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  1. I'd like to list my gamer tag, I'm a competitive player and these settings really peaked my interest! Invite me for customs, just send me a message that it's for evolved settings. Gt: ROB THE TURTLE
  2. Simms was more apologizing for what chalkie said. X-men were running flag back on pink, and the only people who could stop it was two spawners top car. Snipedrone hit both with a nade and cleaned up one. As he tried to get the second chalkie is watching on death screen screaming "f*cking rape him Mike, effing rape him!"
  3. Last night most AM teams were on, kids are grinding. Look for some intense matches this weekend.
  4. Those may be the teams now... We have one week left, plenty of time for shady halo kids to make their moves.
  5. Changing how radar works while crouch jumping really changes h5. True nerds have begun crouch jumping everywhere because you move faster than crouch walking and you still wouldn't show on radar. Not going to lie, I've used crouch jumping from some serious flanks lmao
  6. If you're missing a stationary target you are going to need more than upgraded Internet.
  7. ^No, hitting cross map pistol shots does not come down to connection, it comes down to sheer skill. Ever try to cross map P3 to top car in Truth with the pistol? The issue is the lack of auto aim, not connection. At that range the pistol does not give you auto aim when the BR and carbine does. When someone is hitting those shots, you know they're shooting well.
  8. Look out for some super sweaty matches in today's legendary cup. I took third yesterday with my team, looking to continue that today!
  9. I spent $200 on the final boss scuf with four paddles... And I still thrust with X.
  10. Nothing in tournament play feels as bad as being reverse swept.
  11. For everyone saying Cratos isn't actually as scummy as he sounds, I refer to my post two days ago. He's a douche in real life too.
  12. Velocity was going to pay for team pass, hotel, and flight. They wanted to use the 200 we won from St Louis to cover the jerseys, which we agreed to.
  13. Well he was one of those high and mighty AM kids for several years. Fun story about Cratos; why I personally can't stand the guy. In season 1 of MCC myself James Arbin and Creepy trash teamed for UGC St Louis. We got top 16 and secured a full sponsor, Velocity. Immediately after the event we dropped the weak link, creepy trash, for El town. After a few weeks suspector wasn't feeling his team and we dropped monstcr for suspector. After a week suspector decided he made the wrong decision and went back to cratos and nemassist and essentially swindled El town on the team. I was salty but what I was more salty about was velocity, the sponsor we earned by placing top 16, left us a few days before the event for this new team! Now all of that is just normal shady halo Kid stuff. But it's not why I Dislike Cratos. Velocity had used the $200 dollars we earned from placing top 16 to buy us official jerseys. At the event they had my Rob The Turtle Jersey, paid for with my money. They gave it to Cratos who put duck tape on my gt and wrote cratos over it. The smug little f*ck wouldn't even address the issue with me at the event just went on dodging me wearing it all weekend. To his credit he gave it to me on Sunday afternoon but only because I made a BIG deal about it and because El town is my personal friend who made sure I got it back. Had that not been the case I doubt I would have gotten it back.
  14. I asked my boy @@Commonly to scrim because I have that much faith in my new squad. I goosed on Plaza but at least we came back and took a game on coliseum. GGs to my homies on RNG
  15. I finally figured out my place in this crazy virtual battleground filled with shady Halo kids.
  16. This last week I had a solid to3 in myself, Triton, and SECKTOR. We were struggling to find the right fourth and ended up picking up A Smart Camper Thursday night. Friday comes up and we ended up matching Tizoxic and Blaze who were teaming with Swish and Ginger sexond second round! (round 1bye) The beauty of random seeds Lol. We ended up winning the series in an epic fashion 3-2. Game five was eden slayer and I went 19-8(I believe) controlling sniper for the majority of the game. I also had an overkill to start off a truth flag game. An intense first series to say the least. We ended up playing a lower tier team next round that we quickly 3-0ed. Noticeably one player managed to go 0-15 on regret slayer. Ouch. The round we played to get top 8 was against yiws, afterlife222, Crony, and Dastroyed who are low key goats. A very intense five games series ended with my team winning. We had a very crazy momentum shifter game 2 on rig slayer where we were down by around 8 kills and came back to win 50-49 right before a teammate died to their grenade, I went 19-9 that game. I ended it with a double with scattershot. Clutch plays man. For top 4 we played elevate... A not so pretty 3-0. 3-1 flag and 100-56 strongholds so not the best showing. Heinz also went around 20-5 in a slayer Lol. Still top 8 wasn't terrible. We came into Saturday hyped. After a first round bye again we played shock the world- a Mexican team that has been grinding together for a long time. Compared to my week old team. Individually they aren't better but clearly as a team they were, winning 3-1 in all extremely close games. Ugh. Such a blow to not even get to Sunday after a great performance Friday. And thus is Halo. Just felt like chronicling my competitive experiences with you guys as I don't post much here. Although I do read literally every post Lol. Love you guys I'll try and start posting more.
  17. @@Smee mee I did beat him at one of the only AM LAN tournaments for H5....
  18. I knew someone could burn Nerdy way better than I could have. And Big Daddy T stepped up to th plate. Nerdy's ego is ridiculous for being just as good as any other AM out there. He claims I haven't done much in this game, and if that's the case, he's done just as little.
  19. What channel was the preview tournament hosted on? I'd like to check out the rebroadcast
  20. @@ssbChad eGod is Swipuh, swish is teaming with Cafe, camper, and ninjaartes

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