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  1. Everyone knows that this impeachment is a bunch of malarkey, however some people want to see it happen so they will turn a blind eye.
  2. A live meltdown. The man who was seconds away from getting his nipple pierced on TV is complaining about acting juvenile.
  3. Just another challenger for President Trump. Notice how his staffer reacts.
  4. Coat hangers are not expensive
  5. Democrats HAVE to impeach the President (and hope he is removed) because this is their front runner.
  6. After all this time do you still not know how the multi-quote feature works? Low IQ
  7. I drove to Spokane and saw some windmills. It was neat.
  8. I've been playing some CE after a few years break. Man, I love that game even though I suck at it right now.
  9. Watching those idiots prancing around the football field is probably more entertaining than the actual game.
  10. It reminds me of the thousands of Twitter Liberals who were trying to boycott Chick-Fil-A for donating to religious charities a while back. Those same TwitLibs are now in full support of the company.
  11. Some people try way too hard.
  12. Abortion is genocide before birth. That is why the left love it. Once a racist, always a racist.
  13. The best part about that entire video is watching the Affirmative Action Liberals trying to fold a table.
  14. Bernie Sanders being arrested for violently protesting a peaceful march. Nothing to see there.
  15. They call trying to get every elected Republican President impeached "mostly false"? lol

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