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  1. We disagree on UBI for the same exact reasons! We are both Nazi Terries!!!!!
  2. Niku, you agree with me on UBI. Does that mean you are a racist, white nationalist Nazi terrorist by association?
  3. People actually care about that advertisement? It's not the best out there, and I found it interesting how the only "toxic" men in that ad were white, but to get upset over it? Odd.
  4. I'll give it to you, that was a good comeback. It would have been better if it were true, but it was good either way.
  5. You literally do not know the definition of literally. Get educated, commie scum.
  6. It's way, way too easy to get Niku riled up. However, I did see him play some H3 and he is pretty solid for having an Aussie host.
  7. They are making more during the shutdown than they would if there was no shutdown. Maybe if pelosi pulled her head out of her ass and had the Democrats pass a bill with a measly 5.7 billion dollars allocated for border security those people would be collecting their regular paychecks. Cowardly, obstructionist Democrats are why the government is still shit down, and that is an irrefutable fact. Another fact is that if Trump had spent tens of thousands of dollars on this dinner for children that shouldn't happen in the first place you would bitch and moan about it being too expensive.
  8. I'm a terrorist? Here I thought I was a white nationalist Nazi. Get your story straight, Niku. I'm having trouble remembering how you assume my identity.
  9. Essential Government employees are getting back pay, stop with this silly "not getting paid" stuff. Sure it sucks, but their Government contract also states that there is a possibility that their pay could be temporarily suspended, and with Democrats taking control of the House every single Government employee knew what was coming. If you are too stupid to understand why the members of Congress continue to get paid then there is no hope for you ever understanding the basics about Government.
  10. If someone does not do the job that they are hired for they shouldn't be paid. Read the fine print before you make a contract. Even a stupid Socialist like yourself should know that.
  11. So all of those fast food workers are not part of the economy? Trump went out of his way to pay low wage earners, not 5 star chefs like Barry or any President before him. Greatest POTUS in the last 30+ years.
  12. Saving money during the Government shutdown. This President is perfect!
  13. Is there a replay of the CE tournament floating around? It was the one thing I wanted to see this weekend and I missed it
  14. Wow, I ignored this thread for a few days and I missed a bunch. Why was Niku posting old pictures of Democrats? That was weird.

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