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  1. less bullet mag please, ******* can aim too well
  2. masta hygon masta hygon (1) masta hygon (2) masta hygon (3) every semi-pro team that played h1 and h2 would beat these fools IMO formal looks like an ape
  3. simplex v4 ctf is good, plays extremely well w/no sprint
  4. PRESET weapon loadouts dont ruin the game, and wont ruin it come halo 5 (hopefully no spriint + descope) other bullshit aa's, upgrades ruin it, they shouldnt put that shit in, theyre trying to make it more like an rta than a tactical shooter
  5. personally, the days of one-weapon for all starts should be done. loadouts like the td playlist add more diversity to the game and gives players chances to play different roles, making up for halo 4's low skill ceiling for me the new lightrifle should be used, unity settings with 4sk descoped
  6. i would make the effort to do gameplays - reviews if there was a thread but i dont have the equipment to record or set it up? any help?
  7. the problem is, people dont want to play anything new, tournaments that innovate and try new maps are good every tournament cant be playing the same maps all the time as it makes things boring. the list above is garbage really, this list would be good for ns HAVEN TS HAVEN EXT ABANDON TS SKYLINE TS SKYLINE FLAG ONYX TS ADRIFT 2 PLOT EXTRACTION (ONE OF THE BEST GAMETYPES) SIMPLEX FLAG LANDSMALL TS STATION 9 EXT ENDER CTF (BLACK SITE REMAKE) EXCLUDING ODDBALL AND KOTH, these are my top 11 gametypes, (possibly splash koth over station 9)\ DISPATCH is possibly the worst map ive played on, you can jump ontop of bases and worst lines of sight ADRIFT flag is absolute garbage, aswell as monolith, these maps shoudnt be used at all if my top 11 is implemented, more people will respect the game and play it as it has decent maps, not the garbage maps ghost is using
  8. that was advice, not a compliment
  9. dispatch is garbage, ghost pull ya head in, it has THE worst lines of sight youll ever see on a map and you still put it in?
  10. you just made yourself look like the biggest nerd right there, if someone is giving you a compliment then you fkup and take it, dont throw it back in their face
  11. i dont think you understand, GET RID OF FUCKING ADRIFT AND DISPATCH! and more people might play the game :)
  12. 1. walshy 2. ogre 2 3. ogre 1 4. zyos 5. strangepurple 6.killer N 7.saiyan 8.sergio 9.nistic 10.gintron
  13. btiz

    im btiz

    yo, im btiz or luke, from australia glad to see this site doesnt take 3 months to validate an account (ie. halo council)

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