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  1. SOTU was great. Democrats proved once again that they are mental children. Trump will easily win in November. Not even a contest.
  2. I am far from rich and the stock market gains have helped me greatly. Invest your money and live below your means. It's really not that hard.
  3. I...actually agree with you a bit on that. I don't think they merge, but they will both work to make sure some loon like Bernie does not become President. The DNC will have to chose between the man that hate more than anything else in the world (Trump) and a complete idiot.
  4. I understand that being a Bernie Bro you have crazy a crazy bias towards him, but Bernie can't even convince his own base that he is the right man for the job, how in the heck do you think he can convince independents or Conservatives who are skeptical of the President? President Trump will defeat whomever is put against him by a greater margin than he defeated Hillary by. Remember, there were a lot of Republicans that were not fans of Trump when he was nominated. He is more popular now than he was last election cycle, while Bernie has lost steam. Bernie will win the 18-25 year old vote, I'll give you that. Minnesota, Colorado, Maine(2nd), Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico and possibly Virginia will all go to President Trump in November, and he will gain votes in every other state he won in 2016 because Gary Johnson isn't there to take his votes from people who were unsure of him. That would put us at 353-178 by my count, however I'll be safe and say it's going to be a final count of 340-191. 2 terms.
  5. The thought that there are people who actually thinks that Bernie stands a chance against President Trump makes me sad that there are not more requirements to vote. As far as the tweet that President Trump posted, I'm glad that you agree with him that Bernie is a radical leftists, do nothing Democrat.
  6. Imagine trusting the Government to run any program successfully.
  7. Imagine supporting Bernie.
  8. Watching you try and defend Bernie must be what it's like for you to watch patriots defend the GOATus POTUS, Donald Trump.
  9. Not everyone's parents have a basement. Surely some of them live upstairs or on the main level.
  10. I don't like Bernie one bit, but I do not believe for a second that he told Warren that a woman could not be President.
  11. That's what we were told about Social Security.
  12. I still have it installed. Not because I regularly play it, but because I don't really play games anymore so it's not stopping me from doing anything.
  13. I'd rather have seen additional funding sent to NASA and allocate the rest of the Space Force credits elsewhere.
  14. Good news for Democrats today, 100% of independents voted in favor of impeachment. They will win the WH for sure.
  15. Hook, line and sinker. That is a fishing reference for all of the socialists here.

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