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  1. GMYF. Okay. Will I need to download anything extra? Also - since I don't have an Xbox right now (nor really want one...) this is the only Halol I got. If anyone wants to muck around on Custom, my Discord is Maedalaane#8173.
  2. Nice to see this place is still kickin' it.
  3. What in the world. I'm playing Halo again. And having fun, too. A re-imagined CE beats the piss out of most other Halo campaigns. It has its faults, sure, but it IS still CE at its core and everything that entails. Some things won't change unless the raw source code is ever acquired. Think I'll keep an eye out for those servers with the improved netcode and get back into this all.
  4. As said in the other thread, seeing this tournament makes me want to get an Xbox and Halo again. But then, I don't know if I'll be around here after all, 'cause y'all still the same. Don't care what you wanna call H5, it looks fantastic at top level play and has developer support. I'm going to play again, even if it's Generic SciFi Shootmans 5.
  5. This tournament has made me want to get an Xbox and play Halo again. See you again soon, Beyond. :halo:
  6. "Nope. That third subclass slot? Definitely not a third subclass. Just leftover code we don't want to delete lol" Also immediately recognized the new Hive area from concept art, was excite.
  7. FINAL FANTASY 7?????!!!!?!?!
  8. To be fair, his own grenade was above him and he was covered, so it was another typical MCC dicking. Which is also pretty funny.
  9. 1. DOOM characters look like Spartans lol 2. I'd be hella down for 32vs32 Halo so long as it maintains the same base gameplay mechanics from the arena portion. No extra abilities, no different movement speed, nonedat. MAYBE the selection of your starting primary weapon, because AR starts on a 64 player map?
  10. GLASSED PLANETS HAVE BAD RECORDS, BEN. I knew Sully wasn't a bad guy... GUYS. What if the Spielberg TV series is going to be a continuation of #HTT??????
  11. Are you confusing us competitive players, with the pro players that were either blatantly paid off to say nice things and/or didn't have the balls to tell 343i to their face what was wrong with H4? Because you know what? Sounds like you're confusing us for them. The comparisons that you and your ilk keep making should be moderator warning worthy because they're that damned wrong. H5 isn't going to be the new H1, but it's not going to have loadouts, RANDOM rewards falling from the sky, PERKS, stupid fast sprint speed, hand-holding aim assist, and all of that. At least not in its Arena offerings. If they actually shoehorn that garbage in with the larger game modes, I'll upvote all your posts.
  12. I'm a bad Halo fan because I'm not writing letters made of my own tears and blood to Frankie about my hatred of sprint while I listen to Hunt The Truth.

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