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  1. Gotta say I'm really hating sprint. People just running around hitting others. I just played a game where there were about 30 melee kills between the two teams.
  2. How do I start the game in big screen mode using a controller? idk what that even means.
  3. Remember Damnation on Reach? That gametype always went to the time limit.
  4. Every map in this game looks like an Afghan village. Definitely doesn't look like a futuristic game at all.
  5. I just can't get over how bad shooting feels in this game. I give it a maximum of 6 months before the player base is down 80%
  6. Oddball being two rounds is a weird choice. Shooting still feels terrible The maps that I've played are not great. I don't see there being any maps that hold the test of time. I ran into these hardcore guys that would take one sprint, slide, and melee over and over in close range. It was kind of funny, but overall very poorly designed. I'm thinking my Halo days are numbered. Everyone has different opinions, but I don't see how this game will retain a player base for more than 6 months. I'd be embarrassed if I worked for 6 years to make this.
  7. It kind of reminds me of when 4 (I think) came out and they had an interview with a bunch of the pros. They were all talking about how great it feels and that it was going to be better than the previous Halo games. Oh, I found it lol
  8. I've only put about 2 hours into Infinite, but so far I can safely say that this is not a game I will not enjoy.
  9. It's not what I was hoping for, but it was what I expected. It does look like it could be fun, though. Free to play means I'll give it a shot no matter how I think I'll like it.
  10. Give a forfeit option and bring back the ability to veto maps. Heck, have map voting like H4(?) did. When I get stuck on maps like Snowbound, High Ground and Last Resort I have no desire to play the game.
  11. I've only been playing social lately, but my goodness the team pairing is horrible. I played a game on Epitaph where my teammates went a combined 1-42. They were legit playing the entire game. I had 30 kills, so the people we were pretty bad as well, but it was so funny I wasn't even frustrated.
  12. I just saw an Alienware commercial toting about how powerful their gaming computer is and in the video the guy was playing Halo 3 and Reach. I thought that was funny.
  13. Maybe something like holding Y and then shooting to drop a weapon. It's an interesting thought, but could be very frustrating depending on the maps.
  14. I've been playing Cyberpunk lately. It's meh. I guess if you like a big, pretty map you may like it, but it's not for me. I'd rather they made another Witcher game than this buggy pile of glitches.
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