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  1. Walshy and Heinz are really the only Halo streamers consistently I watch. Both are pretty positive and don't get overly hyper and annoying.
  2. I like the BR spread on Halo 3. H2 is the worst Halo of the bunch (followed closely by Reach) As bad as regular Reach was, NBNS is worse. Guardian is the worst MLG/Hardcore/TS/Doubles map in H3. Damnation is garbage.
  3. Halo 3 bad vs Halo 3 good. Boy, after 13 years of bickering over this it is as fresh as ever!
  4. If it wasn't for the Hardcore/MLG settings I would never have played Halo. Regular Halo is just so damn bad.
  5. It let's you switch back and forth between the two mid game. Just wiggle your mouse or joysticks.
  6. I get this a lot. People are Gods at sniping but when it comes to their BR they can't shoot to save their lives. It's really frustrating. Heck, I am absolutely worthless with a mouse but just for kicks I decided to use it when I had the snipe. I nailed my first 4 shots perfectly from across the map in doubles. If I had used a mouse for gaming in the past 15 years at all I'm sure I would just switch every time I grab a snipe. I'm at the point where I just toss the Snipe off the map instead of having to deal with one of those clowns.
  7. I wasn't expecting much going into the reveal, but my goodness it's looks really, really bad. No way would I spend $600 on the new Xbox to play a game that looks like it was made in 2012. Also, has anyone mentioned that the Warthog sounds like a 2001 Honda Civic that you would find in a High School parking lot?
  8. I recently built a new computer. That's going to be it for me. I don't really play video games much anymore and Halo Infinite is the only game that somewhat interests me, so I went that route.
  9. Very true. I absolutely hated H2 when it came out and after giving it a fair shot on MCC I came to the conclusion that it is still the worst Halo game. Reach is a close 2nd, but the campaign was pretty fun, so it edges out H2.
  10. Has anyone else had the problem where they cannot pickup weapons in CE, and zooming and switching weapons is glitchy as heck?
  11. I checked my email and found out I had a beta code. Fired up H3 all excited to play only to find out that Team Slayer is the only ranked playlist. I forgot how much I hated Radar in games. Other than that, I did terrible and enjoyed myself.
  12. Am I the only one who actually likes the H3 BR spread?

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