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  1. 23 hours ago, Arlong said:

    Never played ce OG as I was a toddler when it came out(3 years old) so I never got the chance to live the days of OG Xbox Halo CE lans with random people and friends. Idk the differences in ce and mcc ce. It’s fair to note expecting good hit reg in a game that never saw the light of online(Xbc don’t count) to have quality hit reg.


    23 minutes ago, Arlong said:

    Maybe it’s a nostalgic thing. 

    How could someone who never even played the OG version make this claim? It's well documented that the PC version is a complete botch job of the game and that's the version they used on MCC. That thread that was linked by BigShow is a great example of how things are broken down mathematically in terms of human reaction times, time to kills etc. I'd like to imagine that even without playing the game I could come across a thread like this and walk away with an understanding of just how different it is compared to the times in later halo games. It's not so much an opinionated piece as it is a look at how these times interact with each other.

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  2. 14 hours ago, Hard Way said:

    Maybe he thinks TSK's are common.

    it actually blows my mind hearing how different peoples experience is with the game. I get having different opinions and I know MCC is a terrible port of CE but I feel like people are playing a completely different version of the game. I can't blame people for not wanting to learn the game in depth when they have to play a broken version though

  3. On 4/29/2019 at 5:01 PM, Silos said:

    I could be wrong if they updated things. But last I checked playlists are not ordered in terms of popularity.

    In terms of finding ranked matches. I thought you could only find games with people ranked within ten levels of you, if you're in a party it's within ten levels of your highest ranked player. So in your case if I'm correct, you can match between level 6 and level 26. Ogre 2 said he thought H1 2v2 was the exception and you could match within 20 levels, in my experience so far that hasn't been the case.

    Matching with people within ten levels is somewhat new, I want to say it was put in place late last year but I'm not sure.

    Late response but thanks for the answer. I wasn't sure what was up with CE, if there were just so few searching that it drastically increased its parameters. It does seem like it has a wider gap than the other playlists.

    Searched twice last night during different times for H2 Hardcore for roughly 30 minutes and didn't get a game. I'm still round a 16 or something so I think that's a pretty good range. I guess it just doesn't have the population it needs and never will. I'm playing at a level right now where any of my teammates can be a god or a noob. Sometime last week after 30 minutes of searching I matched Ogre 2 and his wife in a game, and they had a teammate that was looking at the floor while moving.

  4. 2 hours ago, TheIcePrincess said:

    I'm quite sad it took quite a few serious as fuck posts for someone to realize I was just baiting the hell out of this to see what responses I'd get. Not that I'm one for trolling for obvious reasons, but it's funny seeing how people respond when I post something so obviously bullshit. I didn't think I would get any responses, because I thought it was so obvious that the lobby was just a dumb one I ended up abusing because social obj. But alas. Here we are.

    Although, to the former point. I didn't go back to Waypoint just to rile people up. I ended up riling someone up during a sprint debate and made them eat a ban. Subsequently got solid PMs from it. It's not like I go around rustling people's jimmies. People just take shit personally, and lash out. For no reason. And like this, it just leads to endless entertainment.

    That leads into you two. Do you both really think that after I made a pseudo-name for myself in writing long ass tangents that people in other threads started dismissing as clogging up a thread, that I'd really change my tune and post shallow, one sentence riffs on a game and a pub stomp statline as if it proves anything? Like, whew, sorry. You got hooked in. If you two were fish, you'd be dead.

    It was a prank, bro. I wasn't serious. 


    Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Throws out bait, people take the bait, then you get mad that they take the bait lol. Yeah it definitely is sad seeing people respond to trolls but is it really that much worse than those who are so bored and unproductive that they seek the attention? I'm sure people just randomly started dismissing your long tangents as clogging up the thread for no reason. If I wasn't so lazy I'd pull up our discussion on how power weapons could have a slew of different mechanics that could balance them. Your responses literally made me choose not to debate actual game mechanics with you anymore. I'd even give props to Beast because during our discussion he was the one to actually engage in a meaningful conversation.


