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  1. I have multiple friends who have recently bought xbox's for halo nostalgia and are already playing fortnite only. Maybe matching level 50's and teams of 4 with solo players isn't a good idea lolololol I cant even imagine how many people are turned away from MCC due to the unfair matches.
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/snip3down/JoyousOwlStrawBeary Only in 2016. Snipedown catches himself crouching in no radar 8s
  3. Step in the right direction giving us two open Lans. No east coast love but I guess I am cool with going to Vegas for a weekend.
  4. While I do not believe that Cratos is a top 10 player I think he is an essential part of whatever team he is on. He seems to make everyone around him more comfortable in game and he frees up the map with how much damage and how aggressive he is. He's doing something right if hes been one of the highest placing players in h5 regardless of what team he has been on. Cratos' dirty work made it easier for Ayden and Naded to shine and the same with the slayers on e6. A player is not automatically top 10 however just because they place well. i.e. Sk on tD (sorry pal)
  5. Played Shock the Work in first round on Saturday and was super impressed by their teamwork. All 4 of them are good individually but the way they made pushes together and ran in twos was impressive. Truth Ctf was super close but they mopped the floor with us in slayer and strongholds. Super high ceiling for this team.
  6. I go to T2's stream for a minute and the first thing I hear is him talking shit about Denial after playing them in team arena. He said that something along the lines of "theyre dog shit but got 2nd, they'll never come close to that again. But thats what happens when you take adderall for the first time, you think you're a god"
  7. If I am Optic I would transition Flame to a coach/analyst/sub role and build the team around Maniac and Lifestyle.
  8. I would have love to see a 32 team World Champ instead of 16. Payouts could remain the same only paying out the top 16 teams but expanding the talent pool.
  9. Just read this in your accent lmao EG could probably put out a montage a month if they wanted. So much talent.
  10. It is crazy to think that during the "prime" of halo we saw 5 events in one season that totaled $180,000 (Four $20,000 events and One 100,000 Final). In this era of halo we see $225,000 in Lan events alone. With proper promotion from social media handles such as @halo and the Orgs involved we could see a viewership spike leading into Halo 5. The future looks bright my friends. ?
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