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  1. Rec should be happy they won't be highlighted and demolished on main stage.
  2. Mixer is great since it's not blocked on my work internet like Twitch
  3. Damn that series was hard to watch. Just a bunch of small individual mistakes on Oxygen's side each game - feel like it should have been a closer series.
  4. Well Snipedown/Mikwen have made their ways back through losers bracket before... but their communication seemed really off in that listen in. Kinda wonder how Rec with Rayne instead of Spartan would be doing - would definitely be less slaying power but probably better teamwork / play calling.
  5. Assuming they don't choke in future rounds, looks like nV org got lucky that Snipedown and Mikwen opted for Team Reciprocity instead of staying with nV.
  6. Kinda sad/hilarious that they're tweeting about this but nobody can watch... unless I'm missing a certain stream.
  7. Y'all sleeping on DuoDuo, I think they place at least top 6. OT: got xbox gold again, but everytime I go into H5 it says I need to purchase it - restarted game and console many times... what do I do?
  8. Ryanoob/Rayne/Str8 Sick/Prototype up 3-2 on Ace/APG/Lunch/Neptune right now. BabyJ/Commonly/Contra/PreDev El Town/Rammy/Dastroyed/Nemasisst Artic/Falcated/Shooter/Tapping. This 5th-9th seems pretty competitive (with each other). Still don't think any of them could break top 4.
  9. Ryanoob's team up 3-1. Anyone else notice that Ryanoob seems to be playing more passively than normal, or am I just imagining it? Of course, Commonly/BabyJ/Rayne are more aggressive as a whole compared to Contra/Dastroyed/Nemassist, so could just be team dynamics.
  10. Going to be a good night for scrims - OG vs. Splyce and Reciprocity vs. LG according to Frosty & Snipedown streams. Also, is there realistically another team that could place top 4, with the talent left? Know people are just getting back into it, but seems like the largest gap between 1-4 & 5-8 we've had in a while. Hypothetical 5th-8th teams: El Town/Articc/Falcated/Tapping Buttons BabyJ/Commonly/Prototype/Str8 Sick Ace/APG/Lunchbox/?? (strictly rumors, but Ace/APG almost joined EG in past). Rayne/Ryanoob/Suspector/Shooter There are some good players not listed here; Naded/Danoxide duo, Contra/Dev, Sabinater, etc, but it's hard to see any combo seriously challenging top 4.
  11. Think it's a matter of practice/grinding, or just other players surpassing them? 2016 Worlds was pretty early in H5's life...
  12. New LG scrimming Naded/Danoxide/Musa/Sceptify https://www.twitch.tv/musa_eh
  13. Seen Lunchbox's name floated around - is he still playing? Also, isn't Predev/Contra duo back?
  14. Been away since season finals... can someone summarize rostermania for me? Thanks
  15. @@Deez what's wrong with the current pistol? What's the reasoning behind replacing it with less accurate and lower skill gap weapons? And if you're going to use the BR, literally nobody was asking for more spread, just reduced AA & BM. Edit: Also @@Vetoed 's vid is great.
  16. 99% sure DenseSuperSet is Ryanoob - I think he's used that since beginning of H5 with WFX. Seen a couple of people speculating about Nemassist to Ronin - what's the reasoning of him in particular?
  17. I can't believe they're seriously considering BR starts unless they've seriously nerfed its ease of use. JFC. Also, what's going on with Naventic? Sad to see them do so well before Pro League, stick together and then start off 0-4 (with Optic & Splyce as their next two matches). Wonder if they'll correct course and be like S2 Allegiance at Finals or if there's going to be a roster change with all the time off.
  18. Given that Spartan seemed surprised, guess none of his "talks" with other teams went well - he thought he was sticking with Ronin after checking out other possibilities. Question is who Ronin will pickup - Trippey would be my choice for anyone currently in Pro League, but there are a ton of good players not in right now (Commonly, Cratos, VicX, Rayne, Heinz, Danoxide and that's just naming former H5 pros, not up and comers).
  19. Pros/Community should make a big push on 343/ESL to take out all that dead space and have twice the amount of matches. 1 match vs. each opponent is straight bullshit, plus I need my weekly Halo fix. Are they trying to kill any viewing momentum?
  20. Do we know if T2 is casting the next season? A bit concerned that we're going to get Strongside instead, who isn't bad, but definitely not the same level of smoothness.
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