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  1. So AM teams that haven't registered for this weekend are screwed? Roster lock was last night and no one else can sign up?
  2. For me, competing at events is by and far my favorite thing about competitive Halo. And us AMs are struggling out here!
  3. Anyone know which pros streamed today that you can watch rebroadcasts without subbing?
  4. Mackeo was grinding towards the beginning of halo 5 but I haven't seen him recently. Demon D I can confirm is back. I was in a party with Gilkey and demon d joined wanting to game
  5. I live in Nassau County, Long Island NY. Housing is so insane here $1000 gets you a one bedroom in a crack house essentially. At least 1500 for a one bedroom in a decent neighborhood. On Halo news, an org called soul was founded by sixten. They picked up Mr. Blakerz and Swish, and then recently my teammate firebird as a to3. Going to try my best to grab that fourth spot. We scrimmed enigma 6 last night. We didn't take a game but we played pretty well as none of us were warm and I had never seriously played with swish and blakerz. Give me some dubu guys help me land that spot
  6. Trying to warm up at G4G and already nobody can get a game to start. Wonderful.
  7. Any amateur team looking for a competitive scrim? Message me Rob the turtle
  8. Does anybody know what time the last chance qualifier starts on Saturday? I apparently have a dentist appointment at 11 but really want to play in it :X
  9. If you would have asked me at Daytona where Commonly would wind up, EG would not have been my answer! Seriously though I've been grinding with the kid since reach. Then we teamed online in h4 and were planning on going to the last AGL with stress and exemplify. Honestly I believe we would have achieved second that event to ambush, but after a serious of very unfortunate events (which happens to be the theme to my halo career) I ended up being the only player of those four to make it to that event. Last minute knighty knighty picked me up and I low key dominated the entire event all the way to the looser semi finals against spartan's team. We lost to a technicality basically and it was honestly pretty shitty. Then h2a happened and those guys stopped competing, as I continued to attempt to compete. I didn't find much success (top 16 twice). As hype for h5 approached I began grinding MCC h3 hardcore with you guessed it, commonly stress and exemplify sometimes. We honestly became top notch h3 players at this point destroying just about everyone online. I knew these guys were some of my closest halo friends that had the talent to beat the best. Commonly exemplify and I decided to be a to3 for Daytona - stress had already joined nighthawks so we picked up bubu dubu as our fourth. We actually wanted El town who's another teammate and good friend of mine as our fourth but he couldn't make it. Our team played pretty well but ended up losing to night Hawks and then frosty's team for fourth place. Just a little bit from someone who has teamed with him for a long time. I always knew he was a wizard and to see him win x games was even a little emotional for me! Haha. Also glad to see El town and suspector win bronze.
  10. Shout out to my boy Commonly, I remember him when he was still squeaking like a teenage girl. As a player he's literally played his way to the top, which is inspirational for me because I've given up on grinding and competing so many times. He's definitely one of the best teammates I've ever had and has been a wizard since late reach/h4.
  11. Cratos has been and always will be a douche bag... He literally took my jersey that had my GT on it, put duck tape over "ROB THE TURTLE" and wrote Cratos on it. Wore it all weekend long...
  12. I raised the young commonly like he was my flesh and blood... On the subject of Adderall, I do believe it's a wide spread issue throughout much of escorts. Halo players particularly abuse it. At this point it's apart of the culture at events. A significant amount of competitive players take it and it 100% gives you an advantage over others. However at the same time I've been told certain pro players have never used it, such as pistola. Which really makes you think how effective it is when a top 3 player over several years competed no problem with out it.
  13. T2 was teaming with myself, Stress, and Gilkey. Congrats to allegiance and leftovers for their great play today!
  14. In the brief period of MCC H3 hardcore Europeans would pull host literally every time. They must have enjoyed those few months lol
  15. Then you guys may want to work on a system where a team can dispute or something -__-
  16. On top of it you had until 6 30 to play your first game. Absolute insanity. Because the team has Aries and prototype? What a joke
  17. I'm going to have some expose beyond favoritism. Our team got DQed at 5 52 when our match was at 6:15. You can literally see when Aries messaged saucey at 5 52 to get us DQed. Please someone fix this?
  18. Nemassist Bubudubu and prototype reported they won without even playing us lol...
  19. Bubu Dubu shits the bed at tournaments, I carried him at Daytona. Commonly really is going to dodge a bullet with his new squad.

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