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  1. This Oxygen Halo squad is by far the most fun thing about this tourney.
  2. I'd feel bad for EG if they practiced more or didn't make the dumbest fucking roster changes ever.
  3. They probably wanted to put eRa on main stage at least once, but they should've done it earlier with a closer series (the 8v9 match against EG).
  4. Oxygen takes game 3 Plaza SH 100-31. Series is 2-1 for Oxygen.
  5. Wasn't saying that. Meant if you were trying to turn Splyce into H5 CLG/Optic...
  6. Splyce reminds me of H2A CLG - so much talent, but they overslay with questionable obj. efficiency, playing so slow. Renegade & Shotzzy fall into the Royal 2 & Frosty roles on Splyce. If Shooter & Bubu could become a bit more aggressive/selfless like Snakebite/Lethul, Splyce could be a top 2 team IMO.
  7. LFG OXYGEN! What a beautiful sweep. Also basically guarantees EG gets top 12 IMO. Don't see EG beating LG, but I could be wrong.
  8. Nemassist doing work... the only one on this squad I wasn't sure about... glad to be surprised!
  9. Cheering for LG in this series, but the upcoming gametypes allow for a possible Str8 comeback
  10. Hmm, guess Clutch couldn't make it. Or maybe it's a UMG thing? Hope they're back for Pro League, they were half the entertainment. Also, thought the stream started at 3?
  11. Did I see something about T2 coaching? Is he no longer a caster?
  12. Yes and no. When you have players grandfathered in from a Pro League that was months ago, you could argue that other players which are better are being kept out. For instance, choosing between Cratos/Str8 Sick or Roybox vs. Ryanoob/Contra as a duo might seem like a tight call, but given who has the PL spot makes a huge difference.
  13. Amazing to think that Noble Black team placed top 3 at finals. (It was APG/Aries/Arkanum/Maniac in case anyone forgot) Also amazing to look at the difference in top 8 players between H2A & H5
  14. As a Canadian, hockey is the main religion here :P Also, is BabyJ an underrated beast or just an online kid?
  15. Haven't been following for a couple weeks. Has Splyce improved in scrims since they first picked up Renegade? Also, Team Randa HYPE
  16. I mean why else would Commonly team with Randa & BabyJ instead?
  17. Given that El Town isn't attending Daytona and Contra is now on Cryptik, gotta think Zeke made a mistake switching teams. Unless Zeke wasn't going to Daytona anyway. Even disregarding Daytona, I think Ryanoob/Dastroyed/Contra is a stronger trio than Predev/ElTown/Commonly. Nothing against Nem, but this iteration of Cryptik seems weaker and I wish Zeke hadn't left.
  18. IDK how people keep forgetting WFX. Contra + Falcated would have been a better decision for EG I think. Or Contra/Ryanoob or Ryanoob/Dastroyed.
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