    Does anybody know what the parameters are on ranked? I remember a long time ago it seemed like 1s could match 50's in CE. I'm like 16 or something searching H2 Hardcore and I've gone 30 minutes without finding matches. Are playlists still listed in order of popularity?

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  5. I wouldn't want vibration on by default for any other features other than shooting and getting shot personally. Toggling them seems like the best option. I'm on the fence about having vibration used as a tool for timing button combos such as a double shot or a multitude of other ideas such as YY reloading. Seems like it could be overkill in a match, but a training mode that taught you all the intricacies of the game sounds good to me. Have a target practice mode or something and teach the timing of these glitches through visual or vibrating cue. I feel like this can only improve the average skill level of players.

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  6. On 4/19/2019 at 2:28 PM, TheIcePrincess said:

    You're still not using something because of a perceived cheapness to it, despite the fact it's in the game. Because it's not fun to play like that to you, it's cheap, and has no counter, despite you not governing what the game's rules are in the case of the former two. It's still your self-made honor system. You can try and argue you're "less of a scrub" because you may not bitch, but you're still a scrub. You're just the mandarin orange of scrubs if it makes you feel better, lol. 

    Late so I might repeat some ideas but isn't playing to win based off competitive gaming? Like this sort of limiting is fine for various reasons, whether it be practice or fun. If you are practicing you're bnb's and meatys then it makes sense that you aren't going to chain throw 4 times or run away for the time limit. Are you a scrub because you are practicing various techniques? If you do this but then drop these limitations in a competitive match than it no longer fits the definition. It's not that I don't bitch because it's a casual game, it's that I don't feel superior for not using the item or claim those who do it are bad. Imagine I posted quake links where someone won with quad damage and I said how bad they were for winning the game and complained because they wouldn't win without it. That I can see would be a pretty scrubby thing to do. Make excuses/deny accountability, play with limitations, feel superior, and state those who don't follow these same ideas are bad. If you choose to not pick up a power weapon because you have fun using the utility, I think that is ok as long as you have some sense of accountability that it is your choice and not a game design flaw. I think that is where we differ and I feel it is not so black and white.



    I use vibe when I LAN but don't use vibe when I am online. There's some issue with my mix amp or something when it vibrates it sends a buzz through my mic so I've shut it off completely. I keep it on when I LAN probably because I am just use to it but I never feel like it has thrown aim off from the vibe. I'm not even sure how much vibe there is on the OG controller. It's definitely less than half the players that use it at these LANs. It really doesn't effect me but it does help when I am busy screen watching or something and get hit. I can be looking at my teammates death cam and there is important info there like downed rockets or a camo player etc. I'll push that play while looking at my teammates screen and I could be shot in the back. The play is situational but from the vibe I can crouch and 180 immediately. I might take a second shot before I look away from my teammates screen and that could make or break the play.

    If we weren't doing split screen there is a chance I would leave it on without thinking about it but I'd be fine with it off. I'd also be fine with limiting or choosing what cause vibration 

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  7. There is clearly a misunderstanding here unless you feel these two ideas are literally the same.

    Both fall under the "scrub mentality" but the selling point of it all really boils down to how the scrub will complain and cry about these mechanics, deeming them cheap and shunning player's skill. They will limit themselves and then look down upon all others who don't follow suit. Most importantly, they will refuse to actually resort to "cheap" tactics even if the win is on the line. They would lose with their pride and blame the game and still be convinced they are of a higher skill level. They might feel as if they have better aim and therefor are the better player no matter what. They might feel like the combos and links are more well defined than someone who is playing a reactionary button mashing game, even if they lose.

    There is little here that actually applies to me other than the fact that I choose not to use it for my own fun. I think it's much more fun to play the game without it. I have absolutely no problem with others that use it. I've won plenty of duels and FFA's without it. I've lost without using them. I've lost without my opponent using them. If it's a match I want to win and there was no agreement made then I am absolutely picking it up.

