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  1. I'd like to write a quick post commenting on how the FFA was ran at Daytona. First it was great they put up 5k for the prize pool, spread well between the top 6 of the finals. To qualify starting Saturday you had to get first in 8 different FFAs and if you lost your got up. It was a good idea, my issue with it was the earlier you played it in the easier it was to qualify due to higher tier players still competing in 4s therefore not worrying about the FFA. This allowed some players to qualify who most likely wouldn't have. Additionally because there were only 24 spots available pros barely had a chance to get in, with Str8 sick being the only pro dedicated enough to qualify. I did see cratos and suspector also trying.


    2 of my teammates Stress and Hoax also qualified. We got to the venue on Sunday around 11:50 ten minutes before being DQed luckily the homie Rammyy tweeted at us to hurry up. So they took down most of the stations leaving only two stations available. I got one warm up game on mercy and found out the quarter finals are In mercy top 3 move on. Obviously NOBODY was happy about that as mercy sucks and now you could easily be eliminated by the randomness that is mercy. I had Rammyy Munoz and some other less known players round 1. I stated off slow and ended up changing my strat to rushing bottom mid and going for trades lol, that's apparently the meta. I got second tying in kills with Rammyy but having more deaths, myself Rammyy and Munoz move on. Next round was regret and soul snipe juziro and King nick are added in, a pretty stacked round. I end up getting first by about 5 kills, I was on top of timing OS and had great positioning to clean up others kills by camping top mid and playing patiently.


    So now the finals are myself, juziro, soul snipe, str8 sick, hoax, and tizoxic. I find out we are playing on dev kits. Wtf. First why is this not being streamed, second why wouldn't the first two rounds be on the dev kits. Amateur players had ZERO opportunities to play on these and then for the one game that will determine prize money you play on something completely different than playing online. Sheesh. Juziro has an amazing start but ended up getting clutched out by tizoxic. At the end of the game I was tied in kills and assists with soul snipe for 3rd but with less deaths and he got a grenade kill with literally one second on the clock left. So I got 4th, surprisingly str8 sick had an unlucky game netting him 6th place.


    Just a quick write up about my FFA experience. I never have played them before in h5 at events but I'll probably continue now.

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  2. I love how you messaged my team after the tournament "you're literal dogshit" when you beat us.  Out of every AM team you guys beat us the worst and i was typing a message about how you guys were playing really well and had our number all series, then you called my team mates dog shit for no reason.  Looking forward to Daytona too

    I specifically messaged that to your teammate Paradise. The same Paradise who made a fake twitter to solely make racist jokes and remarks about other people in the community. The same person that has been messaging and tweeting me shit talk since the dawn of H5. The same kid who went 1-9 in a game I went 8-0 in, so yeah, I'll call him dog shit. I'm pretty sure I messaged "GGs" to you.


    EDIT: After speaking with the individual I mixed his gamertag up with someone named "Predator." My mistake I spoke to paradise and apologized. 

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