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  1. A timer will be great because currently its still hard to guess when to start timer. Clearly there is some type of leadership going on with these updates. 4 years to late but still will acept any updates they keep making at this point. It looks like classic sounds will be in future as well. Its fun for once to play 4s again.
  2. I gotta say past few days been enjoying 4s on ce. The pistol feels miles better then it was a few patchs ago. There is more of a skill in battles not sure what they changed but dont fuvk it up! Strafing and leading actual resemble a glimpse of og ce. Now do the same thing to the sniper and plaz gun and we got a game on our hands.
  3. I dont mind any setting on priz. But what has to go is 5 second spawn oddball. Leading has definitely increased in the last few patches for the pistol. I dont think its ever going to feel like og but its still better then it was. Sniper is still the same hitboxs for head are still to big and leading does not exist. As soon as you get hang em in ctf and get sniper you should never miss.
  4. Good to know thanks. Those would be mine as well. Its nice to play some quick games without quitters.
  5. Ive played about 40 games with the new update. Majority have finished without quitting in h1 so the changes def worked. There has been better players as well compared to the first two weeks of newbs. For me its as good as we will ever get with halo pc on xbl. They just need to keep playing around with the sniper and pistol making them harder to use. Also actually make the plasma gun freeze. Whoever here talks with 343 on discord, have they ever talked about the sniper hitboxes or plasma gun not freezing?
  6. I have had a good experience with the 50 plus games Ive had regarding ce hit registration. My main issue is quitters. I would say half my games someone quits. I say bring back 50 kill limit till there is a better solution.
  7. I like the mercy vote. I also think there needs to be a harsher quit penalty. First time hr second time day. I understand some people lose connection but 99 percent of these quits are not the case.
  8. The shotgun feels nice. Glad it only took 4 years. Pistol is nice as well just needs to be less easier to hit people same with snipe and I think most og people will gwt on for 4s.
  9. I actually prefer name out of way who cares. Pistol feels good and shotty. Only issue I have is the skill level is all over the place and some games take forever to finish because people suck. I prefer 50 kills unless more skillful people start playong again then maybe 100 works.
  10. Shooting feels good shotty works again pistol feels legit. Its enough for me to play some 4s.
  11. Is the next ce patch going to touch the shotgun or plasma rifle . Also fix the sniper and pistol so there not see easy to use? I could see myself playing more if above are tweaked in the 4vs4 playlist.
  12. Its pretty sad that they could not fix even shotty and pr. Hope for harder fixes like shot lead will seem impossible now.
  13. original version. i know with halo 1.5 it still works vs orig, not sure with final.
  14. Not really in mood to play anything but og halo. Have not played in two years trying to get my halo fix in.
  15. I joined that chat last night. Still could not get games. Hopefully this thread gets popular with 10 or so active members to get games at night. Throw your mcc away if your still playing on that.
  16. Looking to get some games in and since xbc is dead and mcc is horrible. Post up here if you down for games this month. download here. https://www.teamxlink.co.uk/ Xlinks interface sucks balls but still 100 times better then mcc. hosting now jay up. Video on how to setup for those that cant figure out its horrible interface. xlink tag- sicfuc will prob be hosting this week 10est- 1am.
  17. What else they going to fix without breaking more. I'm surprised they did so many updates with how low the population is , but I'm even more surprised people stuck around after the new year.
  18. lol the only way their going to fix it is just go back to last patch values. You think they will sit there and test to get values that feel really good lololol.
  19. someone record a few games of top players in mcc playing, like toxin and snipy. I would like to watch how it looks at the highest level vs good competition. From what I watched with dirt, toxin, snipy they were still shooting really well.
  20. I really hope they dont just revert back to old easy mode shooting because of too much complaining. There defiantly needs a slight magnetism on player increase with crosshair but not 500 percent like last versions.
  21. This is false watching some of the best mcc current players like toxin yesterday he was landing a lot of his shots same with dirt. Shots he missed he should of missed because of poor aim. The better players will be even better with this version it just needs a about a 25 percent magnetism increase and its perfect. The biggest change is you need to aim a tad lower and watch your bullets a bit more when leading because a slight in front will make all shots miss. The previous version dumbed down the game so much it became who saw who first. This is a less shittier game lol of all mcc patchs.
  22. I got to watch toxin stream a lot and he was hitting a lot of shots once he started aiming a tad lower. The netcode looks to be as solid as it can ever get, I think whats throwing most off is aiming to high like your normally would. Watching insids vids I would be frustrated as all hell because any old og player always has cross hair slightly above head, or when leading slightly in front. Those now will all miss every time. I do like the fact they changed the chilli port that small change completely fucked up the map. Things like that should of been fixed 6 months ago but better late then never I guess. I think the game is one patch away with the right values on the magnetism like insid said from being acceptable and worth playing with ranks. But the way things have gone I see them not getting the right values and going back to walking around head shotting every shot with snipe and pistol.
  23. have not followed the game in months but watched some streams today of slim playing, it looks as if they can find a happy medium between how easy it was shooting to what it is now the game could potentially be fun. I will say it was a lot more fun watching someone snipe now. someone posted this- - Shooting above the head is a lot easier on OG. Your reticle doesn't even have to always be red but if it's a tad red, it will count. In MCC you can have the top of the helmet inside your reticle and it won't count as a hit as it goes dead center. I think thats where they have to play around with the most in testing to fix it back to that but not way to easy where its auto 3s all day. I dont think the person making these changes should do them without top og players testing different settings if they want to get the feel right. Online will always be a factor on how good the pistol and sniper will ever feel, we will never feel og lan style shooting but I think they can find a close enough solution with the right people testing.
  24. xbc was the shit back in the day 02 to 06 then slowly less good people were on and would only get good games by messaging people. I have not touched mcc but I think I rather play on a Columbia host on xbc rather then mcc from a few of the vids I have seen of mcc. In the end they should of just made mcc like xbc on xbl just with voice chat and dedicated servers so no host like halo pc. I dont know how some of you play with xbox1s controller, the thumbsticks are loser then pacmaynes sisters vaj.
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