    Both parties are limiting themselves, one will absolutely refuse to give in and has no self awareness of the issue at hand. The other will give in if they have to and have self awareness of their choice. Hopefully this helps you see there can be a difference in outlook. Maybe I am wrong and this is purely black and white to you.

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  8. Quad damage is one of the most over powered items I can think of. Nothing can really contest it other than running and if you get it in a FFA than you can walk away with a ridiculous number of kills. In a room full of noobs you can pick up 15+ kills. I don't see how that applies to snipes and rockets. Even when you are perfect with them you are less likely to have that big of a run compared to this. I figured more people were in agreement about quad being one of the most OP things in any shooter.

    99% of my matches I ignored the item, even when others would use them. Even if I killed them I often just let it sit there, or I'd pick it up and camp myself until it wore off. I just didn't find it fun at all and didn't feel like I needed it to win. If I was in a serious duel and the other person picked it up I wouldn't be happy but I'm also not going to cry about it. It's part of the game that I am choosing to ignore because I feel its too easy, too cheap, and has no real counter. Despite how I feel about it mechanically I am still aware that I'm creating these artificial rules in my head of how to play the game.

    I can respect anyone who think an item is cheap and consciously does not use them as long as they are aware that it is a choice and not the games fault.

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  9. If you are in a duel in quake and have the better aim but can’t control red armor or mega health, is this a matter of poor design or poor strategy?

    I think halo is a pretty straight forward game in terms of decision making for competitive players. Players instinctively move off spawn to a better spot without spending much time to think about it. One of the more interesting aspects to me is when a player has many choices. That’s where chill out 2v2 plays so well. Every two minutes you make a choice of sacrificing an item to get a better one. So I don’t really get this feeling in other halos. Pit can sometimes give this feeling when all the timers are close to each other. Other than that it’s just a matter of map control and positioning which should be the simplest concept for a competitive halo player. Pushing with a teammate and team shooting is one of the easiest strategies to do and is incredibly effective since later games don’t offer much individual power for a player to win that 1v2.

  10. It's certainly a slippery slope. I really disliked the shield regen in Halo 3 and I'm guessing the counter play to that is the shield drainer but it's just not a cohesive mechanic. I know for a fact that they were directly influenced by shadowrun to the point where the H3 regeneration field was even labeled as Tree of Life in the code. I know H2's lunge mechanics are a bit forgiving and odd, but I thought there was a lot more depth there with the button combos compared to Halo 3's melee trade fest. To me that was one of the lamest and most boring aspects of the equipment. I don't even think you could throw a nade at their feet and pick them off in time unless I am not remembering correctly.

    I'd have to see it play out to know but I like the idea of a link gun. I thought it was great in UT but just worry about the cheese here with regenerating shields. I picture a juggernaut standing in the door way eating nades and shots while his teammate is safely away from nade spam, or camping a corner. Heals + close range weapon + camping = a lot of cheese. Sure this allows you to be mobile but I do wonder how often people choose to use this to push offensively rather than sit back.

    I do agree that heals often lead to passive and campy gameplay mostly. That's how it worked in Shadowrun but you could at least destroy them or throw AMG's at them. This would get rid of the tree than eat the magic of those camping was very risky. It was physically how you had to heal but required rotating around the map quickly as a counter. 

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  11. I forgot about locking threads for a cool-off. Like the MLG am threads that were people who just non stop talked shit to each other, but were actual competitive players going to events so it was pretty much just about the game and not personal out of spite. I remember when they tried out the shit talk thread too.


    I remember they used to edit posts and leave something in saying who edited and why, but that seems like a moderating nightmare.

