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  1. Suicide watch apparently means they watch him commit suicide. Still, another person who has dirt on the Clinton family is dead from "suicide"
  2. I don't do twitter and have no idea what you are referencing.
  3. I don't think Bernie is stupid, but he is an idiot. I can't even listen to him talk anymore. His way of speaking is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
  4. Good ol' Legendaryshotz reminding us that he doesn't have the slightest idea of how the economy works
  5. Damn, that little Nina can draw and color pretty well.
  6. Thank goodness for ICE and the Border Patrol agents.
  7. I said nothing about Obama, your bringing him up shows just how little you have to bring to any conversation. Criminals are ALWAYS separated from their families. There is a reason why Prisoners are not allowed to bring their families with them. If any parent in this country were arrested they would be separated from their family. We should not be giving criminal illegal aliens special treatment just because it would make you feel better about yourself. Democrats are the ones who refused to send additional funding to the border, this entire crisis (that didn't exist 5 months ago according to Democrats) is on them.
  8. Funny how hardcore lefties like Lemon will try to use "it was a preexisting federal policy" when it comes to federal executions, but when talking about detaining criminal illegal aliens it is somehow Trumps policy. It's also funny how an actual racist like Lemon thinks that only minorities are felons.
  9. Well played, especially considering I don't really play games anymore. Heck, I just played Halo for one of the first times this year. How are people still so bad at CE?
  10. Imagine going to a website called lgbtqnation Almost as bad as visiting The Guardian.
  11. I mean more of the 2 year witch hunt that was killed by Muellers own hearing. Winning bigly every day.
  12. Fortunately in this country we are innocent until proven guilty. Even the President. Trump wins again.
  13. What's even more crazy is how Mueller actually did not say that. Even hardcore lefties in the media admit that the testimony was a win for the President. Maybe Democrats in congress will start to focus on things that matter, like improving the lives of the citizens of the country. Yeah, probably not, but it's a thought.
  14. Did you feel it today? Democrats across the country caused a minor earthquake when they simultaneously stomped their feet in anguish.
  15. Niku is back and bringing nothing to the conversation with a vengeance!
  16. Even Democrats know the DNC is corrupt as hell. The really ugly member of "The Squad" just called for a $20/hr minimum wage. Why stop there? Let's go for $25.
  17. lol! You can't make this stuff up.
  18. You might not be the dumbest person on the planet, but you better hope that he doesn't die.
  19. If they break the law just to get into this country they should be barred from entering ever again unless the circumstances are absolutely extreme, IE they are literally being chased near the border and have to hop across briefly to be safe, only to return to their country as soon as possible.
  20. You seek asylum at the port of entry, not after you illegally enter this country.
  21. Funny, because what you quoted matched up what I said perfectly. Your chicken little act has gone on long enough, time for a new one.
  22. I never said anything to the contrary. Although Omar IS from Somalia.
  23. That tweet was clearly not racist. He challenged them to go and make other countries great by implementing their policies, and then stated that if they work he would be more than happy to use those same tactics to Make America Great Again.

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