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  1. After all these years do you think you'll ever change your profile picture come spring 2018?
  2. Y - Y - RS is the cheat code for the reticle to show in theater :3
  3. If this were actually true they'd at least have the decency to pleasantly implement party restrictions. Obviously, they're sneakily trying to make us get sick of MCC all together so we move over to Halo 5
  4. Where exactly is this "popular demand"? HCS was the least played playlist during the 3 days 343 magically chose to release playlist population data and I imagine it remained so for the majority of the time.
  5. The points that come to mind are how effective the pistol will be in countering the sniper at long ranges, clip size, and time to kill.
  6. Did they remove the HCS list? I don't ever recall them mentioning that they were going to remove infection though lol.
  7. There's a very simple solution to your current dilemma. Ready for it? It may actually blow your mind. Ok, here we go. Don't pre-order or buy the fucking game on day one. I know, crazy right? Who would've thought you could wait a few days/weeks before you purchase a game to determine whether or not it's worth your time and money in 2015? They've literally announced that they're already working on it.
  8. I take it you got an early copy? Judging from gameplay videos alone it seems like it's the complete opposite of what you wrote.
  9. With its current range and damage it's safe to say it'll be used a lot more given that it's easier to shoot and less punishing if you miss shots. Competitive play should promote skillful shooting and punish players who miss shots and the AR/SMG don't fit that profile at all. I'm still baffled that so many people are ok with starting with H5's version of the AR for competitive Halo. The only way it would be "acceptable" would be as a TB 3O3 suggested and that's nerfing it to CE's level of damage/range, but even then why would we want that when skillful shooting should be promoted in every scenario? I've said this before but the AR is not synonymous with the pistol as far as starting weapons go, you can actually start with only a pistol.
  10. If enough of us play 4v4 CE after Halo 5 drops I'm sure it'll become permanent. Team action sack, Halo 4, and H2A will take a swift and sudden drop in population on Oct 27. It's only really a problem when your entire team searched solo and gets matched against a party of 4.
  11. I imagine what it'd be like on a pit remake with no sprint/abilities and 4sk pistol starts.
  12. I gotta admit when the trash talking gets going in the pre-game lobby it can get pretty interesting especially in execution where the insults go flying in between rounds. :ghost:
  13. If 343 upped the auto-aim, made every game mode on par with Breakout kill times, and included Warzone weapon variants into every gametype Halo 5 would be a CoD clone. The game is that close to being that bad. "But it's equal starts and you can pick up weapons on the map" - this would literally be a good enough reason to justify making Halo 5 a CoD clone for the majority of "Halo players" (most of whom will be moving on to the next big thing a few weeks/months later).
  14. I completely disagree. There's Halo, then there's 343 "Halo".
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