shitty drunk phone recordings of those 4v4's that I never uploaded. They're pretty bad though.
  6. Looks like everyone already commented on it. The majority of Beach LAN footage hasn't even been uploaded. It was BL5 that McDick has some ridiculous 35+ kill game on Chill Out where 30 of those kills are with a Shotgun. Jeenyus as that footie. There are actually quite a bit of games like that where the PR and Shotgun are used. I see people who played a bit of Halo CE that know about quick camo but don't utilize correctly or will keep their pistol with camo and rockets or camo and sniper. I talked to Ninja very briefly down in Daytona. It was a awkward conversation. I said whats up and introduced myself as one of the Beach LAN guys but told him I also watch his stream. He asked what my twitch name was and I told him Teapot and he flat out told me "No I don't". He says he knows all his subs and all his followers and he's never seen my name in there. I laughed it off and told him ok whatever I've watched you plenty of times and asked if he wanted to come check out Halo CE and he just said no. I felt like there was a hidden camera there and I was on stream and this was an act, but it wasn't. I just said nice to meet you and went on my way. There were other people who were more supportive that were worth the time. There is a decent sized Destiny and LoL Streamer named N3ac3y that went to Beach LAN 6. He was the very first person to reach max level in Destiny. Apparently him and ninja are good friends and he went to Ninja's wedding. He even says he can't convince him about CE at all.
  7. Ugh.. we have been trying to reach booshka for a couple years and this 4 year old necro bump got me excited for a second.
  8. I'm about to LAN soon and def gonna be trying out that spot. My guess is Stirfry. I'm on my phone so I can't really find anything now but I'm sure that's it. It's pretty new.
  9. Theres way too many for me to name. I've had a ton of stuff and it seems like "food truck festivals" are pretty popular now, at least in NJ. The Halal Guys at 53rd street and 6th avenue in NYC is top tier, but the tolls into the city cost more than the platters. First time trying Baos was at a food truck in Asbury Park.
  10. Not sure some of the maps. I can't tell if you are talking about decida regarding the damny looking map but I did see a clip of Hirsute's Stirfry which definitely has damny elements as well as an outside are that is cool. I've never seen that outdoor map though. I've also never seen someone get above the camo on Downrush like he did. Cool stuff
  11. Even though a lot of the competitive people I used to LAN h2 and h3 with moved on, I usually get each Halo game at release because I have a ton of other casual friends from town that love to play. Even still not all of those guys stuck out H5 so I'm not exactly sure how many will be getting Halo 6. I feel like if I ended up buying Reach, Halo 4 and Halo 5 then it's likely I'm going to buy Halo 6. I don't preorder games though.
  12. Tashi was very supportive of us at Daytona and expressed interest in offering some older side games at events. I know he's been gathering some equipment himself but I think we discussed the ease of having MCC available to handle all games quickly and easily compared to multiple set ups of various Xboxes and crt's/monitors. It's hard for me to say where people draw the line. For halo CE I firmly believe that the people who are already traveling to attend LANs would not show up if it was anything but OG CE, or NHE. For halo 2 and 3 I'm really not sure if people would write off MCC or not. Yes there are bugs and issues but it seems like the entire halo 2 and 3 community are playing some form of the game online. I hope someone can tell me I'm wrong but there are no LANs for halo 2 or 3 that I know of. I don't think a $5000 tournament is enough to really get older players to commit. Definitely not as a standalone event. I could be wrong, but I'm basing this off Beach LAN's turnout, as well as the halo 2 events at esports arena and homies gaming shack. I know it sounds negative but I just don't a lot of people will put their money where their mouth is. Granted, we haven't had a major, large scale tournament like MLG used to put on, but have had a couple other small outlets in the past that weren't taken advantage of. Right when the partnership was announced I had said I look forward to what MLG can bring to the table regarding these old games that tashi is supportive of.
