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  1. I will always stan Halo 4 ProMod. Remember, it was and still kind of is the only Halo where you could mod everything we want adjusted into the gametype, meaning nothing beyond the standard download of the gametype was needed. Proper strafe acceleration, no utility weapon spread or bloom, custom aim assist and magnetism values for each weapon, custom damage values for each weapon, and other stuff I forget. But y'all wouldn't shut your faces up about the rest of the game. I guess it's never enough for the competitive community to have virtually everything they could want from a classic styled Halo, sans the graphics. Millions of people have to play like they did back in 2007 or something's just inherently wrong about it. Though I think this was back during The Halo Council days. But the attitude hasn't ever changed since then. Me and my mates, we had a riot with ProMod all the way until we mained Destiny. Other people from here complained for the fuck of it.
  2. 343i: Working with an engine from 2007 is hard. Inferno Plus: 343i, hire this guy to be your developer for CE content.
  3. Kind of like how they wanted Spartan Ops to go? Well, it surely can't be received as poorly if they use characters and lore that people actually give a damn about. I personally thought the concept of Spartan Ops was cool, but the characters were as flat as shaken soda and they were all nobodies in the canon except Lasky but his role was minimal. I guess there was Halsey too but all her involvement in the Janus Key shit went nowhere. Or maybe it did. Probably got resolved in a fuckin' comic. Now, if we had an Arbiter episode with the unique mechanic of in depth sword fighting? Hell yeah. A Linda episode with the longest distance sniping Halo has seen? I'm game. A Kelly episode where you're cracked out with dual SMGs and running around faster than Usain Bolt without actually sprinting? Yes. I'll be a repeat customer. An episode from the perspective of Brohammer where Chief basically carries you through missions? Eh, well, they'd actually have to make good friendly AI for that and I doubt they could ever do justice for Chief that way unless it's extremely on rails.
  4. This is interesting, but I'm as concerned now as I am interested. How is 343i going to monetize Infinite without intrusive microtransactions? Multiplayer will be F2P and the full game will be Gamepass. Something tells me it might go beyond a loot box/req pack system. I know they've said that loot boxes won't be bought with real money...but 343i/MS have lied about Halo shit before. On that topic of unpopular Halo opinions, I think H5's req packs were fine. It was, perhaps, a bit scummy to lock 90%+ of the game's cosmetics behind it, but I don't care about cosmetics in shooters. Like, sure, I'll make my player model appear to my liking if I ever chance into unlocking shit, but I don't ever aim to unlock cosmetics because I don't care. The most I'll ever worry about is having a female player model because of the smaller hitbox (though I don't think the hitboxes have ever been smaller in Halo). I play Halo to shoot badkids and to get shot by betterkids. Me personally, I wouldn't give a shit if I couldn't unlock anything via gameplay alone...but I do understand that's a bad practice in principle. I'll god damn guarantee you, though, that I'll never touch Infinite and maybe even Halo at all ever again if premium weapons ever leak into traditional 4v4 and 8v8 modes. If I have a disc for Infinite then I'll blend it into pastey ink and write a hate letter with it and mail it to Frankie.
  5. You might say that mean spirited but I think that would be lit. 343i has great talent on the team. The direction has only ever been questionable at best though. Speaking of direction, I wonder when Frankie Lying Ass Fucker O'conner is going to make his rounds through the community sites and say some patently incorrect shit about Infinite like he did for 5 and 4. If he lies to his employees like he lies to the community, no wonder the direction is bad.
  6. They're going to do what they did with H5 and keep adding in content. Shame that a Magnum won't be in at launch, but without knowing how the multiplayer actually plays, no one can really say if the inclusion or exclusion of a 3sk Magnum will be harmful or beneficial. It's not easy to balance for a huge sandbox so I imagine they'd like to refine and cut out the chaff in regards to how they've designed the gameplay. Infinite probably won't remain "vanilla" for long and things will go off 343i's rails quickly enough. Now whether or not the gameplay itself is good is a different matter - and if the terrain off their rails is able to be navigated or is a bunch of quicksand.
  7. It's very hard to say what is and isn't "Marty tier" now that we're several entries removed from his music, and moreover, the thematics and emotions conveyed in his music that were written for different story arcs. It's been ten years since he's scored for Halo and six years since he's scored for a sci-fi shooter (Destiny 1 Vanilla). That's a long time. It's entirely possible that his approach to a title like Infinite would be very different from his approach he had with Reach. So different that, if he went by a pseudonym, people could possibly say "it's not Marty". But I'm not trying to shade him or anything. It's damned shame and doesn't make any sense that Microsoft didn't approach him after he said he'd be down to score Infinite. The rumors are that he's kind of hard to work with and has a big head...but if you're the man who broke the first video game OST into Billboard 200, among other accolades, you're justified in believing in yourself. That said, though, the first time I listened to the linked track I got BIG chills. Sometimes I think people exaggerate when they say music gives them chills but I am not exaggerating at all. My entire fuckin' body loved this track, not just my ears. So I'm very hopeful in the music team for Infinite.
  8. I am not particularly impressed, however I am going to exert my mental energy on something more constructive than circle jerking my negative feelings into a postive feedback loop with an echo chamber, all over pre-alpha campaign gameplay footage. Then I'll hope to see good things in the multiplayer reveal. ...But I'll be expecting to be disappointed but hey that's how it goes.
  9. 1. I've rarely felt cheated by input on even 30 FPS in a slower paced shooter like Halo. 60 FPS? Never. Maybe triple digit frames will give you an edge in twitch shooters like CoD, but if you're going to die or miss a shot in 60 FPS in Halo, you're going to die and miss the shot in 200 FPS. Maybe I just haven't played enough on a stupid high FPS. The few times I did on my bud's big dick PC it just wasn't noticeable. 2. That scoreboard glitch is dumb but I like that someone's linked ShyWay. I've been back here a few months now and haven't seen anyone talk about this video of his that dismantles the idea of enhanced mobility being a lie.
  10. You're a sperglord if you care about FPS above 100. I used to say 60 but the bar keeps moving, apparently. There's a point of diminished returns and 60 is that mark. Past 100, there's no return at all.
  11. You forget that H4's 'Turbo' update added virtually all player traits you can think of as new Megalo scripting options. ProMod had completely custom aim assist and spread values for every weapon, nearly instant strafe acceleration, and all that. Shit, someone once recreated Reach's Chess gametype in H4 with the new functionality. (Downright goofy that 343i added this functionality that only they could utilize without users breaching ToS, and then never did.) But you're right. Bad maps, ugly Forge. I guess if no one can be convinced to download a whole game, H4, they're more likely to download some mods for H3.
  12. Whoever told you Spartan Ops has a good story is mental. Everything can be summed into this: "Shoot the bad guys, Crimson!" "Oh no, more bad guys! Shoot harder!" "Something something eggheads." "MORE BAD GUYS!"
  13. Y'all forget that H4 won't need anyone to even install mods on PC, for the purpose of what we'd like to achieve. All that juicy Megalo scripting there. H4 ProMod was the best. Don't @ me. But I guess before official mod support comes, that'll need to be cracked open again and it's surely not the same as how the 360 version of H4 was. H3 will be most popular because of mainly nostalgia.
  14. I don't know guys. High Charity seems like the easiest.

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