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  1. Has this game been confirmed? Denied? Or What? :Halo:
  2. Anyone one know if 343 or anyone official has made a statement yet? :Halo:
  3. TBH im really skeptical that an H2a version would contain H3 and H4 and H1 reboots so...... :mellow:
  4. This shit spread so fast fucking cod pros are already fighting about it lol https://twitter.com/AustinThePamaj Read his tweets :ghost:
  5. Yea just please add Bumper Jumper I believe that is a nececsity :Halo:
  6. I want to know if anyone with HALO montage experience could tell me some basic things to make any montage overall better THANKS:) :Halo:
  7. l0l You put yourself killing my 3 brothers and in the end you say i suck dicks l0l
  8. TBH i would really like join in progress removed because it reminds me of call of duty every time I join a game and i am down 20 kills:(
  9. SWEET tourney anyone know where we can check how many teams are signed up?
  10. Gamertags: Blurrance, I vaporized i Looking for 1-2 teammates and U NEED TO BE AGE 13-15 sorry but we want to be about at the same mature part in our life Looking to go to Future Halo events, scrims, pgls, and gbs, I MYSELF AM GOING TO AGL 11 Orange county so if ur going ill see u there ANY QUESTIONS : GT: Blurrance
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