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  1. This can only implicate that they were fixing to have sprint in H2A. They were even passed the 'thinking' point; neither of those animations were in 4. Someone shitcanned it late in the cycle. But 'they' being Certain Affinity since they made H2A MP. I just wonder who said "no, scrap that shit".
  2. I think some people here treat the act of hating on 343i as a principle rather than a reaction by this point.
  3. @SpitFlame articulated what I wanted to but didn't have the care to. Halo 4's campaign has a good story that's only undermined by its extended universe base. And I use 'undermine' loosely because enough of it is told in the terminals - which are in game. Kind of. (Halo Channel ). And for those who read the books, H4 stuff was I C O N I C for them. I seriously recommend detractors to read the linked blog post in SpitFlame's post. Harupis is a GOAT. Pretty sure the knock off force was also in the books. And the 'chosen one' shtick - Master Chief's geas - was alluded to in The Flood novel. None of this stuff was handwaved.
  4. What I want to know is how H3 was even affected at all. I'm not a developer. I don't understand how to make games. But in no way, shape, or form does it make sense for one game's codebase to affect another's.
  5. Wouldn't ever be uncontestable if the utility weapon's range is balanced by RRR/aim assist instead of spread. Couldn't much kill like that but you can still ping for the descope, especially if it's a burst fire weapon.
  6. Sometimes I feel like competitive Halo is too picky over some things. I mean, I don't take the lad above me as the voice for competitive Halo, but come on now. What changes to 'true' Halo are you even willing to accept if you're apprehensive over even a fast strafe acceleration? All this advanced movement stuff in H5, sure, I can see how it's incongruent to hallmark 'skillful simplicity' of Halo, but giving such a damning opinion on a (lack of) strafe acceleration? Like I'm sure if 343i devs still lurk this forum, posts like the above got them all like this.
  7. I'm just gonna assume that unless I ever attend an OG LAN, I just won't get the magic of CE. Sucks to suck.
  8. Old hype cycles of yore were so exhausting. If something is your favorite shit it's very hard to ignore news about. I'm glad it'll be a short wait between gameplay reveal and release. If, for no other reason, I buy into the hype and it turns out to be garbo. Not nearly as much wasted mental energy.
  9. Quoting a couple day old post here because I changed my mind on posting this, but then a topic I was going to bring up (4sk magnum) was just mentioned and this post draft was saved lol Its supposed cool feature is slowing down enemies in run and turn speed but I don't know why someone would use it even from behind if they have a Magnum, and wtf would you not have a Magnum on you unless you had two power weapons anyways. I wonder if CE would have a more balanced sandbox if the Magnum was a 4SK instead. Nobody uses the plasma rifle, plasma pistol, and needler in competitive play for a reason. Even the assault rifle is relegated to a minor niche of backup weapon. Is that reason because they suck or because the Magnum is so good it invalidates other four? I'm normally in favor of buffs to a sandbox over nerfs to individual aspects but as it stands, if you're caught off guard or you try to gunfight a lad like Hard Way or ilk, the killtimes are a couple milliseconds off of CoD killtimes. That's been my main misgiving with CE; the instant you engage in a Magnum duel in medium or short range it's kill or be killed very quickly. It's so quick that it kind of defeats the purpose of the hybrid health system. Shields don't mean anything if the TTK of a weapon is so low that it's like you don't have two layers of health at all. Now if you had a whole sandbox like that? Would just be crazy. Though maybe it could actually work with the covenant weapons because they have travel time and can be juked easier. Wouldn't change the fact that the Magnum has a TTK the same length of time that it takes to switch to said Magnum off spawn. What I'm trying to say is, the CE Magnum's kill time is so quick that it trounces the idea of counterplay. But hey maybe I'm just bad and matchmaking is also bad so my bad self getting rolled by good CE players is giving me the wrong impression. Shit though, it's not like I don't know how to strafe. But then the strafe itself is bad. Maybe a better movement speed and tighter strafe acceleration and a jump that doesn't take a literal half second to work would've gone a long way to balancing the Magnum better. Maybe I'll get a better impression of the true competitive essence of CE once the Magnum is fixed but damn it already feels like most the people I go against have a fixed Magnum already. I wonder if I'm strafing into their anti-aimed shots.
  10. *Mandatory ProMod shilling.* I forget if it had descope or not though. I think flinch/lack of descope was hardcoded into the game. Megalo wasn't able to unlock it. I honestly don't think descope is good though. I don't think it's bad either. Flinch is bad because your aim itself is moved on your screen without your input whereas descope only removes your magnification. But I always thought descope was incongruent to the gameplay premise of Halo. A part of what distinguishes it is its higher killtimes and hybrid health system which allows for counterplay. In other words, it empowers players to choose and be in control of their options. Descope is inhibitory to that idea. Scoping in has its own balances anyways; radar removed and peripheral vision decreased. I think it'd be perfectly balanced for a player to sacrifice situational awareness for distance shooting. Maybe keep it on snipers though.
  11. It wasn't real Halo, but by god did I have a riot with my setup. DMR, Boltshot, stickies, thruster, mobility, and stealth. Felt like a coked out ninja especially on any map with mancannons. It was more fun than Reach. Until the game snowballed for the enemy team because they'd be gifted power weapons from the gods via the carepackage and/or random map drops. Which was, you know, about 50% the time.
  12. This is what happens when you port a game a fuckteenth number of times. 343i needs to consult with Jagex on how to manage spaghetti code.
  13. Incidentally the SBMM for H5 is at least amusing and sometimes enjoyable for me as a solo player because the population is already kind of small so 90% of my matches always have a familiar gamertag in them. Usually more than one familiar name too. Though 50% of this 90% becomes a contest of seeing who can most quickly kill the thumbless idjit randoms we haven't seen before. I recognize which names are good players and I do my best to nope away from a head on gunfight with them every time. Still, it makes for a fun little rivalry. It reminds me of how you'd see familiar faces in server browsers on other games. You know their antics and style and they know yours. But I completely know that SBMM in social/casual playlists isn't the way to go. I honestly feel like I improved more as a player in games without SBMM in their social/casual playlists because the number of scenarios I encountered were far higher. With SBMM it's not much of a learning experience to get stomped because the game matches three thumbless dumbasses and me against a team of people who at least understand the game.
  14. Skulls in multiplayer? If only Eye Patch was the reverse. No bullet magnetism but still sticky aim. Controllers need sticky aim, full stop. Though as much sticky aim as there is in H2? Well...
  15. Dawg I wasn't replying to your last post. I'm just saying they can call the AR an MA37 or an MA40 or a BS69. I'm picky but I'm not gonna split hairs on this one.

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