  13. I haven't touched it in like 8 months or so and don't really have a desire to get on it again. Even some OG guys that are usually on seem to be playing other stuff like PubG and Fortnite. It's LAN or nothing for me now. Sure MCC is filled with bugs and issues but I've made a big deal over splitscreen before and it's also a large reason I don't want to play.
  14. I guess I am kind of throwing out the term grassroots loosely. This is a great example of what needs to be done to help build the community. Yeah it's M$ stores but it's spread out throughout the country and are essentially creating small local scenes. I am really glad they are doing it but can't help but feel the delay in getting it going really hurt it's potential. These M$ store tournaments need to be a thing when Halo 6 drops to maximize on the amount of people interested in giving competitive Halo 6 a shot.
  15. It sounds like things are on a better track now. Theres still plenty of work to be done in my opinion, some of which I feel will take some time. I feel that two years with the same maps and modes is not helping our scene, but at the same time I do not want the solution to be forcing in the DLC maps. Since I am not an active competitor, I don't even know what the starting weapons will be but I really hope it's not that BR with spread. I hope that with MLG comes a shift in focus for competitive Halo. Times change, I could be stuck in the past, but I feel the grassroots aspect of Halo was important to its success. More open events spread out throughout the country combined with the ability to use a PC to host a server hopefully will create more interest in the ability to LAN. I think it's one of the more important factors in longevity in a game. We have regional forums here that allow people to post where they are from and meet up with others, but they are a ghost town compared to the MLG forums. It's understandable for many reasons outside of Halo, like the shift from forums to social media etc, but I do feel the largest reason is because there was no LAN option, and no reason to host a LAN or bother finding others. It sounds like LAN will be a focus going forward for Halo 6, but I am curious at if these past 2 years have caused people to forget about it for the most part. About a week ago I went through the forums here to find the New Jersey thread. While very inactive compared to MLG forums prime, it still was pretty nice compared to other regions. I was able to message a player Eddo on here, who was 20 minutes from us and interested in Halo CE. My teammate and I cannot find any willing players in the area as all of them are older and have no desire to get better. We LAN'd from like 1:00pm Saturday to 11:00am Sunday. I'm kind of rambling but I don't know.. I cannot tell if I am older and this is a less important factor. Even if LAN works on Halo 6, are we full of a generation that does not care about them? Who knows. With the lack of LAN on Halo 5, I am curious if anyone actually ever hosted something by contacting the people on the regional section of this forum. I do know however that because of the regional section here we were able to have a kick ass H1 LAN that went for almost 24 hours
  16. The old MLG logo feels so right to me. The new one makes me want to get a sandwich from subway.
  17. I just thought about it but that means we'll have a mixer stream, twitch stream, and MLG.TV stream? Won't that take away from the billions of people watching on twitter?
  18. Awesome! I assumed we'd get one event at most with MLG similar to x-games but looks like we get a few more with them. I'm excited to see how this year turns out. I remember Tashi talking about wanting to incorporate some classic Halo games on the floor at tournaments. I'm curious to see what comes out of that with MLG involved.
  19. I'm not really trying to compare the games specifically just adding some perspective into the positioning aspect or more specifically the point of being punished out of position. Mechanical skill is a different story and overall it seems like games are putting more emphasis on movement rather than aim for mechanical skill. It's just too much to go through the games and compare each aspect of what takes skill and now they differ from each other. I enjoyed the early CoDs, and then found myself really enjoying CoD Black Ops II. I don't think it such a super deep game but I also wasn't anywhere near actual pro players. I found it actually to be incredibly easy to go off in lobbies and go 100-0 but when it came to actually playing game battles with an old Halo 2/3 teammate I realized the game had a lot more going team wise. Despite me being what I would considered good at CoD, my friend was somehow significantly better than everyone I ever played with or against. I get that the skill floor might be raised up a bunch and creates a compressed skill gap. I just think there is a difference in recognizing the skill gap is compressed and prioritizes certain aspects of the game over other aspects like reaction times over aim tracking compared to saying how trash and easy something is in a tone that speaks as if you would get past losers bracket round 2 at an actual event lol.
