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  1. Bit of a strange move from Nfinite to mention the victims name (let alone link their twitter handle?) in their statement.
  2. Honestly if anyone tries to put a negative spin on FACEIT doing a Halo event then you're a bit of a negative Nancy fucking FACEIT. Have you seen the shows they put on with ECS??? this is only a good thing
  3. Wait until tomorrow I got something real nice for ya Thanks for putting up with my play by play this event! Don't have the voice for it at all but felt it would be too strange to have pure color between myself and squared so hopefully it doesn't sound horrible
  4. Say hi tomorrow! Also we getting a beyond group pic for this one? Would love to be a part of one of those for once
  5. Cheers for the encouragement beyond boys, here's another vid for ya Feedback always appreciated mates
  6. Thanks mate <3 I believe T2 and myself are a pair for the weekend, so not only is it amazing to have Tom freed from jail but the fact I get to cast with him again is an added bonus
  7. Hey mates, I did a thing with a video Check it out and leave me some feedback either here or on youtube. Would love to make more of these. <3
  8. You did great mate, hopefully they hire more than one observer next time so you can get some breaks
  9. I honestly would be surprised if tournaments weren't integrated into these events, similar to how loads of stuff was added to last years world finals to appeal to the more (for lack of a better term) 'casual' halo fan. Bridging the gap between the 'casual' Halo fans and the esports side of things is vital, because there are way more casual fans than esports fans

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