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  1. Emulous V1 Created for HCS CTF 5 and HCS Team Slayer (Must be red vs Blue team) Enjoy and download at my gamertag/fileshare, gamertag is 'ooo SMILEY ooo' Sniper: 2 minute spawn at green Overshield: 3 minute spawn at gold Plasma Pistol: 2 minute spawn at centre of the map
  2. Halo 4 sold so many copies because the community thought they were getting that Halo Core back after Reach, the numbers declined after many things which made Halo HALO got taken out. I expect Halo 5 to do just as well as Halo 4 in the sales but whether or not people will stick around to keep playing the game is how the developers put it out. I will be buying Halo 5 in hope 343 have gone back to Halo's roots in gameplay which I have heard many promising reasons to believe that is the case. What if Halo 5 is great but Destiny is even better and requires a bigger skill gap, what would happen then and has anybody even thought about that.
  3. Playing custom 4vs4's soon so will download this and try it out. It looks better than the original, great forging.
  4. How great was it to have so many amazing competitive out of the box maps for Halo CE, 2, 3, I feel the out of the box maps from Halo Reach/4 declined in such a drastic way. I seriously think 343 should hire someone like Salot who has put so much time into making competitive maps to create several designs/blueprints in what a map should look like and then 343 can take the blueprints and give the map a themed look like covenant, UNSC, Beach, Snow etc etc, for example- Imagine they took the Onslaught design and give it a purple Midship look, or Station 9 with a Pit themed look to it, I think that would be sick. I know we would have 7 great maps that would work great in competitive Halo/HaloEvents/Spectator POV if this was to happen. I've really started to enjoy Halo again and I think it is moving in the right direction but I've honestly got no love for the out of the box maps nor the first 3 map packs 343 brought out. I've posted this because I don't want Halo 5 to come out and we are all playing the sequel to Adrift or more none Halo feeling maps. What is everybody's opinion on this, Should we leave 343 to it or would you feel better knowing somebody like Salot was working with them on a few of the out of the box Halo 5 maps? Bravo now works for 343. Ghost has control over the competitive playlist so why wouldn't 343 listen to somebody who has years of experience in what a competitive map should look like. Heard that he has stopped forging but im sure he would be willing to help 343 get their maps right and ready. #343Salot
  5. we fought as a community to get this taking out in Halo Reach and the game played a lot better without it WHY oh WHY would you want to put the very thing that hurt Reach into Halo 4? Where is the mod which takes out bloom altogether with a slower rate of fire.
  6. My full support is with AGL, they seem to improve every single event, im looking forward to the next one. Only thing which lets the events down is the community that flood the chat with hate filled comments. *Glad I watch twitch on the xbox so I dont get to see the trolling remarks made* I heard one of the sponsors (Gamers For Christ) who are supporting teams and Halo got slaughtered by the chat during one of the breaks in-between games. I cant ever remember the H1, 2, 3 & even Reach events having this much anger/hate in the community. These people want the game to go back to its roots! How about getting the community back to its roots in supporting Halo through their love for the game and enjoying events and showing respect for the things that support it and help Halo out.
  7. I have to laugh when I read articles that say stuff like GTA, Call Of Duty & Halo are responsible for shootings and bad crimes.... makes me think, I wonder what consoles/games Jack the ripper and Adolf Hitler played on.......... POWWWWWWWWWW right in the kisser
  8. Haha im happy you caught this baby acting a fool, I dont think I have ever seen somebody who not wanted to post their loss this bad, he would of posted his victory if he won and not ranted about the lag.
  9. Halo CE - Never matched a pro because it never had live and pro's always had their lobby closed when using xboxconnect. Halo 2 - Never matched a pro because the ranking system actually worked and I was not good enough to match any of them unless I invited one to a custom game. (I liked this system the most because it would always match you to somebody at/around your playlist level) Halo 3 - Matched against a few pros because I was leveling up becoming better at the game and learning the maps inside out, and only then I was able to go into matchmaking and sometimes go up against them. Halo Reach - Played against pros all the time from the release, I never had to get good at the game nor level up to do so, this was completely based on luck and if I happened to find a random game at the same time as a pro we would get matched, there was no sense of achievement as there was in Halo 3 and no drive to try as hard as I usually would because there was no real ranking system put in place and I would not be punished for the loss. This led to lots and lots of unbalanced matches, it was very rare you would get matched against people who had the same ability as you, your team would get SHEET ON or your team would be SHEETING ON teams. Halo 4 - Always getting matched against pros and although there is supposed to be a ranking system put in place I don't think it works the way it should do or like past Halo's ranking systems have worked. I feel the ranking system is just a placebo, we see the ranking system, we see our rank number but it don't mean a thing nor match us to a team within our rank. Halo 5, or whatever they are going to call it - I believe 343 will get this right in terms of game play, ranking system etc etc due to some of the amazing updates Halo 4 has gone through the past few months, the game and the companies way of thinking has only got better and better since they released their game. Hopefully when their new game comes out I will not play against pro's until I am good enough to do so. Anybody remember this rant months before the release of Halo 4? He was sooooooo right, also where is he? #Nexy Sorry to slightly go off topic ha
  10. Has to be the Halo 3 Str8 Rippin team montage, lots of Montages to choose from but this is the best IMO and led me to go see two of the bands featured in this tage. *Red Jumpsuit* who actually came out to the Halo theme music at the gig & *Shinedown* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_0X7kcpXOI
  11. Downloaded and played this map today, 4 vs 4 CTF. It played well but I think it will play even better without sprint. Nice remake
  12. Hitscan 4 shot BR..... :-) Today was the hottest day this year and I could of gone the beach and had a BBQ but I chose to sit in mine like a loner all day and play Halo because of this. #HaloIsNotDad
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