  12. 6 minutes ago, My Namez BEAST said:

    Hey fellow beyond brother! I'm just here to let you know that this post seems to contain an overall negative tone. As someone simply trying to read my favorite forum, your post is really setting a bad precedent. Please refrain from using such passive aggressive tones from here on out. Thanks Spartan and see you on the battlefield!

    thats a major yikes fam lmao. Its just an OPINION BRO lol like WOW. Big OOFs

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  13. 9 minutes ago, My Namez BEAST said:

    I literally don't even know what you are trying to say. There isn't some essay that needs to be written to me. This isn't some complicated moral bullshit. Stop with that Jesus Christ. Everyone has been insulting. We know this we fucking said this already. Like I genuinely don't have any idea WHAT you're trying to accomplish here. It's simply a fucking request to have a discussion.  Stop looking into it. Stop making up scenarios in your head. It's a simple request to talk in person about shit. Why are you making these essay posts about shit that means absolutely nothing to me. I've said what I said about 4 times now.

    I'm fucking tired of the petty personal bullshit vendettas people have here. And am willing to TALK to people that have personal issues and resolve the shit. That's it. Period. Stop making weird remarks about morality. 

    Fair enough I didn't think it would be that hard for you to understand. I figured maybe it's a good refresher course since every few weeks we have some dumb argument that always has the same people arguing. So the goal of this talk is to finally put it all behind everyone, like a good person! Good job man you're a really nice guy. Shame on me for saying maybe it shouldn't get to this in the first place and that would have the same result of this talk. Apparently everyone here knows this but we just can't refrain from it. 


    Honestly it's an attempt to help you and others out more than anything because I know in 2 weeks we'll be singing this same song and dance. You are right though I think everyone that reads this thread can put 2 and 2 together and see all this.



    6 minutes ago, cH_ said:

    @Teapotsince you want to pretend and call people out for moral high ground this is your dumb-ass post im referring to. notice how it accomplishes nothing and puts words into my mouth.

     "New debate spiraling out of control, same people. Guess anyone considered a top shot in CE is really just lucky. That's good to know and makes me feel better. It's nice to have an excuse after the games over so thanks guys. Actually I think when legend shoots he crosses his fingers and hopes for the best. That would certainly explain why the man gets so lucky so often"

    youre a clueless joke and its trash posts like these that are the reason for wanting to get into a call rather than type nothings for reddit votes. take that as an insult because it is. 

    Of course it's sarcastic and that must mean I'm clueless as if I have never posted on this hitscan/projectile debate before. Obviously the debate went south before that. I love how a clearly sarcastic post in you opinion is no different than personal insults. It's laughable you that you can take sarcasm and feel so attacked personally, and in clear two wrongs make a right fashion feel good about your posts.

    Feel free to insult me as much as you want. Feel free to explain to me why any of your insults would matter to me. I don't care that you dish them out, I care about the sheer stupidity that people are oblivious as to why others might not want to talk to them. 

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  14. 5 minutes ago, cH_ said:

    you should really be responding to me and just what ive said. beast doesnt have to be in the call, or anyone else from my toxic group. doesnt even have to be in one of our discords. hes just trying to explain shit but we arent the same person and youre using his posts as a reason for people to ignore attempts of real discussion when im the one whos trying to have a conversation outside the typical TB environment.

    Also dont act like im the one throwing out insults unprovoked. Ive made my explanations and they include reactions equal to the sarcastic quips and literal cartoons a couple individuals posted. you yourself are guilty of sarcastic dodge responses full of straw men and thats the kind of waste im trying to avoid. 

    Why should I be responding to you? I saw posts by multi and others that I thought did a pretty good job conveying some ideas I agree with. I saw the responses from all parties and at that point it was clear the discussion had steered far from being a level headed one. I'm using anyone's post who I feel is worthy of being ignored for a real discussion. I don't understand this two wrongs make a right mentality. I don't understand this pseudo moral high ground as if one party is just looking to solely discuss mechanics like adults and the other is dodging this opportunity like children.

    Feel free to look up any of my wall of texts. I'm happy to discuss ideas with people who want to do so in a level-headed way. I came into this thread at a time when that was long gone.

