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  1. I think these team changes are more entertaining then the actual game itself.(not saying halo 5 is bad)
  2. I tried to invite you. Message my gt: Empty spa e
  3. Message empty spa e Or message Nqtive
  4. Have a to2 and need 2 more. Looking to compete at online/LAN events. Must be able to practice 3-4 times a week. Looking for serious players only. Message me on here/post if interested.
  5. Know you from destiny. I'm down to run some games whenever if you feel like it. Add: empty spa e
  6. Added you and sent you a message, but nothing.
  7. Yeah add my gamertag if you're interested. Empty Spa e
  8. Looking for a team to play/compete with in halo 5. I haven't played as much as a lot of people but am quite experienced since halo 3. Haven't been to any events but have played in online cups, and have played at a high level. Want team oriented players who know what they're doing, and isn't too full of themselves. I'm able to travel and go to future events. Please message me on here or post.
  9. Will message you later. Played you earlier. PM me if I haven't gotten to you yet.
  10. Could care less about the neg, but just figured it would be better not to start anything... You can all neg me
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