  20. So far that seems to be the case. I'm gonna keep playing with the Duke and see how it goes. Should be playing again this Saturday. We played like 18 hours although I sat for a few series. My problem is that I was not hitting the right face buttons lol. Hitting B when I wanted to hit Y. Always fucking up backpack reload and grabbing weapons. I used to claw throughout Halo but going back I only "semi" or "half" claw, where you only do it when you get into a double melee fight, so doing that with the duke was terrible. I finally got used to it at the end though. Yup same here. 360 wasn't so bad as OG for me, but I haven't gone back and had a very long session on the 360 since last year. Yeah I always liked them. I used them for the entire life cycle of the OG Xbox. Even clawed with them in Halo 2. I was like 11 though and the controller felt like the perfect size. When the 360 came out it felt like I could crush the thing. Eventually I guess I got used to the tiny size.
  21. We had a debate before on the word competitive. It depends in what context you are using it in. Are you arguing that the game has a set of mechanics that are considered hard to master, skillful or deep? If we took a game like that and it had 5 people playing it, then it wouldn't fall under someone else's definition of competitive. Pretty much and act can be turned into a competition, just look at stuff like the Rock Papers Scissors Championship. The game itself isn't exactly chess, but the AMOUNT of people that go to it is insane and thus becomes one of the biggest competitions of it's kind. There was a decent discussion about it when people were throwing around the Ogre 2 quote "Halo 3 is 10x more competitive than Shadowrun". As a huge Shadowrun fan of course I can try and quantify why I disagree, but depending on his context I can't say he's wrong. Both are competitive shooters, but without looking into the differences in the gameplay and mechanics, Halo 3 had 256 open bracket events where Shadowrun had 16. Those were people showing up to play. Online Halo 3 had even more teams than that and online Shadowrun was never even close to that. The mechanics differ between CoD and Halo and prioritize a different type of skill at the forefront. Each game will have some emphasis on aim, positioning, reaction time, rotating and more. The degree of which varies on the game. I don't really agree with that big post from Fitcherman, however I think there is SOMETHING there about positional gameplay, at least in the sense of getting punished. One could argue that if you are in that bad position but have an opportunity to escape than the emphasis on positioning isn't so extreme.. Obviously the emphasis on having map control and being in a position to support your team while rotating still exists. You also have to rotate in a way that keeps LoS on teammates to teamshoot etc. There is a lot that goes into the positioning of Halo. Knowing that positioning matters in Halo in that context, now look at what happens when you are out of position. Lets go through a few of the Halo games shall we? What happens in Halo CE when you are out of position? All you have is basically the ability to out shoot your opponent. You get PUNISHED every time you are out of position? Why? Because the kill times can be incredibly fast, and there is no opportunity for you to run away in CE. I find it has the most emphasis on positional gameplay out of the series. As the series progressed, kill times became longer and some emphasis changed as the mechanics and weapons changed. A major difference was the ability to lower your head and run away (strongside) combined with the longer kill times in general. Players would escape constantly in H2 and H3 for being out of position. I don't agree with most of what that guy is saying but I can at least understand his PoV if he's coming from this context. In CoD (at least boots on the ground CoD) the positional gameplay has a strong emphasis on the fact that once an engagement happen you WILL be punished with no real opportunity to escape. Basically, always a life or death scenario, where as with Halo it is possible to live to fight another day, which isn't actually a bad thing. All in all I don't know why it matters so much to others about the competitive merit of certain games. Play what you like, and discuss it with those that also enjoy it? It's like people complaining about mainstream music on the radio. What year is it? You have access to play just about any music anywhere but instead of doing so we'll just go out of our way to complain about shit and feel like we are doing some greater justice for the music industry as a whole.
  22. @OG Nick Just got back from a LAN and used the Duke all night and it actually helped out a lot. A little sore just from the amount we played straight but using that rather than the tiny S type made a noticeable difference.
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