    4 minutes ago, My Namez BEAST said:

    Dude I don't even know what you want at this point I really don't. How come we can overcome the slew of insults thrown our way, yet we are called stubborn? Why are we willing to address people that clearly have an issue with us but they aren't? You can keep saying whatever it is you are trying to butthe point still remains. I don't know how you grew uo and maybe it's vastly different from me but when there's a problem you address it. Instead of being passive aggressive for 3 years on a forum why not address the person you have an issue with directly? This isn't some weird self righteous thing. And we arent even the people that started all this. We just want to fucking talk. Why is that so weird and such a Big deal? I know all the context in right here im not fucking ********. The point is to2just deal with all the shit NOW before this happens again. Is that crazy?


    It's just a question if you know whats happening and don't care, or are oblivious to it. I can't tell and you haven't said.

    This is the moral high ground thing right here. Each time I come into this thread is just sarcastic remarks, shit posts and arguments (by a lot of people). Then when it settles down it's this "I JUST WANT TO TALK HALO EVERYONE IS HATING ON MY OPINION". Like even right now it's turned from a discussion, to random fucking insults, to we just want to talk man. Look at this beautiful picture you are painting of yourself. You are a warrior who has survived countless insults and despite this you are still being called stubborn. You are a good person for being willing to address the issues but the other parties aren't. You feel the need bring up how you were raised to address a problem when arises. Yes, yes, you never started anything! You just wanted to talk man! Why is it so weird that nobody wants to talk when I just want to be a nice person? come on..

    I don't think the concept is crazy, I think it coming from a person that often goes against what he is saying here is a little weird. It raises the question if you are even aware that this is happening or not. It seems like you are aware but you don't give a fuck because right now you are on the moral high ground looking good.

    I really don't know why it is so hard to see what I'm saying here.

  15. I thought it might help because it seems to be the concept you are missing here. It's almost as if none of it matters to you and you are confused as to why people are not willing to even take this chance. I get the two wrongs make a right kinda vibe this entire time. It's nice to extend on olive branch but you are standing on a pile of ashes from a burning bridge.

    Yeah, I'm sure this is still great and you still don't need me to repeat this but there's a difference in being oblivious to this and realizing but not caring about it at all and I can't tell the difference. Which one is it?

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  16. Saying what, that you want a serious discussion? I get that you are saying it if that's the "it" is. What I'm saying is why should someone think your discussion is going to be mature based off of the posts? Just because someone else said so on everyone's behalf? As someone on the sidelines I don't exactly blame anyone who doesn't seem interested at this point.

    I don't think I'm grasping for straws here. You want to have a real talk like real people that's great but everyone can just dig through these last few pages and see for themselves. I read all the posts about the topic and I don't have the same conclusion as you. cH might want to discuss mechanics but for a man who has no issues with anyone he certainly was interested in throwing out insults. None of those insults were at me, but there is no way that is a guy I want to sit and talk with based off of the posts. Maybe he is completely different in a party than he is on the forums. That's also fair but for fucks sake don't act like that and expect people to be willing to engage outside of the forums.

    I think after a while people on the sidelines can tell what the lowest common denominator is. 

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  17. 11 minutes ago, My Namez BEAST said:

    Because typing giant essays and having people skim over half the points is a waste. Because we are tired of that style of conversation.  Because we don't want an audience of snarky remarks and crispy uovotes. We want to talk to people directly man to man. That's not even weird in the slightest and you're making it sound like a bigger deal than it is. I mean are debate teams not people speaking to each other? In a court room us it people typing or people talking. 

    Plus he blocked me here so there's no point in me saying anything anyway. 

    Like man we are all adults here can we not have a conversation between JUST us and address some shit or are we gonna hold on to weird 1 sided grudges forever?

    If that's not what you want then why are you contributing to it so much? I'm sure it is a pretty reasonable idea that people are skeptical about talking in a voice channel after reading the quality posts here. Why should someone be obligated or interested to engage after reading who they are engaging with? Court rooms and debates are cool. I love discussing mechanics.

    I don't see this whole moral high ground point of being adults after reading this entire discussion. If this is actually an attempt to have a real thoughtful mature discussion about mechanics that's cool but this invite is to a party that was burned down to the ground before it started.

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