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  1. Because the other topic was closed I will post this here Shenanigans
  2. ...has Ambush practiced once for this event?
  3. Sucks I live on the other side of the country...
  4. Station 9 Ext, Simplex Flag, and Onyx Slayer are all some of the top competitive gametypes.
  5. ROB THE TURTLE, Commonly, Exemplify, ? - 1000
  6. I haven't had access to my email for my tag for a long time. Grrr
  7. First, there will be a njhalo tournament happening in NY for the first time. It's in Nanuet which I've never heard of but it's only an hour and 15 minute drive from Long Island. http://njhalo.com/ Second, in search of other events I randomly found this event http://www.tournamentseeker.com/events/620/ It's in the same venue as the the njhalo also in Nanuet happening in August. Hopefully we can get a nice turn out for both of them and have some 4sk tournaments to enjoy before school starts back up.
  8. He went to Nash, I played him for top 8
  9. I'm rooting for a lot of my friends this weekend. Hydra, Hold Your Applause, Mercy, and others. Wish I was there make it a good event! Clearly, Ambush will take it.
  10. I'm basing my list off what I've personally played, both on LAN and Live 1. Snipedown 2. Pistola 3. Formal 4. APG 5. Enable 6. Heinz 7. Snakebite 8. Ninja 9. Legit 10. Mikwin Nobody talks about snakebite, but he's just as good at this game as he was at reach

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