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  1. The impression I get from the reddit and broader social media crowd is that they very much haven't been along for the ride for the past 8 years, and that the vast majority tuned out at the close of the bungie era. Dwindling playerbase obviously means less people clued in on halo politics, resulting in public opinion on the franchise being pretty outdated and naive. This is fortunate given they're breaking into a new market, although it remains to be seen how quickly the omission of major title features chip away at the veneer.
  2. Could be a smartglass thing? EDIT: Obviously not now we've got the trailer... I'm not sure how I feel about this. You can only release so many dubious quality non-blockbuster titles before the Halo franchise loses it's association with AAA status.
  3. Multi-kill spacing should be put back to 4 seconds now, I reckon.
  4. That video really won me over. If 343 continue like this then good times are a comin'
  5. I love being punished for my mistakes :rolleyes: :wub:
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