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  1. Coat hangers are not expensive
  2. Democrats HAVE to impeach the President (and hope he is removed) because this is their front runner.
  3. After all this time do you still not know how the multi-quote feature works? Low IQ
  4. I drove to Spokane and saw some windmills. It was neat.
  5. I've been playing some CE after a few years break. Man, I love that game even though I suck at it right now.
  6. Watching those idiots prancing around the football field is probably more entertaining than the actual game.
  7. It reminds me of the thousands of Twitter Liberals who were trying to boycott Chick-Fil-A for donating to religious charities a while back. Those same TwitLibs are now in full support of the company.
  8. Some people try way too hard.
  9. Abortion is genocide before birth. That is why the left love it. Once a racist, always a racist.
  10. The best part about that entire video is watching the Affirmative Action Liberals trying to fold a table.
  11. Bernie Sanders being arrested for violently protesting a peaceful march. Nothing to see there.
  12. They call trying to get every elected Republican President impeached "mostly false"? lol
  13. Bernies biggest accomplishment is renaming a few post offices.
  14. Scalzo once went through months and months of my old posts negging everything he could find because I made him look like an absolute clown over and over.
  15. You've just lost again and I didn't have to do anything. You are making this very easy, sweetheart.
  16. He is just another Woke Atheist pushing his beliefs that nothing blew up and now we are here. Atheists are worse than the religious when it comes to forcing their beliefs on people.
  17. The Woke Atheist strikes again.
  18. Shaq was good, but he wasn't even close to being as good as Wilt. Hakeem was a better player than Shaq.
  19. I only like him because he is the single greatest player of all time.
  20. Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Elvin Hayes, Nate Thurmond etc... Shaq isn't even the best Center of his era, and isn't even close to the best Center of all time. Wilt is the only Center in the history of the NBA to lead the league in points, rebounds and assists during his career. Wilt averaged over 45 minutes per game for his career, his stamina is unprecedented. There isn't anyone in history who can match up against a prime Wilt Chamberlain because nobody in history can match up with him. Teams were trying to recruit Wilt when he was 50 years old. Wilt would destroy Jordan played in an expansion era in a watered down east and only succeeded after the great players of the 80's either retired or were past their primes. Jordan ran away from the NBA and the Bulls only lost 2 more regular season games without him, and were robbed from going to the finals by poor officiating. Rules were changed to slow down Wilt, Jordan was the most protected player in history. Jordan is only the GOAT in the eyes of poorly informed people.
  21. The average height of NBA players has not changed since the 60s. Wilt is the undisputed GOAT.
  22. Wilt may have lost to the Celtics, but they also always had better teams, and basketball is a team game. The NBA record book can simply be called the Wilt Chamberlain individual accomplishment list. Jordan played in a watered down league. He is the best Guard of all time, but I would take Wilt over Jordan any day of the week. Nobody can touch Wilts dominance. Wilt was also a Republican, so he gets points for that as well. GOAT of all sports? I'd probably go with Gretzky. I'm not a hockey guy, but that man was a God.
  23. Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT. The Democratic debate is giving me a migraine. So much stupidity on that one stage.
  24. What happened 300 years ago is not relevant to what happened during the lives of people that are still living today.
  25. Steve Kerr is such a fucking idiot.

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