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  1. Hey mates, I did a thing with a video Check it out and leave me some feedback either here or on youtube. Would love to make more of these. <3
  2. You did great mate, hopefully they hire more than one observer next time so you can get some breaks
  3. I honestly would be surprised if tournaments weren't integrated into these events, similar to how loads of stuff was added to last years world finals to appeal to the more (for lack of a better term) 'casual' halo fan. Bridging the gap between the 'casual' Halo fans and the esports side of things is vital, because there are way more casual fans than esports fans
  4. Damn casters calling listen ins making us miss these šŸ˜  For real though that was the best cast of the entire weekend from GB & Walsh. Relaxed when it needed to be, hype when it needed to be and plenty of theory crafting from both. Absolutely loved it. Another note: halo 3 is very tough to observe. Enjoyed the challenge. Here's hoping I get to do it again in March
  5. Denial is way better than you've been giving them credit for
  6. You put me and Onset on the same desk and it was always going to be horrendous
  7. Who wants to be the MVP and link me to the new content URL that doesn't include 'react' activity e.g. this is what I see now I don't want to see people reacting to posts, just the topics that have new posts
  8. Given the opportunity in front of him I don't think it would be surprising to see Austin retire after STL, let the man game until then Also yeah, myself & Heinz will be tag teaming the observing duties! Also, speaking to the guys at UGC, there's a strong possibility that the observation will return to the desk (as in Columbus & Seattle) so we could see myself & Heinz bring our insight to the post game analysis having watched all 8 POVs from the series. Personally can't wait to see Richie on camera if it happens, his Halo brain & knowledge of the community is up there with the top tier and could be a really great personality to add to any show! Regardless to say myself & Heinz are paying the Halo Classic the same due diligence we gave to every Halo 5/HCS event; just because the tools are lessened doesn't mean the effort is. Looking forward to it
  9. Hey look, a new HCS thread on beyond, wonder what these guys are talking abou-
  10. Was on Snipedown at the end for that exact reason, shame we missed it
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed that, I miss it. Hopefully I didn't sound too rusty

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