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  1. It is 2021 and the vestiges of the MLG era are still flu levels of heated over guns that the trigger is held down on, and guns that the trigger is tapped on. Some things never change.
  2. If you're not running 725 and Riot Shield, are you even having fun? Yes I did change my Activision handle to RiotShield. I hope Infinite has a good way or two of just being a complete douche outside of competitive. It's a game at the end of the day.
  3. That's just about it, probably. Shame. I remember when places like The Halo Council never slept on any board. But Beyond's been around for several years now...and the lot of us are probably adults with responsibilities now.
  4. Leave it to 343i to think in "Splaser" the p stands for pistol.
  5. No, I remember it well, and I'm also definitely not defending current Destiny. Current Destiny is a load of bollocks. But I maintained roughly a 2.31 KDA (and 2.02 K/D) in D1 in FFA Crucible pre Taken King by using little meta. I much preferred Invective over Thorn or The Last Word or even Felwinter's Lie, and I hardly even aped with it too (I reverse aped -- I baited those monkeyfucks with radar as I hovered over doorways as Sunsinger.). My primary was usually The Devil You Know which felt a lot like the H1 Magnum and was probably called that for that exact reason. If you thought D1 was worse than D2, I don't know how you played for you to think like that. Last I played D2, it was all just active camo Hunters with some ungodly 10 second cool down or something, shoulder charging Titans, and shotguns and handcannons. Was Trials a different story? Maybe -- maybe even likely. But I've always been an FFA person if the player count to map size ratio is proper. I do not remember how skill based strict Rumble matchmaking was, but I do know I got a good few Sum of All Tears victories without stinking up the lobby with a meta. So, that could be indicative of not very strict skill matching, which means luck of the draw, and it takes more than luck to maintain those stats over time without aping on the meta. It was by no means perfect but I just really loved how the archetypes interplayed. Everyone could thrive at almost all ranges with how they wanted to play and it was class and talents that mattered. My ultimate point is that if this had been an older game that wasn't a "service game", it'd be my go-to game in the same vein that someone here has a go-to Halo. But no -- my favorite game is for all intents and purposes deleted from existence. So Infinite better not be like that or I'm going to be as cantankerous as you lot are sometimes. Your favorite game got bugged up? My favorite game got Beleted. If 343i has any brain they're going to have greatly expanded Megalo scripting to include all balancing options and let that be available to players to tweak.
  6. I will always submit that original D1 balancing to House of Wolves was like Halo the RPG and that was fantastic. Some flaws, like shotgun spawning, but making all four primary archetypes be utility was genius. The meta never become stifling, even if one invariably rose up. It was pretty genius. This is why I really dislike games-as-a-service and hope something similar to this situation doesn't happen with Infinite.
  7. Wait. What would be stopping everyone from just juggling the flag and their second weapon? Hope to God it's not what I'd fear but expect from Quinn.
  8. The one thing I think is utterly out of left field, is actually seriously contemplated on by some regulars. Hmmst've.png But it's true. If one trades a weapon for the flag, that's a big decision to be making and is the cerebral shit I'm wanting.
  9. I said that the developer support would be here. This is super.
  10. It's KOTH but you decide where the hill is. That's actually really cool.
  11. But what about the opposite? You're a gimp when you have to hold the objective, and everyone feels dumb when they get Yorick'd. Increase the skull duration when a player gets a kill with it.
  12. We can all agree that being unable to drop the flag once picked up, no matter what you had in your other hand, was one of the worst fuckin' ideas ever. What in Forerunner's name was the given explanation for that design choice -- if any?
  13. Well actually, no, but that problem arises because neither 3vs4vs3 or Bungler had the two brain cells to make both the carrier's weapons appear on their back at the same time when holding objective. Make them both diagonal on the back, who gives a damn if they clip through each other.
  14. I don't fully understand, honestly. I can guess. But I really just think it's fine the way it always has been. It's not like I'd reform everything about the game into my own version of crackhead Halo. On the surface of things, though, flag carriers not having their offense be inhibited is intuitive to how some people want the gameplay to be extremely proactive on every single front.
  15. And even if the distance of the throw wasn't carefully balanced, the grappling hook would be the counter to juggle-throwing the flag back home. If you let go of your flag, it's now able to be grappled. And that'd be a change, too, defenders holding their own flag. Wouldn't it be a proper improvement to competitive CTF? Why does offense carry the flag, but defense sits on it? I've always thought it'd make more sense if you had to carry your own flag back to your base. This would probably be griefable in matchmaking though.
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