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  1. @@Phade @@Teapot @@CodyDragon A lot of the H1 guys who are considering coming from outside of California would like more details for halo 1. Can we add an official registration thing and more details to the eSports page? Will the tourney be double elimination? What maps will be played at each round? How many games is each round out of? Things like that would be great to include on the eSports page or some central page like a Facebook event page (which I can make if that helps).
  2. Apparently I don't know how to use the @ thing or edit posts on a phone.
  3. @@almightyshade @@almig Halo 1? Shadowrun? TF2? What are your tags?
  4. Xlink Kai works great. If new maps were going to be played in a tourney, people could load that up and practice them on there.
  5. Don't talk like you didn't just refuse to play the new maps 95% of the time when we LANed and I tried to get us to play the new maps. Lol.
  6. True. I'd heard that Decidia will be NHEified by Christmas, so I was hopeful
  7. Fair enough. I guess most groups couldn't LAN more than a handful of times before the tourney. Let's play it during side games and if you think it's as good as I do, we can push for more of the community to start including it.
  8. I'd also like to suggest that the top 3 teams get paid if the prize pool is $1,000, but the top 5 get paid if the prize pool is $2,000+.
  9. Doughboy, Decidia is an extremely good map. The jury's still out just because most people don't play it, but including it as a tourney map would get people to start playing it. IMO it has a better meta than BC. I wouldn't suggest it be included in every round or as the tiebreaker map, but in one of the first rounds of the Winner's Bracket and one of the first rounds of the Loser's Bracket I think it'd be good to include it as a noncritical map (i.e., the first or second one of the series). And I agree that RR shouldn't be anywhere near a tourney. Teapot/Wade/Whoever knows: I assume the halo 2v2 tourney will be double elimination, is that correct? Will each series be best of 3, 5, or 7?
  10. I should be able to make it to this. Thanks for putting this on. It sounds awesome. Can we get a list of maps that will be played for h1? If anything besides Derelict for FFAs and the standard 5 maps for 2v2s are played, those who don't play the new maps will want as much time to practice them as possible. Also, will all stations have NHE, and what networking equipment will be used for NHE? An old switch, long ethernets, or damaged ethernets can make NHE feel pretty laggy. I can send whoever is coordinating this my recommendation for the switch and ethernets to use.
  11. Your Team Name: Third Tier Winner: Third Tier Round Number: Round 3 Score: 2 - 1 (Best of 3 games) EDIT: I think I listed the wrong round number previously. This was against the jukemasters.
  12. Your Team Name: Third Tier Winner: Third Tier Round Number: Round 2 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  13. Extreme technical difficulties with Third Tier and You Gon Get Dis Work. We've been trying to play since 12:45. Only got halfway through CO once and it lagged out. Just updating status.
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