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  1. You might not be the dumbest person on the planet, but you better hope that he doesn't die.
  2. If they break the law just to get into this country they should be barred from entering ever again unless the circumstances are absolutely extreme, IE they are literally being chased near the border and have to hop across briefly to be safe, only to return to their country as soon as possible.
  3. You seek asylum at the port of entry, not after you illegally enter this country.
  4. Funny, because what you quoted matched up what I said perfectly. Your chicken little act has gone on long enough, time for a new one.
  5. I never said anything to the contrary. Although Omar IS from Somalia.
  6. That tweet was clearly not racist. He challenged them to go and make other countries great by implementing their policies, and then stated that if they work he would be more than happy to use those same tactics to Make America Great Again.
  7. I would like to see Marianne Williamson win, because she would be the easiest victory. If a Democrat WAS going to win? I'd still have to stick with Marianne Williamson. It would at least be fun to watch.
  8. You think someone would have cleaned the bullet proof glass
  9. The only part I don't like about the military parade is how Republican donors are getting VIP seating. I'd be pissed if Democrats tried that stuff.
  10. Even worse than all of that hogwash, imagine being a Democrat.
  11. After watching the debates I can say that there is not a single person with an ounce of common sense who could possibly vote for any of those idiots. Interestingly enough Pete Buttigeig seemed like the most sensible, but he is still a wacko
  12. Someone deliberately tossed their cancer stick into old, dried out timbers. Narrative confirmed!
  13. Since I payed my student loans off like a responsible adult how about Bernie pays off my mortgage instead? That would be a fair trade to me.
  14. I too would love to see a Bernie vs Trump debate. Once Bernie is questioned he falls more flat than an open week old Coke. Are you really trying to defend Bernie being trumped by a couple of random people? He is weak, plain and simple. The man has no backbone. Bernie is a terrible debater and his ideas make absolutely no sense. Anyone with even half of a brain can see that, so I understand why you cannot.

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