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  1. Leave it to a Liberal to want to nuke their own people before the nuke was invented.
  2. Abortion is just a way to get future criminals off of the streets.
  3. Democrats and the poor are the people who get the most abortions. Democrats and the poor raise children that often turn out just as worthless and stupid as they are. Abortions should not only be legal, they should be encouraged.
  4. He lost billions and still is a Billionaire many times over. He could have just taken a few hundred million dollars are retired to live like a king, but like a true leader he rebuilt his empire bigger and better than ever.
  5. Multi Billionaire. Very shitty businessman. Scared money doesn't make money.
  6. I don't have to prove a single thing to you, you little pissant. You are too stupid to even know what I believe. You are honestly the second dumbest person who has posted in this thread, with Niku barely edging you out.
  7. You don't have an argument.
  8. You are trying way too hard to be the edgy atheist. Nobody is impressed.
  9. When Tiananmen square goes wrong.
  10. The only thing worse than pushy religious people are woke atheists.
  11. Bernie wanted him to cast a vote before he was killed.
  12. One will provide actual results, one has done nothing but dash the hopes of anti-Trump people everywhere.
  13. It must be a sad existence to both have so much hate and so much stupidity.
  14. Taxes for thee but not for me.

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