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  1. Who needs Infinite when we have Custom Edition.
  2. Reamis, I think you're just a bad Halo player.
  3. I'm honestly surprised people disapprove of strong siding. Never mind how anyone thinks it can be removed without player animations looking dumb. It'd mean that if you're looking down on your screen, your character model won't be looking down. Which...was the case in CE, I guess, but that's dumb to me. Why exactly does anyone disapprove of it? It's not some get out of jail card. You aren't immune while you do it, you still need proper positioning to not die, and you have to sacrifice your offensive ability because you're looking down. Perhaps in H3 it's annoying when paired with the BR spread, but in H2 I rather find it balanced out by button combos which increase firerate. It's almost like "grrrrrr his shield pop so my next shot HAS TO be a headshot. how dare he make me not get headshot!!!" -- however straw-man that interpretation may be.
  4. I think 343i might be in the boat with several other studios and refusing to publicly admit that the pandemic and work-from-home has fucked development. That's really my only guess by this point. It's been like this for other games I play, like RuneScape (3).
  5. As someone who's often played low population games, be it either obscure games or private servers or stuff of this ilk, I can at least confidently say Halo will never be dead. Not dead in the eyes of people who don't care about population. So long as there's enough people to play with, what's it really matter? If you have your friends and they have mutual interests, you're good. Like, if you and your lot like some b-ball, you're going to be able to arrange spontaneous pickup games. Just because you don't see a bunch of random strangers in the park every day at the court doesn't mean the game of basketball isn't alive and well. (Pandemics aside, anyways...) Now I know there's something to be said for proper matchmaking, don't get me wrong. In some peoples' minds, an ideal game entails a couple of button presses and boom you get matched with similar skill ranked players in a minute or two. I reckon almost everyone here is an adult with a day-job by this point (maybe not Reamis) and having your time respected is always going to be a good thing. I definitely can't argue the time aspect. BUT I will hope that Halo will never fall so far from grace that we'll have to coordinate so heavily you'd think we were working out XBconnect or Xlink Kai matches on OG H1 and H2, nor do I think that's a potentiality in the foreseeable future. See, though, one man's ideal reality is another man's garbage. Or at least, I myself am never going to be salty that I can't get both an instant match with similarly skilled players. In my time of playing lesser known games I've had very enjoyable experiences I've never got from a popular matchmaking system. Like, I used to play the old SOCOMs and Killzones for Playstation and I'd always be running into familiar names. I came to know those folk and I made friends and friendly rivalries. It was a lot of fun learning how they played and learning how best to play with them or against them, no matter their skill level. I knew who was gonna be a douche and try to drive a tank onto the mountains where you weren't supposed to be and spawntrap. I knew who was gonna be a snipe whore. I even knew peoples' rotation of spots for their snipe whoring. It was all a lot more mentally engaging than just pressing a button and being thrown into a midst of strangers who will scant even be held accountable for any shitty behavior. Where I come from, if you (did the equivalent) of team killing for a power weapon, you'd be votekicked. No esoteric algorithm determining if the victim should be given the option to boot. Even today, I play a game where I've never seen over 100 people online concurrent. I can always have fun unless it's some dumbass hour where I should be asleep anyways. Anyways, I ramble a lot. This is all to say that while I don't trust the team working on Infinite, the current MCC team has been doing genuinely good work. If they're able to provide comprehensive modding tools, a custom server browser, and synergize the two together? Halo is going to be effectively future proofed in my eyes. If and when the day comes where you can select a server, download its custom mods seamlessly and hop in once it's done? Game over. I'll never need another shooter again. I'll be very, very happy playing an endless amount of content even if it's only a couple thousand people. Even a couple hundred. I know for a fact that's possible too because people achieved this with Custom Edition. You could do exactly that; pick a server, be prompted to download its assets if you didn't have them, and hop in. I might just be inspired enough to become a content creator myself. I've been looking to dip my toes into some manner of game development.
  6. I've not seen a test from anyone else, but it's pretty noticeable in killcams if you're using a riot shield (and i do because i play CoD to make people mad). The dudes in the ghille suit, their back and ass stick out a lot more from an oblique angle with the shield, like when someone is trying to circle you. The female models noticeably less so. So I get got noticeably less with the female toons/operators/whatever in that scenario. Maybe it's not actually like that and people could theoretically target the hitbox all the same which could be protruding out a bit further than the pixels of the character model, but at the very least no one knows about that.
