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  1. I competed at Daytona, and honestly really enjoyed playing breakout at the event. There is a level of clutch factor that is unique to breakout. For example my team played Reality Check in the losers bracket and we were down 1-4 rounds. We ended up coming back with a few intense 1v2 situations. Truly a thrill.
  2. I know amid the pro Intel nobody thinks of the ammies but... The Aquarium- Rob the turtle, Commonly, Exemplify, and Bubudubu. Sickstory was unable to attend. Really excited for Daytona
  3. I recently assembled a team of online Allstars to attend Daytona. Our lineup is ROB THE TURTLE, Commonly, Exemplify, and SickStory. Really looking forward to this event! If any organizations are looking for a team to represent them, hit us up.
  4. We won game 5 but lost the series! Kappa Great work Alex, subbed!
  5. That was actually in the cut voodoo, I was on that team. Crazy individual skill but I've never been baited harder in my life.
  6. Looks like PGL does things right, damn!
  7. Look out for NeVo exports. Tire Iron and Posey left myself and Eccentric to team with Burton and Calm, and they're solid. Choked two games against EG in last weekends cup that they had won. Other than that I'm cheering for my boys on Excellence as well as the fan favorite Liquid. I wish I was competing but I guess I'll have to wait until H5. EG to win it, Denial to put up a good fight.
  8. Mikwen went from a mid tier pro to a God among Spartans, really looking forward to his game play at Indy.
  9. Team name: Canadian turtle Gamertags: Rob the turtle and Stresss
  10. Unless Optic stepped their game up I don't believe they pay for much. I remember talking to Assault after they lost at St Louis he was pounding beers loudly complaining that he essentially lost money going to the event because he had to pay his own plane ticket.
  11. If anybody wants to challenge them self message me for a Guardian 1v1. I'm currently undefeated in a series on MCC H3. GT:ROB THE TURTLE
  12. For competitors, playing off main stage can be frustrating. Service tags do not work in h2a, and having to use "red3" as your tag isn't exactly ideal for small talk
  13. My boys on velocity are sick and I'd put them over legendary any day of the week. Genesis- Revamp, Robin bruh bruh, Tire iron, Rob The Turtle
  14. So miraculously the new "Velocity" going to G4G is literally none of the members that were on Velocity at St Louis. Never been so deceived, played, and lied to over Halo. By somebody who lives ten minutes away from me. James Arbin and I are still going to the event, because the sponsor already paid for our flight. We also have a hotel but no team pass. any to2s or to3s should hit me up. You can message me on here or on XBL.
  15. Only slightly Ryan. It's just rough because although we are fully sponsored this event I shelled out around 400 to make St Louis happen.
  16. So ESL banned us from gaining points because of the situation two cups ago. El town linked his tag to an account named kalvin ...and they claimed he was playing on a ringer. Additionally because Sud 1 submitted a ticket that monstcr was on two teams and we dropped creepy trash monstcr made a fake creepy trash tag. So we are still keeping our seed but no chance to move up. Great stuff.
  17. The competitive player in me wants them to loose their seed to increase my chances of attending PAX, but deep down I know that isn't right. HCS tried to control something that is apart of competitive Halo and bound to happen.
  18. Velocity Halo released Creepy Trash and picked up eL ToWn. This will be our set squad for G4G. With VWS disbanded, it leaves us at the 10th seed. We will be trying our hardest to get the top 8 seed for finals!!!!!!!!! Good luck to everyone competing
  19. Just my two cents on the beta... after giving it a bit of time, I love it. The mechanics are unique but it is actually fun for me. Love the look of the game, as well as it feels to shoot. Sprint appears unnecessary, I'm almost never sprinting. I also dislike how YYing with weapons is sluggish.
  20. Velocity Halo will be attending this event as well! ROB THE TURTLE, Mnstcr, James Arbin, CreepyTrash -??? Not sure how many points
  21. Velocity Halo: ROB THE TURTLE, James Arbin,CreepyTrash, Mnstcr

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