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  1. Hey guys, I havecompeted in two online HCS cups with the New England Knights but I'm now running with another team. I don't see where to leave the first team- am I stuck on this team for the season? Ughhhh :/
  2. Strongside is really such a nice guy, with so much history, and so much raw talent. I'll give it to him.
  3. I live on Long Island and I think this would be awesome. Funny enough gaming trucks for birthday parties do seem to be big here, my cousin actually had that as his birthday party a few months ago.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC5bPHuqNu0 Definitely my favorite moment. People made a huge deal because the opposing team had a player named Foley who had been talking a lot of trash on the forums, and was the #1 seeded AM team. We had zero points lol
  5. Team Name: Getting turnt up Winner: Getting turnt up Round Number: Round 3 Score: 2 - 0
  6. Team Name: Getting turnt up Winner: Getting turnt up Round Number: Round 2 Score: 2 - 0
  7. Team Name: Getting turnt up Winner: Getting turnt up Round Number: Round 1 Score: 2 - 0
  8. Getting Turnt up HeLuSiK ROB THE TURTLE anybody on right now to scrim? Message me
  9. Change of plans, partner backed out. Turnt up ROB THE TURTLE HeLuSiK
  10. Reach kids emerge! I'm very excited for this. My teammate no showed on me for the H3 astro tournament unfortunately. So redemption time Team name pending.... ROB THE TURTLE Lord Commonly
  11. Team: La Dolce Vita Gt: ROB THE TURTLE Exemplify JL
  12. Definitely incredible. Ace really manages to pull some crazy plays out of seemingly awful situations
  13. The condescending manner in which every beyond member seems to address Iron Gaming with is disgusting. As an actual competitor that WILL travel to events, unlike the LARGE majority of the community, I am very thankful for iron gaming giving me a reason to play. H4 has been more fun that has been in a year because there are online tournaments and there are teams online to scrim. Grow up, please.
  14. I played flagship for the first time the other day in the Atlanta Online Qualifier. I see why players would initially dislike it, because of how convoluted it looks. But I really felt like it played well. Spawns weren't random it's like every other forge map they either spawn left side their base, flag, or snipe side their base lol. I have a sick game against strafe, a team attending Atlanta, in my file share if anyone wants to see quality GP on flagship.
  15. Honestly if h4 is the first halo game you are trying to get better in, you are kind of screwed. Matchmaking will not get you better AT ALL and you will only get invited to competitive customs if you are known.
  16. Yeah I agree Saucey, Proverb is my boy but I don't understand how he got the final say on all things settings.
  17. Dispatch has proven on LAN to be fun, exciting, and competitive. Some of the best H4 matches we've had were on dispatch. We need it :/ Landfall is TERRIBLE. The rooms make no sense the outside has crap lines of sight... it just sucks. Orion was actually pretty good, I enjoyed slayer. Epicenter is definitely a good map but I still don't enjoy ricochet. Arc is a sick map but will take a while to actually learn how to play at a top level. I think an asymmetrical extraction map is a good idea.
  18. I haven't played a single game of no sprint in H4, and am confident the game would play better NS. It allows for to much shenanigans and not enough thinking about what you are doing in terms of teamwork and positioning. Reach benefited ten fold, so would this game.
  19. I still play competitively. I plan on going to Indianapolis... events are a passion and I want to attend as many before I graduate college. Casually the game is un playable. Recently I've been running back some H3 as well
  20. Playing at multiple tournaments for this game, dispatch feels 10 times more enjoyable and competitive than adrift. Dispatch is arena based, adrift is sprint based. Adrift is the most boring game type I've ever played at a tournament. And I played Oasis slayer....

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