  7. Again, I like to talk about the very few things that are definitively "true Halo". Shields - a significant health buffer relative to most shooters - is one of those true Halo things. Breakout was the dumbest shit. Fun idea in concept, kind of like SWAT on drugs, but it never should've been pushed as competitive. Can't wait to play Breakout 2.0 in some default armor because I'm not buying into customization MTX. How much y'all wanna bet they'll try to pull some sneaky and make hitboxes conform exactly to the player model, unlike past entries and more like CoD, and very slender minimalist armor sets are going to be bought with premium currency? I know for a fact that hitboxes have bullshitted me and other folks in MW2019 and that's why anybody with a brain always uses the female toons.
  8. Halo Wars 2 I guess but uhhhhhh how much of that did they themselves make?
  9. I always very much enjoyed Certain Affinity's maps. I'd like to see them handle all of a Halo's MP for once instead of map packs. Or did they do H2A, or was that Saber? H2A is...fine, but map remakes have never interested me much. Granted that was the point of H2A, I know.
  10. They just don't really brain, do they. It would not have been difficult to MTXize colors without stepping on what's been a feature since day 1. Like everyone here will piss and moan about what true Halo is because it is kind of...muddled. But in every single game, you were able to pick a damn color. Here's what I would have done. Have your usual color selection. Primary, secondary, tertiary. The usual amount of choices, too. Whatever amount H5 had, sure. No less than it's always been. But then provide the ability to buy custom colors via premium currency (hopefully some way of earning it rather than only buy), and these colors are from a hexadecimal color wheel. But there could be plenty more. Instead of patterns/skins coming with the coatings, the ability to make the skin itself could be purchasable. Let the player buy layers of, or maybe even allotments of pixels and a few Photoshop-esque tools to let players draw proper lines and shite. If Blops2 could do this two generations ago, Halo can do this now. Not done yet. Weapon skins are a duh. Why not the viewmodel hands (and legs?) If I could unlock an energy dagger and pair that with first person assassinations, that'd be so viscerally satisfying. Maybe even have some cool visual effects for melee or some really gay ones. Imagine clowning on someone with an AR+Beatdown suicide charge and they hear your Spartan yell YEET! as they drop and wait to respawn. What if the sound played every time you punched an enemy...or corpse. Yeeting corpses would be the new teabagging and people would pay so much for that because you just fucking know they would. Shit, I probably would. I'd buy my two favorite colors I use everywhere when given the chance, a couple more layers to get creative with, and maybe even the yeet punch....not sure on that one tho. And it'd all be amusing all the way from the pregame lobby to the end of the match. Assuming there's player cards, if you see a dude hop in and his armor is so layered it's practically camoflauged and he's rocking a cool pose with energy daggers, you know he's either a whale or you're possibly about to get your shit stomped. Better check his stats. (Biggest psyche is seeing a dude in completely default everything though. You saw a high rank dude in green Mark VI in H3, or gray Mark V in Reach and you knew he didn't give a shit about dress up Spartan-doll; he was there to cook your solo-queued ass into a Steaktacular and serve you up to Luke Smith) Now hire me to be a monetization designer instead of whatever monkey you put in that office, 343i. My ideas are better. This shit's not like tryna substitute an 8-ball with Frankie's gleaming sphere. Sad part is, I know it won't be anything like that and I'm not going to give a shit. Because for the most part, I was the dude in default armor. I'm not here to play dress up Spartan-doll. Unless if you unlock Emile's kukri this time and you can actually use it.
  11. I can't begrudge Bungie too hard for their final Halo being the most feature complete one at launch.
  12. Maybe a hot take but H4 flight has reminded me the OST is actually amazing.
  13. Hot take but I always enjoyed H4's overall graphics the most. I found it unique but not excessively over the top like a lot of H5 was. It really, really pushed every envelope the X360 had - but because of that the compromise for that entry was some texture resolutions and boy did some of those textures look...unique. Elites were also ugly, but that was aesthetic choice. Cutscenes, though, especially in MCC, look properly worthy of being an XB1 launch title. I forget the specifics but I have some sort of memory of hearing that 343i hired a bloody NASA engineer to work on graphics system of H4, or some very prestigious person at any rate.
  14. What if camo had a specific number of decloaks? I.E; shooting decloaks it of course, and it lasts for three decloaks. Its duration could be tactically prolonged by essentially shooting at nothing so that they stay decloaked, if the user feels like they'll be fighting someone else again right after one firefight. Because once the user goes fully transparent again, they'll have to burn their next decloak/charge. Maybe that could be a CE-esque niche of the assault rifle; it quick camos but it can also be used to burst-fire at nothing in particular in order to prolong a decloak/charge. There would be no time limit. This would essentially be a kind of ammo instead. This could be OP for CTF but would someone ever not juggle, especially if the flag has significant movement penalty?
  15. It may be CoD, but MW2019's 725 with slug rounds is a great shotgun. It even has noticeable travel time from afar. It makes people even more mad also because you're sniping with a shotgun.
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