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  1. I have many fond memories of Perfect Dark. My friends and I used to pull all nighters playing against the bots.
  2. I really hope that nobody here is stupid enough to believe that this bill is nothing more than a political move by the Democrats. The left have never and will never care about American citizens.
  3. Clearly you don't understand how his wealth works. He does not have 100 billion sitting in his bank account, his wealth comes from his stock in Amazon, and if he were to start selling off it wouldn't be worth nearly as much. Secondly, he is providing jobs to tens of thousands of people who are providing a service to millions. Those millions of people are now able to stay at home because they get what they need sent straight to their front door. He may be a filthy rich lefty, but it's only because sheeple like you continue to utilize his services. You put a price on a human life, I didn't.
  4. Look at how many people have been able to stay at home instead of going out and spreading the virus because of the services that Amazon provides. What is the cost of a human life in your eyes?
  5. It is pretty redundant in here.
  6. Criminal Illegal Aliens = All Illegal Aliens. I don't care why they came here, they need to do it legally, just like my family and millions of others did.
  7. As the son of an immigrant I can tell you that immigrants and criminal illegal aliens are two very, very different groups of people.
  8. There was no argument. There you go trying to make a crisis out of nothing again. You wouldn't be the thread jester if you didn't.
  9. You said it twice, it wasn't an accident. TDS has clearly been rotting your brain.
  10. Saying that Einstein is alive is something so stupid only a Bernie Bot would say it.
  11. It seems like he would be suffering from it IF he were alive, yes.
  12. Did Albert Einstein suffer from TDS? No, he fled a Socialist country to come to a great one. That's right.
  13. Let's just get this over with. People with TDS - Everything is President Trumps fault. People who are not idiots - Everything isn't Trumps fault.
  14. Personally I think that the stimulus check is bogus, but that is also bogus.

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